High Resolution Screen Caps from the CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Teaser

The hotly anticipated teaser trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger premiered during the Super Bowl and its got everyone talking. And not just talking but picking apart the teaser frame-by-frame because, let's face it, the teaser was cut like a Michael Bay film.

Yesterday we brought you some blurry screen caps from the low resolution internet player that had the teaser, but now that Apple.com has high resolution HD version of the teaser, here are some better, higher quality screen caps.

Steve Rogers in his "shorter than Peggy Carter" phase.

He might be too weak to hold up that rifle but you can tell Steve is determined.

My favorite part of this still is the nurse in the background who, clearly, now wants a piece of that.

The Howling Commandos will kick your ass.

Captain America leaps!

I can't see Cap's shield on the front of that bike without thinking of the old Captain America TV movie with the partially clear shield and the motorcycle helmet.

A pistol wielding Captain America runs into battle next to Buck Compton Dum Dum Dugan.

The post-Nazi ass kicking strut.

Steve Rogers' has got some guns.

I feel like it would be really hot inside that suit.

I'm hoping that the very next thing that happens here is that Cap bounces his shield off these Hydra yahoos' skulls.

Post-Captain America drop kicking of Red Skull.

Red Skull doesn't look at all happy with how his Hugo Weaving mask went over at the annual Hydra Halloween party.

Boy, it's a good thing that the bullets did ricochet in the direction of that poor scientist.

"She… she just shot at me. This date is not going well AT ALL."

I'm even MORE psyched to see this movie now!


  1. I always love how everyone, even super villians like the red skull have perfect teeth, always! lol

  2. “…who, clearly, now wants a piece of that.”

    The “clearly” puts a nice spin on a somewhat tired joke. Well crafted, sir.

    Really excited for this one.

  3. Haha.  I can’t stop laughing at that last one after she shot at him.  His eyes have the perfect mix of confusion, sadness and anger.

  4. Why am I noticing that Red Skull must take very good care of his teeth? Middle management must afford a great dental plan.

  5. I love the scientists in the background. Those guys are excited as hell about this shit. I hope they are high-fiving in the background during this scene

  6. Question. I see a certain badass motherfucker missing from the Howling Commandos, and that makes me a little sad. While I’m certain he’ll have at least a scene in the movie, has it been confirmed or denied that Nick Fury won’t be with them? Other than that, the movie looks fantastic. I can’t wait.

  7. That nurse can get it.

  8. @greenbillblue  Oh man! I hadn’t even thought of MMRS at all while talking about this movie. Now I’m not going to be able to stop! Seriously, if he asks for “the papers” during this film, I’d gonna lose it.

    Super-effing-stoked though.

  9. “You would not BELIEVE the day I had. They made me wear a mask all day, and it’s REALLY hot!”That poor Red Skull

  10. So stoked! Dum Dum and Red Skull look so great! Wonder how they’re gonna work in Samuel L’s Fury though.

  11. I had thought that the underwater scene was Namor ’cause in the trailer it happened so fast… I still have hope the film will involve the Invaders, but that does look like it’s Steve.

  12. After reading the Lois casting thread I don’t feel bad saying this:

    I’m going to have to agree with the nurse.

  13. …. i don’t know about this one. looks a bit silly

  14. @edward  It’s a movie based on a comic, comics used to be called funny books……………ergo……………… comics are a little silly.

  15. trying to get my head around the fact that the blue on the shield is a different shade to the one on the costume–a ghastly mistake!!, throws the whole look out-of-balance, hope it’s just a trick of the light…

    has anyone seen the old Captain America film, where The Red Skull was playing the piano and stuff like that? –was good, i thought.

  16. UPDATE! also, it occurs to me–has anyone noticed, this could be going to be another big-neck movie? you know what i mean, the ones where all the actors have overdeveloped neck muscles and such?? like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight etc.–although at one point they did seem to acknowledge this, which was slightly impressive à mon avis, however; maybe that one time was enough, we can go on to the next stage now PaRappa???

    let me know what you think!