Heroes – S03E16 – Building 26

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: Building 26

Heroes has been kicking ass and taking names so far in Volume Four, with the strongest batch of episodes since season one. Apparently someone at the show remembered that this show is supposed to be exciting and fun and they’ve brought those two elements back to the show in a big way.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. hello everyone. 15 mins til its time. Chuck is good though!!

  2. I dropped the show with the end of last half season. Am I wrong for doing this?

  3. @NGSmike; about Chuck of Heroes?? cuz now Heroes is getting better and Chuck has always been awesome

  4. I’m so excited for this episode, Watching House now instead of Chuck, Im boycotting it because of the 3d episode.

  5. @Scarletspeedster: awwww 🙁

  6. @rayclark- By boycotting it I mean taking in there advertising, I still love the show so ill watch it recorded and speed through the ads. 🙂

  7. @Scarletspeedster: YES THANK YOU!!!! do you do the same for Heroes??

  8. ITS TIME!!

  9. hello boys


  10. Here we go.

  11. I like Claire’s mom being naive again.

  12. mr muggles is still alive??

  13. The sound of Claire’s phone vibrating made me search for mine.

  14. claires mom just playing it like NOTHING happened at all

  15. Hello everyone.

  16. lol father/daughter college tour

  17. @rayclark: Didn’t the mom get her memory wiped?

  18. You better be there with a sharp no. 2 pencil or there is going to be hell to pay!  What a line!

  19. stay in school be cool

  20. Dammit, the vibration SFX got me again.

  21. who is rebel?


  22. Comic shop!

  23. i think dogg the bounty hunter should be on the case

  24. A total Sylar fanboy.

  25. "Your dad’s in Kansas.  A town called Smallville."

  26. Someone has a death wish.


  27. LOL, literally!

  28. "Okay, technically I’m a serial killer!" – LOL

  29. Ok, technically I’m a serial killer.

  30. that look… i’m whoever your looking for…

  31. @conor: yea i believe that she did in the last season.

  32. Nice.  Nice awful comic book reader stereotypes.  Awesome.

  33. lol the whole girl in a comic book store thing

  34. Oh, BS, comic shops don’t get girls.  But awesome opening there.

  35. wayyy to ruin all of us like that Heroes TV show…COME ON

  36. maybe he was just looking for the spidey w/ obama on the cover

  37. hey i take offense. i’m a girl who loves comics


  38. That was super lame.

  39. @velvet: there have been 5 printings of that i htink he can find a copy somewhere lmao

  40. @conor: my mistake she didnt get her mind wiped Noahs just spinning more lies for her to believe

  41. What, is he deaf?

  42. @boutux: we know. apologies for Heroes being dumb towards you

  43. all that bagging and boarding for nothing

  44. "hey guys, can we just pretend that my daughter’s not involved? …greeeeeat…"

  45. stop a wedding…thats not a good idea Hiro

  46. That’s a bold statement from a total stranger.

  47. Having just seen SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, this is quite a jarring change in portrayals of India.

  48. Hiro jealous of Ando, I love it!

  49. wait…where’d wedding lady come from?

  50. Doesn’t feel so good being the bitch now does it, Hiro?

  51. @conor: shoulda watched cbs news tonight that was a portrayal of India. didnt know that Indians didnt think highly of that movie…really made me upset.

  52. How did they even get to India? Also, Ando destinyblocking Hiro, lol.

  53. Ugh, Moira Kelly!  Stay away from here, Mandy!

  54. jeph loeb exec producer?  i thought he was fired…

  55. my moneys on nathan showing that girl his powers to prove powers are real

  56. This is the best relationship on the show!  Sylar and his sidekick!

  57. @Superyan: TV shoots way ahead of what you see on screen (especially in a show like this with so much FX) so Loeb and Alexander are going to be in the credits for a while.

  58. rosebud

  59. sylars having a moment. "luke you really have to stop being my friend or im going to have to kill you"

  60. sold his son for money…whoa

  61. Tracy = mysteriously dissapearance/ liquadation.

  62. so far this epi isnt as hot as last wk’s.

  63. i hate tracy so much i want niki/jessica back

  64. Being sold for cash by his father explains a lot about Sylar.

  65. Aquaman!

  66. Ha Arthur Curry joins the show.

  67. aquaman power

  68. "Hey, let’s have this converation right in front of a surveillance camera."

  69. he’s the vincent chase aquaman

  70. i hope not. that is a chick car if there ever was one

  71. ando is macking it like crazy

  72. I don’t buy Claire being this savy.

  73. ando completely pwned hiro

  74. I think we’re still going to see that image happen with Hiro.

  75. hrg has gone from super badass to keystone cop-like this season.

  76. That was a FANTASTIC "pot hitting head" sound effect.  Good work, foley people.

  77. sylar looks like the kid is driving him nuts

  78. you really don’t get that Sylar’s going to kill you…don’t you?

  79. sylar is totally taking this kid under his wing

  80. Oh, please don’t cry, Sylar!

  81. sylar

    fave character

    by far

  82. dont kill luke!!


  84. Awesome. Kick some ass, Sylar and son.

  85. Why doesn’t he pull the trigger?  Smart kid, though!

  86. NO!! NOT LUKE

  87. worst get away car ever

  88. later luke!

  89. Leaving the kid at the diner?  THAT was fantastic.

  90. Bad@$$! 

  91. hes gonna go back i think

  92. sylar sold the kid out


  93. Just Sylar, apparently.

  94. I love how everytime they make us think they’ve made Sylar soft he does something like that.

  95. So long sidekick, lol. He was quickly becomming annoying anyway.

  96. sylar is my fave character. i still think hes gonna go back though.

  97. that my name is earl promo looks kick ass funny

  98. I laughed at the ER commercial.  Classic!

  99. the paintings still gonna come true i think. cuz now hiro gets to be in the ep

  100. danny glover as the father….freaking awesome

  101. And there was the painting.

  102. yea HIRO…and painting totally came true

  103. I would have loved had she said "no I don’t know what these crazy people keep talking about "

  104. the non-world ends paintings always happen

  105. claire is the ultimate form of teenage rebellion

  106. he got away from a swat team in a wood paneled station wagon!!!

  107. nathans totally showing her his powers or making tracy show her powers

  108. Man, they really DO need more funding.  Cheapo bolts.

  109. nathan says "these ppl" like he isnt one of them. what a disappointment he turned out to be

  110. called that one

  111. that was um no pun intended… cool!

  112. @boutux: agreed

  113. Why would she do that?

  114. That was the dumbest thing she could’ve done.  But then again, she’s dumb.

  115. Well, that was… cold.

    Thank you! I’ll be here all week!

  116. Moria Kelley is getting long in the tooth. Long indeed.

  117. save the tax payer save the world. lmao

  118. @tiavan: They’ve got her anyway and they aren’t letting her go.  So why not?

  119. That was a dumb scene. She froze him purely for plot purposes unless she is just really stupid and mean which she hasn’t really been.

  120. if she was gonna do the she had to go balls out and freeze everyone in that place. move quickly one touch and she can take as many of them out and try to get away. she didnt even try…lame.

  121. NOW she believes

  122. totally backed him up. the mom lives in a fantasy life…come on mom wise up

  123. "I’m really sorry you had to see that, but it was damn convenient for me."

  124. "And you should really stop believing him, Mom"

  125. claire stop causing trouble between your mom and dad

  126. @Devastron: Being incarcerated for the rest of your life can make you want to lash out at your captors.

  127. AwkWARD!!!!

  128. mom is NOT happy at all. they are gonna get a divorce or hes gonna hit her

  129. Why would he let you escape again when you already served his purpose?


  131. When the van is a-rockin’

  132. nice sylar save his protege


  133. they’re just now leaving the diner? what’d they stay around to have doughnuts instead of chasing sylar?

  134. Man, beaten to death with a laptop is not a dignified way to go.

  135. He woulda been more badass is he just woulda left him, but we’ll see what he has in store for the kid.

  136. damn

  137. Wow, Sylar came back.

  138. Damn, I was afraid he was gonna go save him.

    And as for her freezing that dude, didn’t she see her buddy from the DHS standing there? They seemed to make a point of them seeing each other. If she had just gotten captured she would have been rescued by her.

  139. I wish the kid would of just ignited all the bullets in the guns and saved himself. kind of setting him up to being a punk.

  140. if tracy knew what nathan was doing why did she do exactly what he expected her to do. ugh die tracy die. such a waste of a character.

  141. Those are some cool iphone apps.

  142. @Devastron: You don’t get rescued from places like that run by shady black ops units.  Not by bureaucrats.

  143. Boy, they sure didn’t waste much time seperating all the heroes again, did they?

  144. i think rebel might be wireless….

    wow hes moving out

  145. rebel = Daphne?…speedster tend not to die

  146. Hiro, what’s NOT a message from destiny?


    And do we think Rebel is someone we know? 

  147. HRG just got Leo McGarryed.

  148. wow that really got me

  149. yeah.HRG got kicked out,i wonder why out of all the Petrelli’s Claire is the smart one

  150. This is such a complex relationship between HRG and Claire.  I’m kinda digging it.

  151. sad HRG makes me sad…

  152. he should have asked for a hug

  153. It really is a great relationship.

  154. Nice cover, sylar.

  155. sylar really wants a sidekick thats why he went back….oh oh is that a half smile i see??

  156. @conor will he start drinking in Cuba?

  157. I love plot-sensitive radio.

  158. I love that that song was on!

  159. sylar cant handle being a hero. so funny to see

  160. That’s a nice twist.

  161. Nathan is living under like 14 layers of denial.  I love it.

  162. whoa…drugged??

  163. this hunter guy is quite intriguing,the whole letting Traci out on the sly just to get the lady to see Nathans point

  164. someone slipped him a mickey

  165. Oh, NICE!!!!

  166. WHOA!!!!!

  167. It’s a trap! Ha!

  168. And the heroes strike back

  169. Hahaha!  Awesome!  Heroes’ revenge!

    GREAT ending.

  170. OMG AN HRG EP!!!

  171. HRG’s going to kill a lot of people next week…

  172. HRG episode next week!  Awesome!!!

  173. whoa

  174. the best part of the epi was the end. what a way to end it. still say last wk was better.

  175. So in ohter wrds,next week Parkman is going to be Emma Frost,lol. I wonder what is inside HRG’s head

  176. That ending helped redeem a somewhat lackluster episode. Next week should be awesome.

  177. badass

  178. Next week looks fantastic.  Anytime you can focus on HRG and his motivations you’re in good shape, HEROES.

  179. I LOVE HRG EPS!!

  180. would love to stay and chat but i got work tomorrow. thanx for the fun boys. goodnite

  181. Well, the heroes are back to being all split up, but I don’t really hate any of the story lines, which is an improvement.  Sylar and his sidekick were the best part of the episode, but next week looks to be awesome.


    Who is Rebel?!?!?!? 

  182. @superchuck: Wait, didn’t you see the ending with Mohinder and parkman and Peter all togegther?  They only split up Hiro & Ando, and Claire.  But it seems like Rebel is going to bring them all back together.

  183. Why is this volume so much better?

  184. Well I’m glad to se that there are people in the government that are alarmed by what is going on. I like the new Aquaman, although we really don’t need any new heroes. Sylar’s story is being way stretched out, find his father allready! Oh and kill that kid, I hate him. Glad to see some actual things changing in the claire household, no haitian to make the bad things go away anymore. Much better then last week.

  185. @chrispcade: They are building tension with Sylar’s search for his father.  If he found him right away you would lose the moments of discovery that Sylar keeps having about his father.

  186. Great Episode, heroes seems to be right back on track.  The only thing that I wish we could see was More AndoCycle.

  187. I wish the episode had ended with the Talking Heads.. but oh well.  Otherwise, a pretty good episode.  Had good moments.  Still a pretty haphazard storyline though.  Ando and Hiro in India?  Pretty much just plain dumb. 

  188. This was a fucking fantastic episode, and like Conor said next week is looking to trump it with a Noahcentric episode.

  189. Wow, that’s tits!. I love the bad ass Claire, especially since she shill breaks down when her father is looking out for her. Now it begins, Mohinder, Parkman, Peter put things into motion, Loving it.


    Wouldnt be nice if the "Rebel" was Claude?

  190. I agree with the consensus that the episode was really good and I won’t rehash everything that people have pointed out.  But I was curious about something.

    Nathan’s team of people have said several times that they have frozen bank accounts and all aspects of the various Heroes lives….so how is it that Ando and Hiro can get out of the country on an airplane? They can catch people by watching them thru street traffic cams but someone can buy a ticket and leave the country without them knowing??


    No big deal just something I noticed.  But definitely another good episode.