Heroes – S04E08 – Once Upon a Time in Texas

Volume Five: Redemption

I feel like that at this point, Hiro should know that you can’t go back and muck with the timestream. But then, when the heart is on the line, rational thought often goes out the window.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc. I’ll be reading them later on in the week because the World Series trumps Heroes.


  1. Quantum Leap reference ftw! I’m surprised they haven’t used that one before actually.

  2. Evening folks.

  3. Oh hell.  Noah’s got game.

  4. I sense there will be much retconning in this episode.

  5. Caught the Chrono Trigger reference!

  6. Too bad they’re retconning the first season, which was actually really good.

  7. I’d be pissed too.

  8. You know, I always thought it was slightly ambigous as to whether Sylar or the anuerysm killed Charlie in the end.

  9. Did Sylar shave on the way back to the diner?

  10. Telekinesis is awesome, man.

  11. Well, that explains how Sylar got to Texas from, like, Nebraska in one day.

  12. That’s just sad.

  13. Little Sunshine on the Spotless Mind there.

  14. Thats one way of dealing with rejection.

  15. Very strong Hiro episode. I am pleasantly surprised.

  16. I do like the symmetry of Hiro being selfish in saving Charlie and Noah being selfless in thinking about his love for his family. I do like how they are focussing on fewer stories this year and the background stuff on Noah has been really good.

  17. So far this season, Heroes has found some legs again in my mind. Its still not season 1, but it feels… closer to right. Structure, symmetry, stronger character rather than cariacature.

  18. "Why would you do that?"
    "Because this your story needs conflict and our writers aren’t great at this stuff."

  19. This is a rollercoaster episode. Conor is missing a good one right now.

  20. Come on, Hiro is totally suspectible to that kind of manipulation. His naivete, his honor. Easily tricked and prone to believe people.

  21. YES! Mohinder is dead!

  22. Eh, Mohinder will probably be alive once Hiro fixes things.

    I do have to say this season is getting stronger and stronger and this one was a stand out. That one brief scene with Hiro and Noah really makes me wish they had more together. I also think Robert Knepper is completely stealing the show as the head of the carnival.

  23. I will admit, I only caught the last 15 minutes of the episode, so that may have colored my view of Samuel showing up at the end.

  24. Was that a new actor playing Isaac Mendez? And who was the blonde chick partner of Noah? She seemed to have the Haitian’s powers, is she also a shape-shifter who usually takes the form of the Haitian then?


  25. It’s the same guy playing Issac, but I felt like he lost his character while he wasn’t part of the show.


    I really dug this episode, despite the fact that Hiro is constantly breaking the oe rule he so hates to break. If he was Batman, he’d be mowing down villains with a gatling gun.

  26. This was really strong.  I figured that I would fade out about 3 episodes into this season after seeing that it was going to be like the last couple of seasons.  I am very glad to be wrong.  I think that Quinto is now even better at playing really evil Sylar than he was then.

    Damn shame that we are getting Mohinder back, but maybe his character will be reinvigorated and have a point now.