Heroes – S04E03 – Ink

Volume Five: Redemption

Just what the heck is tonight’s episode titled?? TV.com says “Acceptance”, all the YouTube promos say “Ink”, and my DVR says it is “Epic Fail”. Someone needs to get their act together. And it’s probably me.

(NBC says it’s “Ink”, and I suppose they would be the ones who would know, so I’m going with that)

Last week’s ratings for Heroes was down about 40% from the season premiere from the year before, but what no one seems to be reporting is that it was about on par for the last season finale. The more troubling fact was that there was a big drop in viewership between the first and second hours: 6.27 million people tuned in for the first hour and only 5.77 for the second hour.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Cant wait for tonights episode, last weeks was great. However, I cant seem to remember what happened with Suresh at the end of last season, and he wasnt mentioned at all last week. Did he die or something and I just dont remember?

  2. You guys and gals are on your own tonight. Make me proud.

  3. Cant wait for tonights episode

  4. THAT’S his power?

  5. Yeah, Samuel’s pretty much LeVar Burton from Captain Planet.

  6. So what exactly is this guys power? Im not quite sure up to this point.

  7. That double cut away irks me as an amateur video editor.

  8. Yeah, I wasn’t clear as to what the chick does (just interprets the ink into future visions?) and what he does (controls…ink?).

  9. I’m really excited with where Parkman’s story is going. The Parkman/Sylar dynamic is great.

  10. I’m guessing the chick’s "ink" is dirt that he can control.

  11. Police protocol: Wear slick aviator glasses before kicking in doors.

  12. Sylar’s funny.

  13. I love the manipulation.  Sylar’s much more effective in that way than actually having to use any power.

  14. captbastrd:  That and have The Who standing by when you make a quip.

  15. @ThePunisherMAX: Parkman/Sylar = good cop/bad cop.

  16. I love how a McDonald’s commercial just featured a carrot when I’m almost positive they don’t serve anything with carrots. Especially the egg McWhatever they were advertising… goddamn I need a DVR.

  17. @Genghis
    Only in Miami.

  18. Claire’s a horrible liar.

  19. OH! I missed the part last week due to a long phone call; I thought it was a random person that took a sidewalk dive.

  20. @genghis yeah, I think Sylars better like this than he was last season.

  21. Claire is like a freak magnet!

  22. Sylar being able to directly interact with a character without posing a physical threat to the character was a really good idea by the writers. I’m glad they did that.

  23. Is it okay to think she’s kinda hot, now that she’s finally in college, haha?

  24. Claire, "Daddy would you kill her for me? She knows"

  25. They need Jack Bauer for this scene.

  26. HRG seemed kind of oblivious for a company man.

  27. I definitely should’ve checked up on this during the week, but seriously, did they get a whole new writing staff who know how to write witty dialogue?

  28. @mcbaker
    She’s got a thing for older guys, as evident by her… and now my comment is in a different context when they introduce child prostitution/whatever Sylar’s referring to.

  29. Was that Snake from The Simpsons they caught?

  30. @mcbaker Lol. Looked like him.

  31. @captbastrd so does her room mate…well if they are famous, sex fiend writers that look like Moulder. Maybe that’s why they connect?

  32. "I know every airplane pilots in the world and you’re not one of them!"

  33. Yes, I not only just shamefully quoted Family Guy, but I butchered the line to boot.

  34. They’re really just trying to make liveblogging difficult, aren’t they?

  35. Seeing sound as color is… common?  Bwa?

  36. I like the potential for a deaf character.  Its neat.


  37. "Don’t make the stink face!" Heh.

  38. I kind of like the deaf lady already, and she’s cute to boot.

  39. Peter needs to get that power that tells him when people are lying to him.  Then we could avoid yet another long story arc that involves people manipulating him.
  40. @Tork
    I really wanted to mess with you just there and say that everyone sees that way.

  41. Matt needs to put a phone to his ear when Sylar’s talking to him.

  42. How does Sylar pick up the rabbit?

  43. @Tork: He could just get one of those annoying bluetooth ear pieces.

  44. It’s go with the douche shades.

  45. I am loving syler this season

  46. I wonder how often HRG calls the Hatian. Like, he accidentally goes outside to get the paper in the boxers that the fly can’t close, the old lady across the street sees too much… "Hey, I’m gonna need you to come over…"

  47. Sylar the co-dependent enabler.

  48. That’s always been the most annoying thing about Parkman; he doesn’t think things through so he can make the most of a situation whether it concerns his power or just not looking like a nut in front of others…

  49. Well, that’s going to suck for Matt.

  50. Why would you think to trust Sylar anyway?

  51. Hey I like that.  He can control ink, so he can manipulate anything printed.  Nice!
  52. The ink guy has reverse-Greg Land powers!

  53. That guy uses dirt like it was duct tape.  How in the heck do you even do that?

  54. Sorry, Sprint; not gonna happen.

  55. I dont neccesarily like that whole thing with Sylar manipulating his powers. I would prefer if Sylar was just kind of a passenger to the ride.

  56. @ThePunisherMAX: Ha Parkman now has a dark passenger like Dexter.

  57. @Jay Leno

  58. captbastrd:  LOL

    On the cool though, I’m sure there’s been countless discussion of these sorts of scenarios wherein "how would I react if I suddenly started developing ‘powers’?"  Obviously, I’d hide away somewhere and fully develop them.  I mean test out every permutation of them and practice the use of them until it’s second nature.  I mean these people on the show live in a world where there’s comic books.  They don’t think of this crap?

    That’s the one of the cool things about getting a new writer/artist team on a book; new permutations of pre-existing powers. 

  59. Claire’s secondary power: the ability to placer her foot in her mouth.

  60. What did they call her?  What Gretchen?

  61. Wow, Claire you dress like that to go eat with your father?…Isn’t it to early for a filler episode?

  62. @Genghis
    Retchin’, as in to vomit.

  63. Ah, ironic dialogue!

  64. Peter Petrelli is really becoming Peter Parker….

  65. The problem with Claire is her total lack of hips.  It’s the downfall of every gymnast.  What guy is attracted to a 12 year old boy’s body?  *cringes at possible answer to his rhetorical comment*

  66. Well, he did have those Spider-powers in the premire.

  67. Her superhero ability is to be able to point out to others that sound has occured. The rest of our heroes will act like this is helpful in order to not appear to be rude.

  68. "Bitch! Get off my cello!!"

  69. And how is this power useful?  Does it just make her a musical prodigy?

  70. It’d be funny if they thought "God, that lady’s violin playing is awful!"

  71. And does Peter have to actively concentrate to gain a power?  Or can he now manipulate ink and see sounds as color?

  72. I think they’re working off the Grant Morrison New X-Men idea that not every power is conducive to crime fighting.

  73. I smell this season’s romantic foil.

  74. I really hope she and Peter don’t hook up for her sake.  She’ll end up shot, stuck in a defunct dystopian future or something else.

  75. Ok so her powers are speaking to aliens like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

  76. @Genghis
    I’m thinking that’s how he’ll find out that Ink Man is a baddy; he’ll do some inky stuff, and go, "Waitaminute!!"

    Oh, they’re bringing back 3rd Watch…

  77. "I’mma ink the shit out of them! That’ll show ’em!"

  78. Damn, I’m missing out on 85% of the college experience.

  79. As am I

  80. Am I the only one sensing an odd sexual subtext to this scene?

  81. Naturally I’m totally suspicious of this Gretchen chick.

  82. Is this turning into a porn???

  83. Nobody ruin it for Tork!

  84. @JesTr a really freaky one.

  85. I wish HRG took more cues from Batman….don’t get soft

  86. Bowchickawowchi- Aw, they ended the scene before I could unzi-…

  87. That’s bad. So very bad.

  88. Holy crapamoley.
  89. I know, I couldn’t pass it up.

  90. That’s not a sin hole, that’s a fucking nuclear holocaust.

  91. Ooh, Parkman abusing his power. i like it.

  92. i dont like gretchen, the lesbian, needy vibe is overated


  93. How the hell does ink do that?

  94. And that voice over is all we get from Hiro.

  95. That was… random…

  96. what is an N-path?


  97. Nice.  Looking good for next week.  Later all.

  98. Oh, nothing to be afraid of he just manipulates ink….Oh crap, he was telling the truth about his earth based powers!

  99. @boutux
    If by "overrated" you mean "arousing"… why do I keep digging myself deeper? I wasn’t even paying that much attention to the scene!

  100. Yea, Boutux. None of us like Gretchen very much. Most of think she’s a villain.

  101. @Tork: Non-combat powers were around in the x-verse before Morrison; see Cypher of the New Mutants.

  102. "Epic Fail" was the title of the House episode that aired last night at the same time.  Your DVR must have been confused as to which channel it was watching.

  103. Zachary Quinto is too good an actor for TV.

    Still enjoying the lack of screen presence of Mohinder.

    If Panatierre (sp?) wasn’t so hot I would just fast-forward through all of her scenes.

    T-bag is a really good actor (the head carnie)

    Why does Peter’s character get to grow in every way except his niavity? (sp-again)

  104. @MisterJ: What does that mean, "too good an actor for TV"? Some of the best actors/acting is on TV.

  105. @Conor-It is just a reflection of him being able to use his skills/talent/whatever to a greater monetary advantage to himself by being solely in movies, as opposed to having the limited schedule that remaining on television gives him.  He has shown range and charisma or ‘on screen presence,’ and he (so far) does not seem to be a one-note type of actor, not that that has stopped plenty of movie actors from being successful. 

    Further, remaining on TV, especially in this role, can lead to two problems for his future.  The first is type-casting, he is on a show that is linked to a specific genre with him playing the villian.  For example, can you see Anthony Edwards anymore without first actively removing Dr. Mark Greene from your conscious?  The second is an internal problem, and that is complacency.  Inhabiting a role for so long that your ‘acting muscles’ atrophy.  There is no way to demonstrate this objectively, but I would still argue that it exists.

    Were I him, I would attempt to get the most advantage (monetarily) out of my talents by using the same skills for a better rate.

    But if that is not his choice, and he prefers the episodic format that Heroes allows, that’s fine.

  106. @MisterJ: Am I understanding your point that television actors are "one-note type of actors"?

  107. @Conor-No, I am saying that there are one-note type of actors (Matthew Perry comes to mind), and that Quinto does not seem to be one of them. So, he is not going to be limited by that aspect.


  108. @MisterJ: There are just as many one-note actors in film as there are in television.

  109. Yeah, and I said exactly that above.

    When I said it, I was making the point that he does not seem to be subject to this limitation.

  110. Jeez Conor, quit picking a fight.

  111. Something big needs to happen, we need a reveal that shakes things up, the "death" at the end of last season doesn’t feel…… big enough, this season felt like it was starting off with a bang, but it feels like it’s (sooner rather than later) going to run a gauntlet of mediocrity, nothing REALLY happened this episode (felt like saying issue) that couldn’t have been said in 2 or 3 much smaller scenes. Luckily only a week for it to continue, but this needs more steam…. also, (not this ep.) Hiro’s nose bleeding? how on earth did he survive years and become super time controlling samurai after the big bomb went off if he’s going to "DIE" from using his powers now…. BAH! Chaining powerful characters down is annoying, just write bigger bad guys or give them a weakness at the start.


    Need to see where this Carnivalhood of "Evil" is going, quicker story progression PLEASE, otherwise, I’m actually enjoying the 4th season so far.

  112. @JonSamuelson: I’m not picking any fights. I’m having a discussion as this is a discussion-based website.

    I finally saw this episode. It was great. Best one in a long time.