Holidays 2011: What Did You Get?

Now that the the major holidays have come and gone this year, there is only one big question that remains:

What Did You Get?

This year, in terms of comics (or books about comics), I got Parker: The Martini Edition, Love and Rockets: New Stories, Vol. 4, The Someday Funnies, Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book. There was also a very awesome Todd Klein personalized bookmark and The Muppets Take Manhattan on Blu-ray. Staying in the geek realm, I also got the Steve Jobs biography.

Did you get any cool comic book related gifts? Anything geek related? Anything particularly fun?


  1. Got a new Acer Aspire laptop that I will be reading tons of comics on and a Batman T-shirt.

  2. I got the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, thus completing my my Marvel Studios movie collection, Breaking Bad Season 3, and the Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor novel.
    I’m also expecting Hellboy vol 5 and the Metal Gear Solid Collection from a relative I haven’t gotten a chance to see yet this Christmas. Great stuff overall!

  3. I got: Petrograd, The Return of the Dapper Men, The Other Side (Aaron/Stewart), X-Men: First Class (the comic), 1001 Comics to Read Before You Die, Understanding Comics, The Batman Files, The Joker Visual Dictionary, Thor DVD

    And in general geekness: Doctor Who Series 6, Sons of Anarchy Season 3, Breaking Bad 1 & 2, Deathly Hallows Part 2, Doctor Who Monopoly.

    Plus, a bunch of Beatles stuff, some Star Wars/Music-related shirts and a coupla CDs.

  4. i got a mint condition issue of Swamp Thing Vol 2 43 from 1984…my greatest single issue i’ve ever read. i’m actually affraid to touch it at all.

  5. My loving girlfriend went to the comic shop and bought all the books that I had in my pull list. Almost two weeks worth of books! I’m gonna have to marry this girl.

  6. I actually like you Conor also got the Steve Jobs book which im looking forward to read if i ever have the time outside of my always growing stack of comics along with an Ipad 2!! Also the Black Mirror Batman book the Scott Snyder Detective run

  7. I got an iPod Touch, so I’ll be buying digital comics off of it, got trade paperbacks of Batman: Hush and Kingdom Come. Gotta say I didn’t enjoy Kingdom come as much as I thought I would.

  8. I got a Gift card for some comics, nice spiderman t-shirt and thermos, operation star wars edition, and a Kindle Fire. Will there be any apps for it soon? hope y’all had a great christmas. any plans for new years anyone?

  9. My $80 – $100 a week I spend on comics was my Christmas present.

    • $80-100 a week??? Dang bro, that is a nice xmas present

    • wow. every week is x-mas for you. every week must be awesome. it would be for me. i’m glad you’re supporting the business. i am thankful for people like you and hope for more people like you so that comics never die.

    • You reckon? Chances are at least half of those books are gonna suck. If Christmas means wading through crap to find gold then you’re in luck though…

  10. The geeky/nerdy thing I got were some cool Star Wars ornaments, all of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, the rest of the 007 movies I didn’t already have, series 6 of Doctor Who, and new copies of the Bunnicula books to replace the old, worn out ones I had.

  11. iPad 2, going 100% digital now. Well…..maybe some Absolute editions.

  12. I got comic books 101,habibi,Any Empire,The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Kirby kings of comics,Midgard (flemish comic book).

    Plus, a vinyl record of the national’s Boxer.

  13. I got Star Wars on Blu Ray and my wife made me one of those custom muppets from FAO (it looks like me!)

    What else do i need? =)

  14. The Sword complete edition, The Rocketeer complete edition, The Marvels Project var HC, Wasteland vol 2 HC

  15. I got some sweet trades (Milk and Cheese, Habibi and Echoes) and a cool art book (Halo: the building of worlds). I also got Spiderman cookie cutters, a batarang money clip and the absolute coolest shoes I’ve ever owned, the Adidas Kermit the Frog superstar 2’s. I don’t know if this counts too, but my dad hooked me up with a gummy fetus from the Flaming Lips. Pretty great haul for sure.

  16. Ooh, I really want to read Someday Funnies.

    I got the comic-book adaptation of Robert Lepage and Marie Michaud’s play The Blue Dragon. Gorgeous art.

  17. I got the Elephantmen Vol. 4 HC (which I can’t wait to read) and the Scott Pilgrim blu-ray

  18. Petrograd, Sgt. Rock: Between hell & a hard place, and The’Nam.

  19. I made out pretty well. I got Absolute DC: New Frontier, Parker: The Martini Edition, Setting the Standard: Comics by Alex Toth, Batman the Black Mirror, X-men: Age Of X, Power Girl Vol. 2: Aliens and Apes, and Hellboy Library Edition vol 3.

    Also in the nerdy realm I got Thor, Summer Wars, The Rocketeer, The Crow and American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition.

    I swear that Amazon’s wish list feature saved my family from never knowing what to get me.

  20. I got a replacement for my Umbrella Academy coffee mug that recently broke. Was very pleased!

  21. A Nook Tablet

  22. I got some drake old school duck hunting stuff and a few X-force TPGs. I gave my twin the first three walking dead soft covers to get him back into comics.

  23. The majority of my family buys gifts for each other that could easily be swapped out at a white elephant work gift exchange. BUT my brother came through in spades by buying me a Captain America cooking apron, and my future mother in law bought me RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES on blu ray. I will cherish these for years to come.

    Kind of geek gift related: the future wife is helping me purchase an ipad for xmas, mainly because I want to go digital with my comics, and mainly so she can start reclaiming some of ever dwindling apartment space.

  24. Charles Stross’ “Wireless”, Haruki Murakami’s “Hard-Boiled Wonderland”, a Power Girl tpb (which was an awkward thing to receive from my mom), new headphones, and a new jacket.

    It was a light year.

  25. Some friends gave me a shirt from my local comic store. It’s basically in the style of the Madman logo with Don Draper on top. But instead of Don, it’s the Joker from behind and instead of Madmen is says Madman. I love it.

    From my family I got a lot of comic blu-rays. Captain America, Thor, All Star Superman, Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, and Superman Doomsday. Also got Super 8 and The Complete Metropolis. Awesome gifts this year!

  26. Beasts! vol. 1 and vol. 2. Not comics or a graphic novel, but they are a great collection featuring illustrators, and comic artists interpreting mythological creatures and cryptozoology. Its great stuff from fantagraphics released a few years ago.

    for my girlfriend I got her a Thor Mighty Muggs!

  27. I made out like a bandit this year. my boss hooked me up with the hardcover of Blankets and my husband gave me the Batwoman Elegy DC trade. He also gave me the Dapper Men “take time to read” poster, which is even more awesome in person.

    plus all of the “we didn’t know what to get you” cash has made an iPad 2 almost reasonably priced. if I don’t spend the cash paying off bills, I may be getting one soon.

  28. Nothing comic related, but I also got the Steve Jobs book.

  29. The Definitive Irredeemable Vol. 1, Batman: The Black Mirror and (shared with my 8 year old son) The Complete Bone in color. Thing is a BEAST!

  30. Parker The Martni edition
    The Rocketeer
    and lots of money to buy stuff.

  31. HP laptop (college bound), skyrim, and, a surprise gift from my brother, BATMAN UTILITY BELT BELT!

  32. Batman Files, Arkham City, JLU 7-pack, LOSH 12-pack. Good stuff.

  33. I got a Batman Shirt, X-Men First Class, Watchman Director’s Cut, and the first two Avenger’s Academy Trades.

  34. Comics: Batman Gothic, Marvel Boy, 10 cent plague Geek: ion usb record player,

  35. Captain America, Rise of the Planet of the Apes & Dr Who Season 6 on Blu and Jack Kiby’s Fourth World Omnibus to read

  36. I got a Spider-Man pajama, but that’s about it =(

  37. I got a rock.

  38. From my mom: a Kindle Fire. From my Dad: About 50 dollars to load it up with digital comics. My girlfriend paid for my entire month’s worth of comics. My brother framed my copies of the Flash #1 that I got signed by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato at NYCC. My uncle bought me Doctor Who Series 6 and the new Destroy All Monsters DVD. A pretty awesome year I’d say.

  39. I got the Captain America: First Avenger blu-ray, a super nice Batman t-shirt and the B.P.R.D. volume 1 hardcover! I’ll most likely get some money and/or gift cards also and spend it on comics related items! πŸ˜‰

  40. I got the Batman Knightfall Saga, Marvel Slippers, Pen, Wallet and pyjamma bottoms (even though I very rarely read marvel comics) and a Big Bang Theory tee which says “Knock Knock Knock – Penny” repeatedly on it.


  42. I got the new Fantagraphics hardcover collection of Carl Barks’ Donald Duck “Lost in the Andes.” And geek related: the 2012 calendar for ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ featuring paintings by John Picacio. One character a month from the book series that inspired the Game of Thrones TV show. This one brings back childhood memories of those Hildebrandt brothers calendars for the Lord of the Rings.

  43. Got Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1, Geoff Johns Flash Omnibus 1, Blackest Night, and X-Men: God Loves Man Kills.

    Also got Arkham City for Xbox, Sons of Anarchy 1 & 2, Office 2 & 3, an awesome Millenium Falcon tech drawing tee, and a tee with a zombie Christopher Walken that says The Walken Dead.

    And the nerdiest gift of all; a second generation cast from the original prop of Han Solo’s face frozen in carbonite. Without a doubt the most precious to me of all these gifts.

  44. got an original Walking Dead page from issue 10 from my mum, my first piece of original art apart from a sketch from Mark Buckingham about 16 years ago

  45. My awesome wife got me the new hardcover editions of Blankets and Habibi, as well as an x-men first class blu-ray and a Tron Identity disk!

  46. I got a bit of money, with which i bought the following:
    Thor omnibus by Simonson
    Starman omnibus 1
    Preacher deluxe 1
    Y the last man deluxe 1 and 2
    Midnight Nation deluxe
    Dark Tower HC 1 (to try the series, before buying the omni)
    And a couple of free trades i got with the order πŸ™‚

  47. Girlfriend got me Ex Machina deluxe hc Vol. 3 (now I’m one step closer to finish collecting that great series) & she got me Vol. 4 of Gotham Central – so that’s finally completed in my collection. But the best things I got, also from her, was a Mitchell & Ness Philadelphia Flyers hoodie – not cheap in any way. Hockey and comics, how could Christmas get any better???

  48. That Parker Martini Edition is gorgeous. So cool.

  49. I got heaps of comics and dvds

  50. Parker Martini Edition, Black Mirror, Walking Dead (Tome) Compendium, and music-geek related, The Beach Boys SMILE Remastered…finally. I am humbled and spoiled and loved.

  51. Picked up The Storyteller, Walking Dead TPB 15, and Petrograd with some of my Amazon GC money.

  52. I didn’t get anything geeky this year – but I sure did give geekiness πŸ™‚

    I took Conor’s suggestion, and bought my spy-genre-loving dad the trade of *Who Is Jake Ellis?* Gave my mom *Pride of Baghdad* by Brian Vaughan, and gave my sister Fialkov’s *Echoes.* Got my brother in law the 1st trade of *Y: The Last Man.*

    I also got them all gift cards to places they like to shop (just in case my non-comic-reading family doesn’t like the chance I took). But I just wanted to show them that comics aren’t all about capes and powers.

  53. Nice haul Conor! The only comics related present I got was the X-Statix Omnibus, but it’s so huge it’ll keep me busy for quite some time!

  54. I bought comic book comics on comixology. So good.

  55. I got Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption,and LA Noire plus a 25$ iTunes gift card.

  56. iPhone, super gods, fifa12 &crown royal:)

  57. Oh and a signed. Copyof a dance with dragons.

  58. Three Tintin hardcovers. Awesome.

  59. new body Kindle
    The Middleman on DVD
    T-Minus OGN
    Old Navy sweater
    Three comics (which my sister got stiffed on but it taught her a lesson and let her find out about my Amazon wishlist)
    Pajama pants

  60. I snagged a signed & numbered Adam Hughes cover reproduction print of JLA Classified #1, and a 19″ Galactus πŸ™‚

    Went Boxing Day shopping this morning and picked up a new gaming PC, looking forward to trying out Star Wars TOR

  61. the adult children in the family agreed not to exchange gifts this year. I couldn’t have been happier with just hanging out and eating for a day

    • Here here. We skipped the gifts for the most part (I did get my folks tickets to see Lila Downs, though) and dined on rib eyes and oysters.

  62. I got Asterios Polyp, Essex County, and Five Fists of Science.

  63. I got “the abominable charles christopher” from my girl it’s a web comic, i’d never heard of it, I’m mostly into superhero comics, bur’s it’s pretty cool for a change of pace

  64. It was ordered online but not received in time. So coming week I will get the Parker Martini Edition book. Cannot wait to read it!

  65. I got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection Vol.1 hardcover, a Captain America coffee mug, Green Lantern figure from the New Frontier series, Ninja Turtles sleep pants, and 2001: A Space Odyssey on blu-ray,

  66. Santa must have studied the iFanboy holiday gift guides, because I got a ton of comic related items! These include: The Martini Edition of Parker, Absolute New Frontier, The Spirit volumes 1 & 2 (obviously I love Darwyn Cooke), and a Wonder Woman Funko doll. There were also some great literary related gifts from and a custom Shakespeare stamp for my classroom. It’s the Macbest!

  67. Does a Lego Millenium Falcon count? I had 1,254 pieces? The wife and kids bout it for me.

  68. I got a new iPod, which was desperately needed ( miss the iFanboy POTW podcast in my car something fierce), Also got Kill Shakespeare vol. 2, Stuff of Legend Vol. 2, Batman: year One on blu-ray, the criterion blu-ray of 12 Angry Men, and a bunch of opera DVDs and CDs that nobody wants to hear about LOL.

  69. I got Wednesday Comics and the Batman: Black Mirror HC. Seems like Santa’s got a pretty good taste. and oh boy, that Wednesday HC is huuuuge. I also got a Lego Boba Fett Key Ring.

  70. I made off with Rust, star wars blu ray set, clone wars seasons 1&2, a cool star wars book(can’t remember the name) and a fair bit of non geeky stuff. Also a new marble chess set which is gorgeous and I think with the money I got I’m gonna check out some trades I’ve been eyeing off for a while like maybe sandman mystery theater or getting the ex machina trades I still havn’t picked up yet.

  71. Oh yeah and we got Arkham City video game. Can’t wait to dig into that!

  72. I got “1001 Comics You Should Read Before You Die,” 75 issues of Generation X from the 90s, and Batman boxers!

  73. My fiancΓ© gave me The Walking Dead board game by Z-Man and a Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray. My brother hooked me up with a couple of SDCC exclusives: The Avengers Mighty Muggs set with that adorable Giant Man head poking through the box, and the Spider-Man unmasked Mighty Mugg.

  74. Oh, and uncle gave me Star Wars Operation. You operate on R2-D2. He’s filled with witty ailments that reference the films.

  75. directly, i got transformers vol. 3: revenge of the decepticons but through the crap-ton of money and gift cards i got, i bought irredeemable vol.4, the losers vol.1, vols. 9-11 of the walking dead, and the first volume of the 80’s transformers comics.

  76. I got the Uncanny X-force DAS part 1 hardcover, Batman: the black mirror, The Batman Files, Metal Gear Solid HD collection, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and Persona 4.

  77. I got the new Star Wars novel based on Darth Revan, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novel, Planet of the Apes on DVD (I love that movie), Petrograd, Batman Arkham City for Xbox 360 (Including downloadable content), Criminal: the Last of the Innocent trade (So GOOD!!!), a ticket to C2E2, and money! I also bought a bunch of back issues for myself from Midtown Comics! I am so thankful for all the awesome presents!

  78. Set of Marvel Drinking glasses, Capt. America blu-ray, Sonic Generations for PS3, Super 8 DVD, & a couple of shirts

  79. How was the Love & Rockets?

    Did Ron get you that?

  80. Angel season 1
    Breaking Bad season 1
    Marvel Visionnaries Peter David: Incredible Hulk vol 1
    The Offspring – Americana
    Dropkick Murphys – Going out in style
    Johannes Cabal: The Detective
    50 $
    Doctor Who 2012 calendar

  81. I had a paired back list this year because my wife and I just had a baby, which means that our parents don’t give a crap about us anymore! πŸ™‚

    I was surprised, though, to get the Walt Simonson Thor Omni (suggested by my comic shop owner to my mother-in-law) and Wilson (suggested by my old comic shop where I grew up to my mom), and Batman: Arkham City. My wife got me a set of Marvel beer glasses. My sister got me some awesome Spider-Man, Batman, and Think Geek t-shirts. I also scored, much to my delight, a copy of The Rocketeer on Blu-Ray.

    We did the Griswold Christmas this year with all the families getting together in one space for the whole day, but it was a great time.

  82. Got the first couple Hex trades by Palmiotti/Gray, buncha New 52 subscriptions, Batman t-shirt, and 007 reloaded. That Hex series is fantastic, by the way.

  83. I’m extremely jealous of that bookmark, did he make it himself or did you get it specially ordered or how can I get my hands on one?

  84. Someone actually got me an Amazon Kindle and a 25 dollar gift card for books. I mentioned it once months ago and got it from my best friend. Best gift ever. Kinda geek of me lol

  85. Nook Tablet – Love it. Digital comics on a larger screen than my phone. Love it.

  86. I admittedly was spoiled. Very excited for all, but here they are from most to least anticipated:

    Criminal 6
    Fear Agent 1-5
    Wolverine’s Revenge
    Unwritten 4

  87. A bunch of Marvel Legends Figures.

  88. I got
    Morrison Porter JLA hc vol1
    Batman the black mirror HC
    Who is Jake Ellis vol 1
    25 euro comic shop gift card
    all my DC issue 4’s

  89. I didnt really get anything comic related… Oh.. ya a Batman year one animated blue ray… other than that… no comic stuff.. i dont think people think they can find stuff that i dont have….
    Really i just got stuff that is work/chore related.. a portable scanner.??? i guess thats cool.. but im just not seeing it at the moment.

  90. You know what I got for Christmas? Oh, it was a banner fucking year at the old 209AF family. I got a some clothes and a kindle fire. The old man grabbed me and said, “Hey, Read up Eddy.”

  91. Unfortunately I got no comics for Christmas. I did, however, for the first time in a long time, enjoy my family’s company. I know right? I’m as shocked as anyone. I did get a nice new watch I asked for and surprised with with 4 tickets to go see the closest NBA team to me (Atlanta Hawks) play my favorite team (Oklahoma City Thunder) in early March, so it was pretty cool.

    I did, however, purchase comics for my immediate family, and DEMAND they read them. I bought the first trade of DMZ for my older brother who really enjoys comics but is far too broke to actually buy any, the first trade of Y the Last Man for my dad, half because I hear its good and half because I want to read it later, and the Castle-related Derrick Storm comic that was put out for my mom who likes Castle.

    My knowledge was put to the test, trying to find something for my mom to actually read, but I think she’ll give it a shot. My dad’ll read whatever I give him after he trusted me and read the first three trades of Walking Dead I loaned him, but the mother? That was difficult.

  92. This year Mrs. Pyynk is helping me setup my home office so while my Christmas was super geeky, it wasn’t as much comic oriented as I would have liked. That said I managed to snag…

    8 port gigabit ethernet switch
    new usb keyboard
    kvm switch
    ikea / glasholm desk
    dual monitor stands
    new office chair

    For the fun stuff…

    Darth Maul usb drive
    DC pint glasses
    Captain America boxers
    the mid sized “Christmas Story” leg lamp
    copy of LA Noire
    a mounted copy of this print, from my brother in law

  93. I got a Marvel Comics Classic Art 2012 Calendar. A lot of stuff was wrapped in Spider-Man wrapping paper though!

  94. American vampire 2, Tokyo Days Bangkok Nights (yay Seth Fisher!), Chew 4, Locke and Key 1 and Scalped 1. Also picked up Ruckas Stumptown for 4 bucks on Comixology. When I looked at all the books I got, one thing struck me – no superheroes! I guess at 28 I’m starting to grow up.

  95. I got the Steve Ditko Omnibus Vol. 1, Jack Kirby’s New Gods Omnibus Vol. 1, Jonah Hex: Bury Me in Hell TPB and a $100 comixology budget from my wife. Best Xmas ever.

  96. No-one can top this, I got a pack of Fun Snaps! Haven’t had these since I was about 8, I didn’t think you could still get them.

    Also, SuperGods, The Walking Dead Compendium (only ever read the first trade so far) and the first trade of Sweet Tooth.

  97. I got the TMNT ultimate collection hardcover. It is so awesome, Christmas night in a big comfy chair sitting by the fire reading it.

  98. I received a great second-hand book from my niece: “FIRE & WATER: BILL EVERETT, THE SUB-MARINER, AND THE BIRTH OF MARVEL COMICS” from Fantagraphics (2010)

    I also got $40 of iTunes gift cards that will be used to buy digital comics.


  99. I didn’t get my Aquaman: Death of a Prince trade! However, I got some cash from the in-laws so I ordered a couple of early Invincible trades to catch up. That’s right. I’m back on Invincible, Kirkman!

  100. Okay, I got: A few seasons of Smallville, Batman Noel, Batman a Death in the Family, New 52 shirt, Doctor Who shirt, Doctor Who series 6 on Blu Ray, Thor 3D Blu Ray, don’t know if this counts as something geeky, but Harry Potter: From Page to Screen, and a few video games. Also got some cash/gift cards.
    I’ve been hearing a lot about Love And Rockets lately. Could you give me an idea what it’s about? Also curious what The Someday Funnies is like.
    First Comment as a Member!

  101. I got an official Red Ryder carbine action 200-shot range model air rifle.

  102. My geek-related gifts: Forbidden Planet gift vouchers and a(nother) remote-controlled Dalek. I’ve got a small army of them now…

  103. I did really well, incal hc, new Seth book and a the bat manga book

  104. batman arkham city for ps3
    Uncharted 3 for ps3
    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 for xbox360
    Absolute All-Star Superman
    a case for my ipad
    Fright Night remake on blu ray
    Apple TV

  105. 300

  106. All Star Superman
    DC Comics Pop-Up Book
    Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus
    Gotham Central Volumes 3 & 4
    Hark! A Vagrant
    Mr. Murder is Dead
    Rocketeer Complete Adventures
    Swamp Thing Volume 6

  107. I also got the Steve Jobs Biography

  108. Fables
    We3 Deluxe Edition
    A great Kirby Doctor Doom T-shirt
    Something was delayed in shipping but I suspect it is the 7th Walking Dead Trade (wife won’t tell me)
    Also got cash that I am walking into my LCS to pick up the Invicible Compendium that they have for 1/2 off and whatever else strikes my fancy.

  109. I got Civil War: the Underside, Age of Apocalypse book 2, Green Lantern Chronicles vol 1, Green Lantern: Secret Origin, IRONMAN/THOR, New Avengers:SIEGE, Avengers: the West Coast, THOR: Uncertain Destinies, Exiles vol 1, Aquaman # 1, and Trial of Shazam

  110. The only geeky thing I got this year was the Star Wars Blu Rays, but I did get a sweet new camera.

  111. Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year to all of my fellow IFanBoy fans and of course everyone there at IFanBoy!!
    I must admit my Christmas was not bad, everyone was healthy and no one got hurt!
    What goodies I got for the holidays:
    My wife got me: Converse Allstars (Awesome Flash Print), The Secret Wars on TPB, and a cool Justice League Fleece Throw (which has a classic JLA look with all of the characters on it, from Spencers, SWEET!).
    My brother got me: Batman symbol long sleeve shirt with knitted ski cap, and a roulette wheel shot game(Not expecting anything so this was a huge cool suprise!!).
    As always like @Walter I have had a spending account for comics around $80.00 + a week and I am very fortunate to have had it this entire year. Next year I think I will pull back on purpose because my wife just lets me spend every week on comics and comic related things as much as I want. So I think I need to slow it down but I have been blessed lately to be able to spend some much on my hobby. Thanks to my wife!
    Thank God for my health and my children and my grand daughter who is due in April!


  112. Wednesday Comics HC, Tales Of the Fear Agent TPB, Petrograd HC, Infinite Kung Fu OGN, Aquaman & Gorilla Grodd figures from Batman: Brave & the Bold

    Also found Paul Pope’s “THB” #2 at a holiday sale for $0.50!

  113. Every year my wife gets me a page of original art. This year I was really lucky to find a page from Preacher in my price range. It doesn’t have any of the main characters on it, but I’ve always wanted a page of original art from that series.

  114. Jim Lee X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1 and X-Tinction Agenda oversized hardcover. The goal now is to get the first two X-Force/New Mutants collections and the 2nd Jim Lee Omnibus to complete the collection of that X-Universe transition era. Also got Captain America and Thor on DVD, along with all our Harry Potter DVD’s.

    My son got a lot of stuff – Little People Batman track, Superman and Batman Little People, a talking Captain America action figure and a shooting Captain America shield, a Spider-Man pillow pal and a talking Spider-Man action figure, and a small stuffed Batman.

    I also GAVE the gift of comics – “Ozma of Oz” to my niece and “Walking Dead: Vol. 1” and “Green Lantern: Rebirth” to her dad, and a stuffed Green Lantern for her little brother.

  115. Keeping to the comics/geeky gifts, I received the LOTR extended edition Blu ray set, which I really wanted; a $25 iTunes gift card, which I spent on Batman Knightfall, Stumptown, Dark Knight Returns, and No Man’s Land; a starwars t-shirt; and Quarriors, a dice based board game.

  116. I got the giant 75 years of DC Comics – Art of modern myth making. I love this book! My girlfriend got it for me but came in terrible condition due to shipping πŸ™ Hopefully the replacement will be in better condition!! Also got Batman Black Mirror πŸ™‚ Great book!