Heroes – S04E07 – Strange Attractors

Volume Five: Redemption

Tonight’s episode – Strange Attractors

I blazed through the last two episodes to get current for tonight and all I remember from watching is that Claire is reluctantly pledging a sorority and Sylar is now a carny. Two sides of the same coin?

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’m back!

  2. I’d be fine if we just focused on the Claire and Sylar storylines. At this point, they are the most interesting (and they’re related). Although the stuff with Hiro and Peter and the deaf women was kind of sweet last week.

  3. Haha! Not a great way of editing that, I really thought Parkman was just getting boned by Sylar.

  4. This is the most screwed up threesome ever.

  5. Sylar in Parkman’s head has been one of the best parts of this season.

  6. Welcome back Conor. We missed you.

  7. I’ve missed Parkman’s story the last two weeks.

  8. Small town sheriffs. One of the classic go-to movie and TV villains.

  9. Southern law officers are so rarely portrayed with any mercy these days… I’m not complaining, just an observation.

  10. Don’t climb into bed with her, HRG…figuratively.

  11. This small town don’t cotton to outsiders.

  12. Police in general, really. Unless its NYPD.

  13. Literally is okay though.

  14. That dorm room is HUGE!

  15. I’m still waiting for Grethen to punch Claire in the face and steal her manuscript.

  16. In fairness to small towns. Generally most people know one another, or at least of one another. When a stranger comes in and claims to be a close framily friend about the time two folks die… you get suspicious.

  17. conor – Haha, if that Californication scene was recreated it would probably acheive the ratings boost that the "kiss" was going for.

  18. How do sorority girl kidnappers break into locked dorm rooms? Has anyone ever investgated the role that maintenance people and/or RAs play in all of this breaking and entering?

  19. Apparently you didn’t know the soroity girls I did in college.

  20. Do they realize that they’re as audible from the trunk as they would be in the back seat? (To those in the back seat at least)

  21. Gretchen is like the pushiest (potential) girlfriend ever.

  22. the black chick dies first.

  23. "Save Kurt Cobain Jr. Save the world"

  24. Aaaaaand HRG creates another super powered villain.


  25. Black chick is the bad guy. Did you miss last week?


  26. Parkman is going to take a drill to his temple.

  27. Again, like Claifornication, everything that Gretchen says seemingly oozes of sexiness and sassiness. I wonder if that’s why she was chosen???

  28. @zombox the defensless token black chick.

  29. I’m sure it’s been pointed out in the 4 years of this show, but Sylar = this guy from an anime my friend showed me.

  30. Gretchen oozes neediness and borderline sociopathy.

  31. I wonder when we get to expore Clair nd her roommate’s relationship a little closer.

  32. @zombox – in her case…the same thing.

  33. That boy ain’t right!

  34. This guy is the closest this show has had to a Magneto so far. Ridiculous accent aside, it’s working.

  35. more like the Waco compound

  36. @conor – I use to think that Peter and Nathan’s dad was like Magneto, but that didn’t last long, so I hope this guy’s story is a little more compelling.

  37. @mcbaker: Nah, he wasn’t Magneto enough… there wasn’t a lot of grey in his character.

  38. Jay Leno…super villain and killer of primetime and actually trying to make good shows.

  39. I hated Arthur Petrelli.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t care at all about carny guy. I just accidentally walked away from the TV. 

  40. Well there’s good Magneto and there’s bad Magneto. I’m curious which he will be.

  41. That is the shittiest come on in history.

  42. @captbastrd: Interesting. I thought Arthur Petrelli was the best thing to ever happen to this show.

  43. I can’t decide if this Claire storyline is supposed to be suspenseful and/or scary.It’s neither so far.

  44. Is Heroes purposefully recreating elements/personalities more of the Marvel side of things, or just a coincidence?

  45. I think Claire is this season’s Hiro.

  46. @conor – And I agree about Arthur, but he was "offed" more quickly than I liked, and that’s why I hope there will be a satisfying conclusion for the carny.

  47. Syler just likes to mind mess with people.

  48. @mcbaker: As with most super hero stories, it’s hard to not ape things from DC and Marvel.

  49. @conor
    He had all the umph and … badassness (I can’t think of the right word) of, oddly enough, my friend’s dad. Most of the physical actions he did took place on the back of the grey-wigged head of a stunt man.

  50. @captbastrd: I disagre. I thought he was entertainingly evil. He had a real force of personality. As for stuntmen, so what? They all have stuntmen.

  51. Arthur had something better than all their other villains. He had real, powerful emotional ties.

  52. @conor – I guess, but maybe it’s the "street level-ness" of both Heroes and Marvel, that it seems to favor that company. I can’t place my finger on it, but just wanted to throw that out there.

  53. How can he have emotional ties if he never once showed any emotion?

  54. @conor
    True, but I specifically remember a stuntman coming in for him to do something as simple as grab someone’s head.

  55. Now where is Mohinder?

  56. He brought out a lot of character in Peter and Nathan and Angela. Among others.

  57. Drink to make your troubles go away!

  58. @captbastrd: I think we watched a different show than you did.

  59. @azteclos Hopefully gone forever.

  60. Mohinder can’t call you back, Parkman. He’s too busy being super handsome.

  61. now i know how to stop the voices in my head.

  62. Your leash is to become an raging alkie? Good call Parkman! That won’t wreck your marriage.

  63. I hope Mohinder doesn’t come back.

  64. Syler defeated by Jim Bean.

  65. @zombox: Traditionally, that’s how people have kept their demons at bay. It just so happens that Parkman’s demon is more corporeal than others’.

  66. Mohinder hasn’t been shown this season, has he? I know Matt and Peter have both mentioned him, but is he waiting to be some big payoff?

  67. has mohinder even showed up this season?

    @conor that refrecing Mohinder turning into the fly right?

  68. Ah, beer. The solution to an cause of all of life’s problems.

  69. Eh, I know I’m in the minority, but I just couldn’t stand him. He’s part of the reason I stopped watching.

  70. Burn the witch!

  71. Slow motion, the dramatic crutch.

  72. The only thing worse than not having HRG try to save your life is to have HRG try to save your life.

  73. Is just me or has the show flip flopped Hiro’s storyline to being less desired, last season, to rather compelling and missed, this season?

  74. @mcbaker: I feel iike the less Hiro the better. Not "No Hiro" just "A Little Hiro."

  75. Is Syler pretending to be in pain?

  76. my godthe car drag, seems so over the top.

  77. It’s a shame, because at this rate, we’ll never get the badass Hiro of the future.

    Sylar’s a lightweight (this coming from someone who’s practically straight edge)

  78. I had forgotten Matt was using Alcholism as a cover. This will look bad.

  79. @bigyanks Reminds me of an issue of Ultimate X-Men a few years ago


  81. Wouldn’t one o’ them dangling hooks work a lot better than choking her?

  82. I guess one of those useless girls will grow up to be Spider-Man now.

  83. Wow.

  84. Does Claire stil stay in contact with the Haitian?

  85. Great, are we gonna be stuck w/ "omigod" girl and her attractive black friend? Oh wait, not all bad.

    AAAAGH! That’s grisly!!


  86. That was an unexpected ending.

  87. wow thats some fucked up shit.

  88. Little indifferent to tonight’s episode, gotta be honest. Too much Claire.

  89. Is it gonna be in Heroes nature to kill of those with too much power, minus Peter and Sylar???

  90. Wow HRG worst first date ever.

  91. Weird how HRG can take down government elements, no proble, but small towns and their local sheriff’s office nailed him, badly.

  92. @mcbaker
    I was about to say "Hiro, too" but he’s dying of something, isn’t he?

    I think we just had a Prof. X/Magneto moment w/ HRG & whatserface (I can’t remember what her name is after Nikki)

  93. Sylar is like herpes.

  94. And Parkman just evil laughed…

  95. Syler pulls a quick one.

  96. Have to say, saw that coming but it was pretty fulfilling none the less.

  97. @captbastrd: Tracy.

  98. wow didnt see that twist with parkman.

  99. Yup, there’s your "Magneto" moment.

  100. Bringing down the house.

  101. Hmm, guess carny guy is Magneto.

  102. Samuel is definitely the Magento of the show.

  103. Hiro helps Syler?

  104. Next week’s episode looks great!

  105. He’s even got a controller-style power.

  106. And a flowy article of clothing.

  107. Yea. I’m with Conor on that one. samuel is Magneto. He does very bad things, but for the right reasons.

  108. This has nothing to do with Heroes but Comics were a pretty big part of tonight’s episode of Castle. There was even a Frank Miller name drop.