Heroes – S04E19 – Brave New World

Volume Five: Redemption

This is it for Heroes for the season (it will be back for another, most likely). For the most part, it's been an okay season. Some stuff to really like and some stuff that was really boring. Againg, my chief compaint has been a lack of cohesion which is something that has been lacking since season one.

So bring on the final battle with Samuel and his Brotherhood of Carny Mutants!



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Nobody watching Human Target tonight…?

  2. It’s on on Wednesdays in the US.

  3. Back from Florida! Fantastic time for a finale.

  4. I never ended up watching that episode where Hiro gets healed. I just pushed on without it. I seem to be okay.

  5. Ah, Claire must have AT&T.

  6. Ugh, they are wasting a lot of precious time on stuff we saw last week.

  7. I think Sylar and Peter should have a contest to see whose hair is floppier.

  8. Hair length directly coordinates to personal guilt?

  9. Place yer bets: Samuel dies tonight – Yes or No?

  10. I hope Samuel has a permit for that stage, or NYPD is going to be all over his ass.

  11. @comor Dead as a doornsil.

  12. @conor I’m going to say yes.

  13. So this is the final show of the season? Seems too early.

  14. @AztecLos: They are doing a shortened season due, in no small part, to the Olympics.

  15. It was a shortened season, the only way it could come back.

  16. Parkman has gotten fat as hell.

  17. Matt sure owns a lot of the same kind of knives.

  18. I bet Parkman is less concerned about Sylar being out and more pissed that he did all of that brick laying FOR NOTHING.

  19. Told you last week Sylar would eff that multile man up. Seriously, not a legitimate threat.


  20. Damn these subtitles. Not liveblog friendly.

  21. Aw, cute. Peter and Sylar are talking at the same time like creepy twins.

  22. I love how the shoot Parkman specifically from certain angles in order to hide how fat he’s gotten.

  23. @conor Damn Winter Olymptics.

  24. @AztecLos: Well, as Devastron said, it was going to be a shorter season anyway, the Winter Olympics just gave them a nice way to end early.

  25. Claire feels pain, right? So even if she ran out of oxygen and her lungs regenerated she would just stop breahting again and die and her lungs would regenerate and she’d stop breathing again… etc. etc. That sounds like some kind of horrific torture.

  26. Old Charlie!?

  27. Nice twist. I dig it.

  28. Here’s your big test, Hiro. How much do you REALLY love Charlie…??

  29. Well that is certainly convenient, although they have to come up for some reason for Hiro to not bop back 65 years and grab her and bring her back to the present.

    I’m not sure if Claire feels pain or not. I know for awhile she couldn’t, not sure if that came back or not.

  30. @conor That happen to Wolverine because od Tiger Shark.

  31. Those better be some damn powerful loudspeakers to draw a lot of people to Samuel’s tent area. Between the size of the park, the general city noise, and the fact that like 65% of the people in NYC walk around with an iPod (or similar) playing, it’s hard to hear anything!

  32. @Devastron: She’s always grunting and whincing when something happens to her.

  33. @conor I don’t know what kind of fetishes you have, I don’t need to know.

  34. I still don’t understand the purpose that Parkman serves on the show anymore.

  35. Not exactly the poppin’ jams that attract a traditional urban crowd…

  36. Predictions: How does Samuel die? Does Darth Maul kill him?

  37. Old Charlie is just as adorable as Young Charlie.

  38. Sylar takes him down after Toad gets smoked betraying him and interrupting his villainous monologue.

  39. @zombox: If they are serious about Sylar being (gag) a good guy then does killing Samuel cement his good guy status or harm it?

  40. She has a ton of energy despite the obviously fading air supply….

  41. "Tracy? Great. Three of us are going to suck up the oxygen even faster…"

  42. Well, we live in the modern age of heroes. Killing is kosher so long as its seen as an ‘extreme situation’, unlike 20 years ago. That part of the age of ‘gritty heroes’ stuck around.

  43. 30 feet of dirt… couldn’t Tracy blast through that with her water powers? I’m not a geologist.

  44. I think Sylar offing him would be a nice way of keeping him a bit ambigious on the whole good/bad thing.

  45. @zombox @Devastron:It will definitely depend on how the killing goes down.

  46. And that’s exactly what Tracy did.

  47. HRG’s Angels.

  48. Poor Hiro. His determination to save Charlie is heartbreaking.

  49. Wow, that was a FAST helicopter trip. They must have been picked up by Airwolf.

  50. I love how Hiro’s story is entirely unconnected to the main plot line this season. What is the point of having him on the show?

  51. @zombox: I guess he’s on his way now.

  52. I think it’s probably time for Puppet Man to die.

  53. BULLSHIT! Just 4 episodes ago Sylar was immune to the puppeteer’s powers. Seriously, guys. Fucking seriously.

  54. Say what you guys will but Doyle freaks me out more than Sylar.

  55. Those are the uglist bracelets in the universe.

  56. Sylar will probably blow through Doyle like he always has. Sylar’s powers aren’t dependent on him moving, he just does that for dramatic effect.

  57. I think it would be great that instead of killing everyone, Samuel and his people just put on a killer show. Everyone applauds, Samuel and his people take their bows, end credits.

  58. @conor Thanks to her powers of drawing in people, we made a killing on concessions!

  59. @Devastron: IT’s all abig scam to sell watered down soda and get tons of rubes to play ringtoss!

  60. Wow, what a satisfying way to get out of Hiro getting a boring happy ending. Way to wrap shit up for once, Heroes!

  61. That was really nice, the way that ended for Hiro and Charlie.

  62. You guys remember when Bruce Willis made good movies?

  63. So they don’t always have to leave a love interest lost in time.

  64. @zombox: I think COP OUT looks really funny.

  65. @JesTr: Hiro should have sent Charlie off into time somewhere and then cut to Charlie and Peter’s Irish Girlfriend hanging out in some purgatory.

  66. I could see this ending with Sylar as an anti-hero who goes around killing bad people with powers and taking those powers as a bonus.

  67. @Devastron: Like a Super Powered Dexter?

  68. MMm. Super powered Dexter! Just watched the last episode of season 3 earlier tonight.


  70. I like how profecient Peter is with his new powers.

  71. I think that HEROES stole all of SMALLVILLE’s extras.

  72. Now, what doesn’t make sense… Samuel has shown that he is able to use his powers, though be it at a dimished level, in previous levels. Now he’s utterly powerless?

  73. Wouldn’t Peter’s power give Samuel something to work with?

  74. previous episodes, even.

  75. I think that is the first time I’ve ever noticed how tiny Hayden Panatierre is… she’s probably, like, 5′ tall.

  76. Uh oh

  77. Are we to believe that this carnival hasn’t been flooded with cops?

  78. Well, yea. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do feel like that sets up a good storyline for next year.

  79. I think that next season they should jump forward a year where all the powers are reality TV stars.

  80. Everyone knows NYC cops are fat and slow and can’t find Central Park with a map!

  81. @zombox: There are certainly interesting possibilities.

  82. They were all too busy trying to control the mob of panicky people running around somewhere.

  83. Well, it looks like every prediction I made was a big miss, but I like being surprised.

  84. @Devastron: There’s 35,000+ cops in NYC!

  85. @conor Whats her face probably used her Fed connections to keep things a bit quiet, I guess.

  86. Well, that was less climactic than usual.

    Y’know, this might be it for me. Every season we start with a compelling story idea, every season we get lost in random character arcs that make no sense and have nothing to do with the overall plot, and every season we end with a whimper. It’s more consistant than taxes.

    Yeah, I think I’ll just keep up with this on wiki from now on. The Big Bang Theory is worth my time more.

  87. Oooh. interesting last five minutes.

    Now that they’re exposed to the world  there could be an X-Men type mutant racism thing next season.

  88. This was a great episode. Liked it alot. That’s it.

  89. This show is still on?

  90. To Be continued?  is what they should have displayed with the question mark, because has NBC really renewed this show for another season? They should have ended it this season.

  91. I think I heard that the story can be followed on NBC.com.  I’m not sure what plot points and with what characters, but I wonder if they’ll gauge the likelihood of another season by the interest generated on the site.

  92. @misterckent: Doubtful. Networks don’t put much stock in their original online content.

  93. Anyone recognize who played "old Charlie"?

    you guessed it.. Frank Stallone! 😀

     No actually it was Ma Kent from Lois & Clark!