How’s your Stack?

You know what I mean. If you’re anything like me, there’s a “to-read” pile somewhere with your name on it, and a clock ticking away, just challenging you to try to conquer it.

My stack rests on my night table. It looms there. It lurks (to steal from Douglas Adams) and I don’t think I’ve made a dent in it for months. It just grows and grows. I feel like I read a lot, but that book on the bottom has been on the bottom for a good long while. I think I’m going to have to come up with some system to vanquish it, but it seems like time conspires against me over and over. So I’ve decided to use the group, yourselves, to help me shed some of this unread baggage.

Here’s what we’ve got on tap, up from the bottom, oldest parts of the stack.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser has been in the stack since August of last year, and this story by Howard Chaykin and Mike Mignola has plagued me. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what it’s about, and in the past, I feel I’ve been let down by Chaykin, and haven’t enjoyed much of his work. With Mignola, of course I love Hellboy, but that’s really all I know. I don’t know why, but this hasn’t drawn me to pick it up, so it lingers at the bottom of the stack.

On top of that, is the “Who Killed Retro Girl?” premiere arc from from Powers, in a beautiful hardcover format. I’ve read this, obviously, but this book was a gift, and a beautiful one at that. But, obviously, it’s not high on the priority list, since I’ve read it before. But then again, that was when it originally came out in issues, so it’s certainly worthy of a re-read.

Moving up, we’re looking at another gift, Cosmic Odyssey by Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola. Again, I have no idea what this is. It was a thoughtful gift, and looks like it’s some classic DC stories from before Mignola was known. I’m always down for that, unless of course, it’s some great art and a boring story. I’ve just got to pick this up and spend some time with it.

Next up is Exit Wounds, by Rutu Modan, from Drawn and Quarterly. This is a great looking book, and while I’m not sure what it’s about, the cover alone made me want to read it. This is just the kind of story I like to get me out of my superhero rut I so often find myself in. But it languishes in the middle of the unread stack, and it’s starting to intimidate me a little.

There’s an issue of something there, but damned if I know what it is, or where it came from. That can’t be good.

The Great Taste of Deep Fried by Jason Yungbluth is good. I’ve even read most of it. But there’s a bookmark in there, somewhere near the end, and I can’t just finish the thing and put it away. There isn’t really a strong narrative thread, since it’s a collection of short funny stories, which is a trap I’ve fallen in before. Normally, I just stay away from anthologies, but in the end, I’m missing out on a lot of good work, if that’s my solution.

The first Love and Rockets book, Maggie the Mechanic is next up. This is Conor’s book. He didn’t like it that much, and now, after having this book been built up for the entire time I’ve known there were indie comics, I’m a bit wary. I have to read this. I simply must, and I know this. That, of course, has turned it into homework. And we put off homework, as long as possible.

Then we’ve got Batman: Nine Lives, which you might remember from our last Vault show. No excuses here, I just haven’t gotten to it. Although, I could probably go without and noir for just a little while, especially in Batman. I’m sure it’s awesome nonetheless.

Hey, speaking of noir, I’m finally reading through some of Brubaker’s Catwoman run, and I’m in the middle of the second volume. It’s been a couple months since I got them, but I’m actually almost done with this second volume. It’s great. The first arc had Darwyn Cooke art, and the art since then has all been simple, but really well done by different artists. There’s also a nice little throwback to the good old days of Gotham Central and a story with my pal, Detective Crispus Allen. Man, I miss him.

I loved Jeff Lemire’s first book, Tales from the Farm, and I finally got his second book, Ghost Stories back from Ron. This will likely move up in the stack much faster than others. I’ve heard it’s awesome. There’s a good chance it will make me cry. Gotta prep for that one.

Capote in Kansas is a book I’ve heard the title of many times, written by Ande Parks with art by Chris Samnee, who I know from Queen and Country and Checkmate. I assume this is about Truman Capote in some way, who outside of the one movie, I don’t really know anything about, or have an reverence for. But I’ve heard Ande Parks on Around Comics, and he seems like an OK guy, so I need to give this a shot, right? I’ll get to it…

Finally, we come to Closer. I know nothing about this book, other than it’s from Oni, who do a lot of good books, with art by Antony Johnston, and art from the man without a set style, Mike Norton. Basically, it was a cheap book I picked up at WonderCon, because I really like the names on the spine. Could go either way really.  But I’ve got a feeling about this one.

So there’s the stack. What do you think? Is my psychology my own? Do you have a stack? Why aren’t you finishing it? Help me!


  1. My stack has spilled over from the table onto the floor.  WonderCon/Isotpoe didn’t help.  I walked away from San Fran with 5 more books and 10 more reccomendations (which I have since picked up now that I am home).

    So many books – damn this other job.

    Currently I am reading DC The New Frontier – Absolute Edition.  At least that is thick…and when finished will make the pile "seem" smaller. 

  2. My stack is huge or so my wife tells me, ha ha.  

    Seriously though, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do all the reading I would like.  I currently have about 20 trades and hardcovers in my stack, everything from the Runaways to Queen and Country Vol. 2. I just don’t have enough time, especially when I buy between 10-20 singles every week and one or two trades or hardcovers.  I just don’t have the time to get through them all when I buy more than I can read.  

    My stack and wife’s irritation continue to grow.   

  3. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. HaHaHaHa.

    Phew. Sorry, you mentioned "to read" stack and I couldn’t help myself. Mine isn’t so much a stack, per se, but actually more of a mountain. I’ve got about three different stacks, about 3 ft. high each, a complete book shelf, and a short box full of stuff I haven’t read yet. And I want to read them all, I really do, but the weekly haul is just too great. I usually don’t finish "this week’s" comics until early the following week (if then), then just add another pile of new books on top of that.

    And I can’t stop buying stuff even though I know it’s going to be a long time before I read it. I have the Heroes hardcover (a gift), but I know it’ll be out in softcover before I even get to it. And I’m also always looking for uncollected runs in singles, too, and feel this overwhelming need to buy an issue when I see it because I don’t know if I’ll ever find it again. If I stopped buying comics today, I’d have enough reading material to last the next year, I know it.

    My name is Dan and I’m a comic-holic.

    And don’t get me started on just plain old regular books.

    I think the problem is there’s just too much other stimulation out there. How much easier is it to pop in a DVD, turn on your mp3 player or surf the internet and sit there passively instead of picking up a book and taking the time to read, flip the page, read, flip the page, etc.? I’m guilty of it, and I’m sure there are plenty of people here who are, too, whether they’ll admit it or not.

  4. My stack is mostly single issues that I buy for discount prices at half priced book stores.  About 6 months ago I started buying back issues for cheap to fill some holes in long runs I have.  However, because they were so cheap, I started a bunch of new series, especially young one such as Scalped, Fell, Powers Vol.2, and All Star Superman.  I also tracked down several completed series such as Gotham Central.  If this article had been posted a month ago, my stack would have been about 60-80 issues high, whereas now it is only about 30 issues or so.

     As for trades, I have yet to get to Dynamo 5  Vol.1, Powers Vol. 4-7, the Complete Jinx (Bendis), Fire (Bendis again), about 10 essentials, and Cup Noodle.

    finishing the Complete Bone and Torso really cut down on he literal thickness of the pile. 

  5. Well, I must say that this website and podcast are the primary reason that I have a stack in the first place.  I was just a simple little DC chick, keeping up with all the Batman titles and then I started listening to iFanboy.  NOW I’m half way through the Ultimate Spiderman trades, with all the rest just sitting there.  I’m procrastinating reading the last volume of Strangers in Paradise, and still have one trade of Incredibles to read.  I’m starting the Gotham Central trades and I’ve purchased the first volumes of Fables and Y the Last Man.  When am I going to get to them all?  How do you guys keep up with all your reading??  It’s a bit daunting…but so much fun.  THANKS!!!

  6. Dude, my stack is crazy big. I’ve been sneaking reads at work to try and put a dent in it, but these days my pull list is getting longer and longer and I don’t know if I can keep up. I have this crazy mentality that I like to save the "good" books for later like a rainy day or a nuclear apocalypse, but the "good" books keep piling up. If it wasn’t for the tv writer’s strike, I’d have a bigger stack to deal with since I’d be watching more tv at the same time.

  7. @Cromulent I hadn’t thought of the "save best for later" process, but I definitely do that.  What’s funny is, if I get going, it’s hard to stop, so with the Ultimate Spider-Mans Dez mentioned, I’d tear through those.  It’s my anti-stack cure.

  8. I’m almost done with my Christmas-stack which is good, because I get a new trade most every week with my comics.

  9. I have two stacks.  The first stack is comprised of several omnibus editions I have ordered over the last few months.  I have no idea when I will get to this stack.  I suppose when the mood eventually strikes.  The other stack is my floppies that I haven’t gotten to yet.  Each week I read about 80-90% of the comics I buy.  The other 10-20% goes into a box.  I call this box my "get to" stack.  The only problem is that I never seem to "get to" this stack and so it slowly grows.  Oh, there are spurts here and there when I try to get caught up, but the box never seems to get smaller.

  10. Oh, the stack.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a humungous stack that consisted of about 20 trades and HCs.  Luckily for me, we’ve had really crappy weather here in the STL, which translates to days off for a teacher.  So, I’ve had some time to tackle my stack.  Now, I’ve finally whittled it down to just one book: The Alias Omnibus (which, by the way, is awesome…I just wish the TV show of the same name hadn’t made me think that the comic was about the show or I would have gotten this sooner). 

    The stack that I conquered had acculumated over a long period of time.  I don’t have much money to dedicate to comics, so with trades and HCs I usually buy them in chunks or slowly over time because, well, I just don’t make any money at my job (remember: I’m a teacher.).  So, it’s kind of nice for me when I have a stack of stuff read.  I feel like I’ve accmplished something. 

    Now, if we want to talk about my prose book stack…that’s a whole different beast,,,

  11. If your stack is a mountain that continues to grow, it should tell you something.  I’m not sure what, but it’s shouting.  My suggestion is to stop buying trades until the stack is gone.  They’ll still be there and you might even find them at half price later on.

    There’s always the tried and true way of shrinking your stack, especially good with anthologies: put one in the bathroom and eat lots of roughage.  Ultimately you’ll feel better physically and mentally.

    @Josh – couldn’t pass by without making a comment on the Mignola elements of your stack.  Take a few minutes to page through Fafhrd and Grey Mouser.  I know you’re more a story guy than art guy but check out the graphics.  The stories are Fritz Leiber’s and Chaykin does a nice job of adapting but most pulp fantasy draws its power from the prose description.  Still, Chaykin and Mignola build a detailed world in these short stories.  Read at least one story.  If it doesn’t grab you then give it away.  You aren’t obliged to read every well reviewed comic just because you host a comic show.

    I’d be surprised if you liked Cosmic Odyssey because it’s such a super heroey epic with little delving into the personalities.  It does lay a huge guilt trip on John Stewart to make him a little more interesting but it’s the art that makes it "important" in comics and only then if you are a Mignola fan.  This was the comic that immersed Mignola in Jack Kirby’s World and style which made him rethink his style and put him on the road to simplification and caricature.

    Just my 2 cents. 

  12. I got about a stack of 20 books including the Damned, Sin City vol3, Y last man 7,8, and The long halloween, plus more.  I read everyday but too much good stuff comes out and just adds to it.


    like isteve I alos have a get to stack of floppies that suffers the more trades I read which latley has been a lot so I have quite a few single issues to get through.

    I spend waaaay too much money on comics.  🙂 

  13. Heh. I got through my big stack of hardcovers & trades that were held over from last summer about a month or so ago. Feels nice to be done with it. But I knew if I had forced myself to read those books when not in the mood for them I would have enjoyed ze funny books a lot less. Usually, I don’t make homework out of the things I enjoy.

    Now, I’m just thumbing through showcases’ and archive editions at my leisure. The occasional OGN or trade will get read in a sitting or two. I might pick up a new series such as The Circle or Atomic Robo for kicks. Nice.

  14. Oh hell, the stack just keeps on growing…

    Alan Moore’s WILDCATS

    Darkness Ultimate Collection

    Pride of Baghdad – Brian K Vaughan

    Strontium Dog – Search and Destroy files 01

    Albion : Origins – Various old reprints.

    Signal to Noise – Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean

    Alice in Sunderland – Bryan Talbot

    Killraven premier hardcover – Alan Davis and Mark Farmer

    The Originals – Dave Gibbons

    The Complete D.R. & Quinch – Alan Moore and Alan Davis

    Wild Angels – Nick Vince and Pino Rinaldi (An old Marvel UK title, which went unprinted for several years, before finally seeing print in Italy, I’ve picked it up for the Blog, but will need to translate it first…)

    And a stack of random issues of books from the last 3 months.

    This pile will never be fully read. I swear I will die before it happens.

  15. Over the past two months I have made a nice dent in my stack. I have Queen & Country Vol. 5-7, Jinx, Goldfish, Whiteout Vol. 2, Scene of the Crime, Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 and 3, X-men: Days of Future Past, Green Lantern/Green Arrow Vol.1, Green Lantern: Revenge of The Green Lanterns & Wanted: Hal Jordan left to read.

    Then I have Gotham Central Vol.1-5 and Y The Last Man Vol.4-9 sitting in my Amazon cart.

  16. I did have a pretty hefty stack after christmas, but it seems like theres a longer list of things I NEED to add to the stack. I think the only thing burdening me at this time is rereading Preacher, but thats not really a burden.

    I like having a stack of books though, it reminds me that I’ll always have something to read and not be completely bored. Its somewhat comforting.

  17. I don’t even want to get into the "re-read stack".  That’s for a different post altogether.

  18. Ive been on a ebay binge for trades so i have a small but formidible stack:

    Animal Man Vol 1

    Scalped Vol 1 and 2

    Criminal Vol 2

    Batman: Son of the Bat

    I just finished up Starman-Sins of the Father(wwhich was fantastic Josh… pissed i have to wait til June for just the first Omnibus. BTW. Any idea how many ominbi it will take to collect the whole series?) and Criminal Vol 1.  If i woulda known this podcast would in the future make me spend more money on comics that i used to i think i woulda stayed away! haha

  19. OOps and Pride of Baghdad and League of Extraordinary Gentleman which should be arriving in the mail in a few days. Phew! Not to mention all my 3 netflix movies i just got. Christ.

  20. My Stack:

    Batman: Son of the Demon (almost painful to read)

    Wonder Woman Archives, Vol. 1

    The Comic Cavalcade Archives, Vol. 1

    Ultimate Iron Man Vol. II (waiting for issue 4 at this point)

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1-12

    Showcase Presents: Unknown Soldier, Vol 1. (about halfway through, this is fantastic)

    Absolute Hush (which my parents are holding hostage)

    Don’t even get me started on the books I want to pick up in the next few months… 


  21. I have a tendency to read through trades as soon as I can get my hands on them.  That’s why my stack isn’t bigger.

  22. doh again. I meant Son of the Demon.

  23. I have a small stack of flopies from one serries that i am waiting for the arc to finish on before I start them, a short stack of about 8 trades and Absolute Sandman vol 2, which is a stack in its self. 

    I used to have a stack of monthlies that would grow from month to month, but after listening to the show I learned that it’s okay to drop a book and that once you start buying something, you do not have to buy it forever.  This has really reduced my stack.

  24. @Troy – I believe the complete Starman Omnibi will number 6 total.

  25. I have a stack very wide

    100 Bullets vol. 2

    X-Men First Class trade

    Fables trades 8 & 9

    Dyanmo 5 first trade

    2 pocketbook of Strangers in Paradise


    The answer is to make time — take on more by having less distractions ie tv, video games or less time on the net.





  26. The only thing I have that I haven’t read is Watchman, which has been sitting on my shelf for over a year waiting to be picked up. At first I put a self-imposed ban on buying new trades until I had read it, but then Kingdom Come and Batman Year One somehow wound up on my shelf. I’m hoping to get to reading Watchman over spring break. Wish me luck.

  27. I just put a stake through the heart of my graphic novel stack last week. I cleared the decks, turned off the laptop and the TV, and said, "This is what you’re doing with your downtime now. Enough is enough." I think winnowing the stack down amounts to nothing more complicated than having this conversation with yourself; the nice thing about comics is that, as big as the stack is, you whip through them like Kleenexes once you actually pick ’em up and start. (My prose novel stack, in contrast, will one day topple and claim my life.) I polished off:

    -Fables: 4 and 5 (I always let Fables sit on my table for months like it’s homework, and then when I give in and read it I love it to bits. I’ve finally caught up to the point where I briefly read it in issues)

    -Ex Machina: Power Down

    -The Hood (underappreciated) 

    -The Pulse vol. 3 (reread)

    -Buffy Season Eight vol. 1 (reread)

    -Havok and Wolverine: Meltdown (a painted ‘prestige format’ miniseries from the 80s by Walt and Louise Simonson; I bought 3 of the 4 parts when I was 12, never finished it, and had no memory of seeing it until the issues turned up in a box a few months ago. Tracking down #4 was not a process I care to repeat) 

    -the text bits of Watchmen (the opposite of Fables; I was looking forward to it, and by the end I prayed for death’s merciful embrace) 

    All I had left was the dauntingly huge "Ultimate Marvel Team-Up" collection, but an uncapped bottle of baby oil spilled overnight and utterly ruined the book beyond salvation. I’m still heartsick about it, because I think the book may be out of print. Alas, the high cost of parenthood mounts.

  28. Oh man…

     Batman Year 100

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1,2, and black dossier

    morrisons JLA vol. 3

    V for vendetta

    batman Arkham Asylum

    Mr. Punch

  29. Never use to have much of a stack as I never use to buy trades without having first read the ones I owned. The culmination of girfriend, studying, moving to a place with more comics and ifanboy has destroyed what little reslove and discipline I had.

    Waiting to be read are:

    -Bone TPB 

    -Clandestine Classics 

    -Deathblow: Sinnes and Saints TPB

    -Action Philosopher Vol:3

    -Fell Vol:1

    -Point Blank

    -The Sword # 1-5 

    Not to mention the various indie comics that I have pick up on a whim and that I have yet to sample.  Like Dan I sometime fall prey to the got to "pick this up now just in case I can’t find it later syndrome". The drugs help.

    Josh I like the dust on some of the books in your stack. Pure class. 

  30. I have the same conflicting relationships with my stacks of prose and trades/collections – the drive to read and whittle them down combined with a compulsion to keep adding to them. It helps a bit that they both reside in a massive drawer in our living room table, so they’re not quite staring at me all the time. The current Stack is:

    -The Order Vol 1 (in progress)

    -Drifting Classroom Vol 7 

    -Scalped Vol 2

    -Ultimate Spider-man Vol 19

    -Y the Last Man Vol 7 & 8

    -Tomb of Dracula Essentials Vol 2

    -Daredevil – Frank Miller Omnibus Companion

    -EC Comics Archive – Crime Supsenstories Vol 1 

  31. I’ve gotten really bad about letting my stack build up. Bought a bunch of trades and then went on vacation. Decided not to bring any comics with me. My stack:

    -El Diablo, Jack of Fables vol. 1, Scalped vol.2, Queen and Country vol. 8, B.P.R.D. vol. 7, Casanova vol. 1, Showcase Presents Enemy Ace vol. 1, Shockrockets, Rex Mundi vol. 2, and Will Eisner’s Life in Pictures.

    Add to that the first Hellblazer trade from Andy Diggle that came out last week.  

  32. I actually have a very dire situation. My stack is huge. Wondercon did not help this. Starting a website has had the double effects of growing the stack (to read for website reviews) and slowing down my reading, cause I’m writing so damn much. Then the elephant in the room is that I’m leaving the country in 3 weeks for 2 and a half months and obviously I cannot take any of my stack because this is more of a "roughing it for research" kind of trip and the weight to time spent reading ratio of comics is simply not good enough to warrant bringing them along. So the real question becomes, what should I read before I leave?

  33. The only time I get a stack are after conventions. Besides that I would call my stack moe of a bump cause I don’t buy more trades until I finish the ones I got.

  34. I have big stack too.but to lazy to remder fight now. I’v read Cope in kansas and got it sighed it’s good.

  35. I’ve had Capote in Kansas in my stack FOREVER.  (Possibly because the same goes for ‘In Cold Blood’).  I also have the third volume of Sleeper, which I will possibly get to when I think to buy the fourth volume.  Likewise, I have vols. 4, 5, and 6 of Morrison’s JLA (from the library) until I manage to find volume 3.  It’s not that I mind spending money on it, I’m just hesitant to buy ONLY volume 3.  I already have 1.  Do I have to go back and get 2, even though I read it from the library?  I feel like having 1 and 3 would be weird.

    Brubaker’s Catwoman is GREAT.  The volume where Selina and Holly go on their road trip is what convinced me to explore more of the DCU (at that point, I’d only read Gotham Central).

  36. i find that if i get books from the library, i read them and i don’t have a stack that is so large. Librarys are also great if only because they give you a dead line by which you have to had read your books.


    that’s the way i got through all of preacher in December and finished sandman in about three weeks.


    I treat my stack like i treat netflix, i know something new is going to be coming in, so i better get this one off the line so i can get my next one.


    though i still have to read my tricked trade, which i has sat unread for nearing a year now.  

  37. In the three years that I’ve been back into comics, I’ve yet to run out of things to read.  There is just too much good stuff out there.  So here’s what I’m trying to get to:

     Absolute Dark Knight – of course I’ve already read DKR and DKSA but I’ve only flipped through this monster, I’m afreid of cutting off circulation in my legs when I tackle this one.

    Animal Man Vol.1+2 – Another iFanboy recommendation.

    Box Office Poison – I’ve read portions in some of the older trades, but I haven’t gotten to the big boy yet.

    Captain America – just finished the Omnibus, I’ve got singles of 26-35 burning a hole in my stack, I need to get to these soon.

    Daredevil: Hell to Pay – I’ve spent the last four months getting through the entire Bendis run, just finished The Devil Inside and Out last week.  Almost there…

    Jack of Fables Vol.1 – I’ve only gotten through the first three trades of Fables, so I don’t feel like I can rightfully begin this one yet.

    Persipolis 2  – I refuse to see the movie until I get through this series.

    Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book 6 – I just don’t think I can start Echo without a little bit of closure.

    Garth Ennis’ War Stories Vol.1 – Loved Punisher Born, really looking forward to this one.


  38. Here’s what my stack looks like right now.  I keep thinking I’m going to sit down one day and knock a chunk out at once, but it just doesn’t happen.  I’ve actually started reading a couple of them and then not gone back to them for a couple of days and then just moved on to singles I have around or something else all together.  Maybe I should go read something!

  39. I’ve been reading through some of my stack this winter.  Currently I’m working on the Captain America Omnibus.  Then there’s Fables Vol. 4.  Powers Vol. 2 Roleplay.  I read the first TPB of Rex Mundi and own all the singles after that up to current that I need to sit down and read.

    So far this winter I HAVE read- Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1, Powers Vol. 1, Batman Hush Vols. 1 and 2, Fables Vols. 1 through 3, Pirates vs. Ninjas, Rex Mundi Vol. 1, and DC: The New Frontier Vol. 1 and 2.

  40. My stack?

    DAUNTING! (And it gets bigger the more iFanboy podcasts/videocasts that I watch.)

    Here is a shocker for you. My Absolute edition of Watchmen just arrived today and believe it or not I have NEVER READ WATCHMEN! And the fact that it is in this gorgeous format is just the icing on the cake. (Imagine a 13 year old seeing Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time in Imax!)

    So that is whats on the top of my stack right now, followed by everything on my pull list for this week. After everything I have heard about Watchmen, this weeks books are pretty much an after thought. 

  41. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    I’ve got 29 TPBs and 22 HCs in my stack, not to mention a pile of Hellblazer trades I borrowed from the library. If I didn’t get so many dvds from the library, I might have time to read these books.

  42. My stack is also on my night stand but is not so tall yet, a few trades and some single issues recommended by you fine folks.  I’m eyeballing Fear Agent Vol. 1 to start and then read Coward and Lawless trades. Josh, like you, I am totally digging the new Criminal.

  43. I just tore through most of stack the other day. It started to frighten me so I skipped out on work for a few days for the sole purpose of getting through the stack, and i failed. I got through a couple of goon trades, 4 fables trades, batman: the man who laughs, spider-man blue, daredevil yellow, fear agent volume 3, 2 transmetroplitan trades, 2 hellboys, the surrogates, and the first two volumes of the league of extrordinary gentlemen. Im still left with 2 starman trades, 3 strangers in paradise pocket books, 1 fables trades, and the cap omnibus. And all my work is basically for nothing since today the amazon delivery man is bringing me a big heavy package, to more than erase all my hard work.

  44. Everyone has a stack, I have a stack of stuff I have bought or told to buy as they are great books, FROM HELL i collected when it first came out but never read it until i watched one of your podcasts telling me i should read it! so I am although a bit slowly. Josh, you have the same tastes as me comic wise i think? so i will tell you that Fafhrd and the gray Mouser is a great read and I hope you will love it, I wish there was more than just the 4 issues (or i think one TPB). Mignolas artwork is REALLY nice…. and Chaykin’s writing makes you wanting more (i also have found Chaykins later work "patchy"). Please just read it you wont be disappointed. Love and Rockets what can you say that hasnt already been said. I loved the early issues especially Jaime’s stories, its not something you can just pick up only because I feel you need to read a good chunk if not all of it in one sitting if possible to get the most from it.

        I am not a critic so i cant give you some insightful commentary i just know what i like and those two books i can read again and again

     Sorry about this but I have one for your pile to put back on, RONIN (that Frank Miller book), i have watched all the vidcasts and all the podcasts possible and havent heard you mention this book once. This is a GREAT book!!!

  45. I’ve got Ronin, but haven’t read it in a good long while.  I think there’s an Absolute planned for that book pretty soon.

  46. @ Josh

    with the movie in production they’d be fools not to. 

  47. my stack consists of….

    Whiteout vol. 2



    powers volume 3-11 (im trying to re-read them all in order)

    JSA: The Liberty Files

    Showcase presents: Jonah Hex

    Justice League: A New Begining (the kieth giffen stuff)

    Preacher Vol. 1 (i know, shame on me)

    Hellboy Volume 3

    Ultra: Seven Days (by the luna bros.)

    Essential X-Men Vol. 1-3

    and I’m Currently finishing Scalped Volume 1

  48. Have you seen the Watchmen costumes? The Comedian and Nite-Owl look B A D ASSSSS!


  49. Yah, Watchmen is another book that I just ordered from Amazon to add to the stack.  Gotta read it before the movie comes out….

  50. OK, Fafhrd and Ghost Stories are taken care of.  Did I like them?  You’ll have to come back for that one.

  51. I’m actually pretty good about keeping my stack to a manageable level. I force myself not to buy/order any more trades until I get down to the last 1-2 books in the stack. Right now my stack consists of:

    Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 1

    Dynamo 5 Vol. 1

    Stray Bullets Vol. 1

    The Complete Maus

    Green Lantern: The Power of Ion

    Rex Mundi Vol. 3

    The Flash: Rogues (got this at 50% discount at WonderCon but have to read Blood Will Run first..)

    Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 2 (I read this in small doses…next up is the Galactus Trilogy!)

    Daredevil by Frank Miller Omnibus Companion (need to read second half) 


  52. That is your stack? We all have a stack, the curse of mortal man. It is the hope, the possibility in what could be great while at the same time an infinite well that we fall through, dying of old age long before we hit bottom. So you might as well take your time and quit worrying about when the stack will be defeated.

  53. you know, my stack isn’t that big at all.

    it’s mainly my weekly pull which i polish off by the next weeks comics arrival.

    what I DO have on my stack is novels (prose). it’s what i keep trying to get to.

    currently got the road by cormack mccarthy and the band of brothers, the book that the hbo series took as basis. almost done with the road and i can’t wait for band of brothers.    

  54. my stack is doubly painful to look at, since about 99% of it is borrowed from friends.  So when i look at it, i not only think man i gotta read these, but also, man, i gotta get these back to hector!

  55. this isn’t the first moby dick reference you’ve made lately! what’s the story??

  56. I have so many stacks that I don’t know where to start…

    Thank god for newfound freedom.. 🙂  

  57. Inspired by this post, I finally read "God Loves, Man Kills" (embarrassing since I’m a big X-men fan) and the next couple volumes of JLA over the weekend.

    The first rocked.  The second, I’m still deciding — though it’s probably the only series I’ve ever read where I’m pretty sure I enjoy it more because I don’t care about any of the characters.

    Now, to find that Sleeper TPB that’s in my room somewhere —


  58. Drop everything, find that Sleeper trade, and prepare to have to get the next one ASAP.

    Update:  I made some nice progress, and then…nothing.  Damned responsibility!

  59. My stack is a little odd, since it contains only Powers volume 1, the Invincible hardcover, and X-Men the New Age trade. I’m only holding onto them because, for some reason, I’m afraid of not having anything to read sometime in the indeterminate future. This is, of course, stupid.  I’ve no shortage of access to books to read, either comics or novels.

    Oh, I also haven’t read the X-Men trade because I’m slowly reading the entire series on my HD, to fill in my knowledge gaps.


  60. Compared to some of you, my stack is not that big.  I have The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 2, Conan Vol 1, Chosen, Rnaways Vol 3 hardcover, and a DVD with all the Amazing Spiderman issues up to June 2006.

  61. You don’t want to see my stack, or my room.  It looks like one of those Oprah or Dr. Phil episodes for compulsive horders.