Heroes – S04E05 – Hysterical Blindness

Volume Five: Redemption

The ratings might be in the toilet (last week’s show was the least watched episode ever, but the quality has stayed high, so they can be proud of that. I guess.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc…

… which I will dutifully read when I return from my vacation.


  1. last episode brout this season around for me

  2. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how not horrible this show has been so far this season.

  3. Evening lads.

  4. I wish they streamed this live over the net so I could join in the fun.

  5. nite nite



  6. @tork, Thanks:)

  7. the season has been boring thus far, without sylar and matt there would be nothing in this show in 4 epis

  8. I’ve likeed this season a lot more than 2 & 3. Its not as enthralling as 1, but it seems to have a structure and goal.

  9. If this episode doesn’t grab me, I think I’ll be opting out.

  10. So I missed last weeks episode , can anyone tell me why sylar is in a jail?

  11. she had that flying guy bf, and the gills guy!

  12. I for one always fall for someone who is not only outside of my gender preference, but is conversationally obsessed with me.

  13. Best way to get people to do good things: offering the supposed possibility of their getting laid… even though that never ever ever ever ever never ever happens (at least in my experience).

  14. I’d be pissed if I lost speed for ‘seeing sounds.’

  15. Yay! Pete has a useless power!

  16. We are getting closer to her asking if she can wear Claire’s skin as clothes or something.

  17. @Devastron
    Considering it’s Claire, she could do just that and Claire’d be just fine.

  18. Oh Sylar and his time pieces!

  19. This couple bought to you by LCD. LCD for the better things in life, take as directed.

  20. "So people can fly and read minds and I’m basically playing catch-up to your every day 5-sensers?!"

  21. hahaha gretchen!

  22. @zombox it wont be so useless when he playing and instrument releasing the anti-life equation.

  23. the box looks awsome.

  24. yep i’m still bored.


  25. MMm. Anti-life equation.


  26. single. white. female.


  28. Why doesn’t that ever work for me? I admit to stalking and all I get is a restraining order and a beating from the cops.

  29. oh right, this is intersting.

  30. I even claim that an invisible sorority girl is the one who’s making all of my stalkery behaviors look even worse and I don’t get a sensual/awkward kiss!

  31. Single black female?

  32. what the hell is happening to heroes. my favorite show is sucking worse than reality shows right now.

  33. lol. i think it obvious he saw sylar on her ack, im waiting for the episode on how circus dude knows everyone.

  34. "See what all the trauma’s about"? Really? Did they run out of advertising slogans?

  35. Invisible girl plot is actually kind of awesome.


  37. "I always play a cop!! AAAARRRRGH!"*BLAM* *BLAMBLAM*

  38. Oh shit! She found a use for it!

  39. i was cose with the anti-life equation?

  40. Look, she’s Dazzler!

  41. Does Sylar have Ultimate Peter Parker hair?

  42. So, the deaf chick is Dazzler? Nice.

  43. I disagree, Hiro.

  44. Well, that episode was kind of mediocre. But its a ‘middle’episode and it had a lot of the deaf chick, whom we don’t know are it will take a lot of time to warm up to.


  45. ok next wk’s epi looks more evidentful than the last 5 put together


  46. can they redeem sylar and finally make him a character people wanna gve a shit about?

  47. Deaf girls is like a technicolor Klaw.

  48. I don’t want Sylar redeemed. I want him vicious.

  49. I give a shit about Sylar! Hes the main draw card for me.

    If only the first 25 minutes were as good as the last 15.

  50. @boutux i have a feeling we gonna get a bait and switch episode and we not gonna learn shit, cuz if sylar does get his memory back then what the point of sylar in parkman? unless parkman has evil sylar in his head?

  51. hey i give a shit about sylar. right now he is the only one i give a shit about. well him and matt. sylar is the one bad guy i hope they never redeem cuz he is awesomely evil.

  52. well how many times they gonna play the "we tamed sylar, jk hes back" plot line?

  53. Sooo, does the deaf girl have to carry a cello around with her if she wants to be useful? Also, why does she even have a random cello?