Hey Geek Girl! Art Show in Seattle, WA

This weekend was truly an adventurous one for me. I was graced by the presence of the absolutely wonderful Bonnie Burton as she resided at Casa De Molly; hoarded a whole bunch of comic books at Free Comic Book Day; and finally attended one of the most awesome art show openings I have ever been to (and considering that’s all I did before I was 21 in order to procure free wine without being IDed, I’ve been to a LOT of art gallery events). This art show opening was at the awesome LTD Gallery in Capitol Hill here in Seattle, WA. I somehow did not know this gallery existed, despite having lived three blocks away from it for close to a year. It is a small space, hidden in plain view near some awesome restaurants.

The floors are hardwood and there are tiny cube shelves placed against the walls, full of geeky toys and urban vinyl. There is an amazing Terminator pinball machine pushed into one corner. They specialize only in the art of pop culture – and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. On their “art from previous shows” wall, there are amazing pieces by Cody Vrosh, Emonic. Star Wars, comic books, classic scifi movies and video games – they are all there. It’s a geeky art sanctuary.

The reason I had a Bonnie Burton staying with me this weekend is because the curated LTD Gallery’s most recent art show: Hey Geek Girl! It is an exhibition of art of women by women – of the geeky variety. Luna Lovegood, Catwoman, Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, Liz Lemon – these strong female cultural icons were lining the walls in different styles. Since it was Cinco De Mayo, we sipped margaritas and snacked on chips and salsa. The turnout was excellent – people were buying art and dancing, staying for hours and hours to socialize and stare at the fantastic art.

I was too busy to take any particularly fantastic non cell phone shots from the night, but here is a whole slew of images of the gallery straight from Bonnie and I’s iPhones. If you’re visiting Seattle anytime soon, go check it out!



All photos by Molly McIsaac and Bonnie Burton. Check out LTD Gallery’s website here.


Molly McIsaac believes in unicorns, dances to music in her head frequently, and is currently obsessing over Seattle supervillain Rex Velvet. You can follow her misadventures on twitter.


  1. Daenerys Targaryen with the Disney dragons= brlliant. I want Game of Thrones to end with the dragons looking just like that.

  2. Molly I love you’re insight and articles. They are great! This one was really cool!

  3. Stephanie buscema’s art just continues to remind me that isn’t teenage Satan 6-7 months late at this stage?

  4. Molly, we definitely must meet! I co-run one of the galleries at the Greenwood Collective, and our next artwalk is tomorrow the 11th. Not sure if you’ve ever been, but it’s a great collection of galleries in a beautiful, underground space. Perhaps you’ve heard of Bherd, John and Michele osgood’s space? My gallery is called Echo Echo. Anyway, I’m friends with both Siolo Thompson and Urban Soule, we’re actually all in the book “Look Up Here” that was just released, and it’d be an honor to make your acquaintance. Come say hi some time! We’ll be shutting down the street tomorrow night, and the artwalk will be taking over Greenwood Ave with live art and djs. Gonna be a hoot!!

  5. Looks like there was some great art on show. I wish more stuff like this happened in England.