Heroes – S04E06 – Tabula Rasa

Volume Five: Redemption

I’m still a week behind, so you all are on your own tonight.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Every genre television series must have an episode titled "Tabula Rasa." It’s the rules. 

  2. @Paul I was just thinking that I have seen that title a lot. Thanks for laying out one of the rules.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    To name a few: Buffy, Lost, Stargate Atlantis, Law & Order, JLU, Criminal Minds…

  4. In fairness. Heroes could use a bit of a clean slate. Also,I think thatr’s indicative of the fact that most genre shows usually back themselves into corners they can’t write out of.

  5. Also, evening Paul.

  6. Berserker sighting. That Milo’s book.

  7. "Did you send a cello to my house?" I love that you ask an EMT that question.

  8. Sylar the carnie… A whole new evil.

  9. I like the guy who plays the "earth-bending" carnie leader…also, Ray Park having a speaking role.

  10. I like the idea of everyone coming together to save Hiro. Its nice to see plotlines converging.

  11. Umm, couldn’t Claire’s blood be a healing tool, or are we supposed to just forget that???

  12. That’s sp two seasons ago mcbaker!

  13. The Haitian’s opposite. He gives memories back!

  14. night everyone. this epi is already better than the last 3 combined.

  15. Evenin Boutux.

  16. To give life or death…that power would probably drive anyone insane.

  17. Sylar looks too weird with the longer hair and split bangs.

  18. poor acting there by zachary

  19. @mcbaker Emo-Sylar!!!

  20. @JesTr – That’s probably it, haha.

  21. How old is that kid suppose to be? His voice is cracking something fierce.


    @mcbaker That’s pretty much the power I wish for every day.

  23. That was dumb as hell Peter.

  24. awesome, he stop time but just too late

  25. Well, speaking of emo…I’m going to take a guess and say that the kid’s emotional state is the fuel to whether he heals or kills.

  26. Peter could have just teleported behind and stole his power.

  27. @JesTr – Except that they don’t know how that power works yet, so it might not work right for him.

  28. Called it!…think happy thoughts, boy.

  29. I like Hiro this season. They are finally using his wonderment and geniality properly.

  30. and if he touches him he will lose teleportation and time control


  31. About as subtle as a sledgehammer on glass run through an amp at midnight.

  32. Emo kid, I don’t need.

  33. No! Ernie!

  34. Does Ernie ever play a likeable character?

  35. @Jestr Ghostbusters.

  36. Well, that was an okay episode all in all. I’m not a fan of emo boy.

  37. i heart sylar. even emo sylar

  38. Anyone else catch the Arrested Development style sign cover up with Hiro’s head making the sign appear to say, "RAGE"? Or am I just looking into it too far?

    Nice straw hat, Sylar. 

  39. And the FOZ poster on the posters at the end, for Foz McDermott, the assistant to the executive producer?

  40. So, Peter now has powers over healing and killing, which are taken from Elixir, who, in turn, took his powers from the leader of ‘X-Men 2099.  If they had just looked for a healer like Linderman, it would have been adequate.

    Now that my bitch about the episode is out of the way, I liked a majority of it.  I like what they are doing with T-Bag and Spock and how they will have them play off each other.  I guess the love triangle is a required element.  Killing a cop could certainly progress the carnie storyline forward in a good manner, in that they will now be hunted, especially since he was invited to go to the carnival.

    Bonus:  We now know how to kill Claire.  We just go to Weapon X and get some of those cancer tipped bullets that they shot Wolvie with and she is done.  So that’s nice.

  41. Why didn’t peter just teleport the kid to the hospital to fix hero?