Heroes – S03E12 – Our Father

Volume Three: Villains

Tonight’s episode: Our Father

Against all odds Heroes is on a ratings upswing. Three weeks in a row now the numbers have grown, however modestly. I’ve got an idea for a chart. You’ll see it next week.

In other good news for Heroes fans, rumors are flying all across the internet that former Heroes writer — and creator and executive producer of the excellent and prematurely canceled series Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies — Bryan Fuller has already signed a deal with NBC. Word is that we could be seeing his work on screen as early as episode 20 of the season. That’s exciting news, even if the pain from the Pushing Daisies cancellation still stings hard.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I didn’t care for Pushing Daisies but anything to help Heroes "get better" is good news

  2. Did the ratings go up because of Green/Meyers again? Cause they were in that episode much more then the previous. I’m going to join you guys on the live airing, so….get ready to blank me out. lol

  3. I’m excited.  This season has just kept getting better in my opinion.  Let’s hope that trend continues.

  4. Find the bike messenger -save the world?

  5. He’s playing Black and White Tetris on that thing

  6. "I don’t understand a word you’re saying" made me laugh outloud.

  7. haha gotta love language gaps

  8. ‘I am dying’

    Best Mother’s Day ever

  9. is this the first time we’ve heard about hiro’s mom?

  10. Poor Sulu.

  11. @anson – i think so

  12. @anson17 other than during her funeral in season 2 yeah

  13. Hiro’s mom is Chloe Sullivan!

  14. so she’s a healer… hmm. interesting.

  15. It seems like everyone has a healing ability these days

  16. oh.. my god… them saying the same thing… was sheer brilliance!


  17. the language thing was a great scene

  18. Where did he get the new list? is that elle’s phone?

  19. Hiro and Claire should team up more!

    Also, putting a 10 year old in charge of the kitchen is probably aa bad idea.

    ….Aaaaaaaaand that’s a lot of blood.

  20. Every fanboy in america is screaming right now 🙂


  21. sociopath

  22. aww elle. i kinda miss her already

  23. yes the badass is back

  24. Something good better come from killing one of the best characters.

  25. wats hiros fathers power

  26. having an incredibly low voice. obviously

  27. @Anson – Elle was never a regular, she wasn’t meant to be on the whole time.  They only signed Bell for a limited number of episodes.

  28. I think peter is going to become the next HRG.  He’s powerless and now he’s hunting supers.  He’ll never be that badass though.

  29. ‘You want me to kill him?’

    Best Father’s Day ever

  30. @ conor.  I know.  I just thought she was one of the most fun.

  31. They haven’t revealved Hiro’s father’s power yet.

  32. God i love the infinity pistols they use.

  33. kill everyone in that room

  34. come on arthur do it

  35. @cyber: everyone but arthur

  36. nathan has fascinating hair for a politician

  37. @tnc of course

  38. they’re really taking the um… initiative in this aren’t they.

  39. military soliders?

    Yeah I bet that will keep the world ‘safe’ nathan

  40. It’s Operation: Rebirth!


  42. war "heroes"…millar is pissed

  43. no no no breaking a law of time travel

  44. I dont know who’s more of a whiner: Baby Claire or Teenage Claire

    *rim shot*

  45. ok… changing your own diaper is almost as creepy as being your own father. Time paradoxes scare the hell outta me.

  46. This is the BACK TO THE FUTURE episode.  I hope Claire has to play lead guitar on "Johnny B. Goode" later.

  47. theres not ouching yourself in time travel

  48. "He’s very good at what he does…"  Am I just diggin too deep for the wolverine shout out???

  49. @ conor.  Glad someone else was thinking Back to the future.

  50. The past was much more sterile and pale back then.

    Oh and: ‘Special Delivery’ *cue porno music*

  51. woah… lie detector…

  52. "Got me… that’s a lie!" That might have been one of the creepiest faces that Sylar has ever made.

  53. if sylar and arthur dont fight at the end this arc was a waste

  54. wel… dem bitchez is dead.

  55. LMAO…Happy Birthday…cake!!!

  56. I imagine a human lie detector would constantly be going off.  Like, imagine being out at a bar on a Saturday night?  LIE LIE LIE MY HEAD AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  57. Mmmmm… cake!

  58. Would this be the first time Sylar has killed someone without superpowers? Cant remember.

    But that totally makes him more of a serial killer if he does kill those co-workers

  59. @TNC – He must have killed non-powered people.  Wasn’t he wiping out whole families in the pilot?

  60. Yeah he was.

  61. First pie, now cake hes just on a dessert binge.

  62. i just want something original to happen in heroes

  63. @conor: Pilot was so long ago….then again pilots rarely are in canon with shows. Usually they are prototypes and things arent recalled for that. Like I’m sure the stuff in CSI or Frasier’s pilot were reaccounted for in future episodes.

  64. he killed mollys mom and dad

  65. Maybe he’ll burn the place down 🙂

  66. who said they did not have powers

  67. ‘I like teleporting, less windy’

    Nice line.

  68. I am pretty sure that Sylar has killed people without powers.  I’d be surprised if he hasn’t.

  69. whoa just changed the channel. then i saw ando, speed chick, and parkman teleport. does ona them teleport?? i thought hiro does

  70. HAHAHAHA "How do you know that i know?"

  71. @smeeeeeee – They ran.  Daphne carried them.

  72. @ conor- ohh ok hence the hair comment.

  73. Hiro + cooking=Hilarity

    Come watch more of ‘Hiro’s Neighbors’ at 9pm!

  74. "THe light"  Now i’m curious.  I’m guessing its the catalyst, but who knows.

  75. ok… the double head thing, when they both dropped their heads.  That was perfect!

  76. he looks lke a whole different person without his glasses

  77. Oh, good catch.  They remembered to take the glasses off of him.  I woulda totally forgot.

  78. HRG’s wife is… kinda dumb.

  79. hrg = badass …love him

  80. Claire is really getting close to change the future here.

  81. I’m psyched for Claire vs. HRG.

  82. Awesome, comercials



    Xmen origins wolverine? 

  83. WAIT… did they just advertise the day the earth stood still as the only place to see the Wolverine trailer.  Wow. Its like advertising Crackdown as a way to get the Halo 3 beta key.  They’re really reaching now.

  84. what thats how bad they think the movie is that they are promotingthe wolverine trailer

  85. Heh, cool an actor from The 4400 for a storyline lifted right out of The 4400.

  86. Speaking of X-Men Origins: Wolverine….

    Has anyone seen the film stills on newsarama? Apparently Logan was part of D-Day in WWII.

    The shot of him getting out of the boat, with a long beard and hair…with a cigar…couldnt stop laughing.

  87. 30 Rock commercials always make me smile.

  88. Momma’s Boy executive produced by Ryan Seacreast?

    Ah now it makes more sense….what a terrible idea

  89. HRG is really rocking the sideways glance.

  90. shes creating her own past. everything she says she blames her father for the ;ast ten episodes

  91. God. I wish Panetierre could act.  I mean she’s not awful all the time, but scenes like this can be hard to take seriously when they’re so over dramatic.

  92. i made waffles


  93. Man, Hiro loooooves waffles.

  94. man hiro’s mom is hot

  95. @cyber: Last ten episodes? How about the last 3 seasons?


  97. my mommy, of couse i believe it.

  98. 🙁  sad moment

  99. According to Stephen Hawking, the universe should’ve imploded by now.

  100. I almost thought they were going to pull some Outer Limits stuff and then she would stop existing or something. That would’ve been crazy.

  101. oh she can "heal the scars" Didn’t that just happen to someone else, or am I thinking a different show or comic?

  102. Super Kiss

  103. Alright I can understand why Hiro needed to travel in time….but why Claire?

    Did we really need to see her interact with her family? That didnt seem needed

  104. Wow.  REally loving the Hiro/Mom scenes.  These are great.

  105. Serious how many times can this show contradict itself

  106. Hiro is back with a vengence!! I knew he’d end up with the catalyst.

  107. Hiro as tragic hero, I love it..its perfect

  108. Gah….now if he has the catalyst….wouldnt that mean this whole season can be erased until now?

    I mean, the last two episodes with Arthur trying to get Claire is pretty much out of continuity if you think about it.

  109. and he kills his mom

  110. did… he jsut go super saiyan?


    Apparently she can transfer genetic code as well as heal. Must be like Elixir from New X-men.  All biological functions are under her control.

  111. Daaaaaamn, that was good.  Poor Hiro.  Great stuff.

  112. Tom Cruise is a scientologist and a Nazi! Who would’ve thunk it?

  113. Hiro as a super saiyan would be better than that piece of junk movie coming out soon. All in favor?

  114. isnt the next volume called fugitive. I guess it will be a buddy comedy about hiro and peter on the run from president nathan

  115. @Champ.  I don’t think so.  They only thought she had the catalyst.  There was no real evidence to point to either of them, so I guess with suspension of a bit of disbelief it makes sense… sorta.

  116. @ champ. Oh wait, i was wrong.  Sylar saw it in claire.  He’s never opened up Hiro so they woulnd’t have known.  Don’t know if they woulda kept chasing Claire though.

  117. Hiro getting this light thing should mean everything is changed in the present….I mean Elle shouldnt be dead cause she wouldnt be since Claire doesnt have this thing in her.

    This is the part of the show where my brain starts to hurt

  118. can we subscribe to the multiple time lines theory?  That tends to make these things go away…

  119. @TNC – Not necessarily.  No one knew who had the catalyst.  Everyone assumed it was Claire.

  120. @TheNextChampion hence my Outer Limits reference.

  121. @Anson: exactely! Those scenes with Claire being chased, particularly with Sylar and Elle shouldnt occur now.

    If those two didnt try and find Claire; Noah wouldnt have told the truth to Sylar and in turn, Sylar wouldnt have killed Elle….Alright maybe he would’ve killed her down the road, but those scenes on the beach definitely shouldnt occur now.

  122. so is peter still powerless?

  123. @ Champ.  I don’t know.  I guess I’m willing to forgive because almost no fictional story involving time travel makes no sense once you start to think about it.  No reason I should hold this story to a different standard.

  124. oh no by by Hatian I will miss u when peter screws up and gets u killed

  125. elevator scene – hilarious

  126. @Conor: But Claire was the the catalyst! Noah was going to meet Hiro’s father again and he was gonna give the light to Claire….So now that he rejected the call and that Hiro’s mom gave her son the light….this plot point shouldnt have happened.

  127. "maybe this is just the cover to get people to buy it."


  128. @TNC – Did we see her get the catalyst?  Everyone just assumed it was her.


  130. OH SHIT!!!

  131. They never just kill eachother.  They just throw eachother off buildings and hope for the best.

  132. HOLY CRAP!

    Well I guess the arguement is voided now, since Arthur got it all along.

    Sorry for that…..btw, funny scene with Hiro at the end.

    Arthur is the biggest badass in tv now

  133. ok… now i see it all falling together.

  134. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this show needs to lay off the time travel.  Flash backs – good, time travel – needlessly muddles the plot.

  135. anyone else think that was the gem of Cytorrak?

  136. wait if Arthur got the catalyst 16 yrs ago..then he had it the whole time

  137. For the first time in like, two seasons, I am generally surprised and happy at what just happenend on the screen.

    I hope Arthur never dies or gets written off. He is a great villain

  138. here a brain tesaer wouldnt hiro still egt his pwers since he is still around when the eclipsed happens

  139. @paul.  I think that was "modern" arthur… or maybe I’m just really screwed up by the insane amount of time travel in this episode.

  140. when will shaft be back

  141. @anson…brain hurts- time travel, and I’m usually good at keeping up with this stuff

  142. How was Arthur supposed to get back to the past?  He didn’t have caked on makeup like Bennet’s wife, so I think that was the "present" Arthur.

  143. wow… that seemed like celebrating Pushing Daisies’ demise.

  144. Well something big has to happen in the next 5-6 minutes…cause the next episode says ‘after the showdown with arthur’….then again it could be a lie

  145. watch the spoilers champ. No matter how minor they may be.

  146. Peter and Haitian – kind of a bad ass team

  147. YES!


  149. Someone’s gonna pop out and shoot Mohinder after he injects the kid from THE 4400.

  150. here i when he scrrews up

  151. @paul.  Like i said earlier.  He’s gonna become the new HRG.  He even has the powered partner now.

  152. @conor and then nicki plz say nicki

  153. @ conor.  I hope so. Sick of him. period.

  154. Never let the reject show you what could happen with the formula

  155. shoot his ass

  156. Is he hulking out?

  157. THE SCAR!!!

  158. And he lets the bullet go


  159. oh fuck

  160. so the lying power.  What a huge deus ex machina.  Eh. it works though.




  161. NOOOOO!!!!!!


  162. Goodbye Arthur!



  164. KIll tracy!!!

  165. so… sylar 2.0? or is he actually gonna be a good guy.  Seems like an evil Captain America to me.

  166. They totally just made Evil Captain America.  Which I guess is another way of saying American Red Skull.

  167. GAH!


  168. Another excellent episode!

  169. sylar kills everyone best ending to this series

  170. Well the finale of this book should be really good.  I’m guessing the next ep. is the end of this book anyway.

  171. Except for the Parkman and friends thread, this one was firing on all cylinders.  I’m pretty sure that was the best one all season. 

  172. @conor i completely agree. sylar is back where i want him. peter is back too. whats next? im very excited to see where its going. i am thinking that the vol 4 FUGITIVES is where peter chooses the side against the ALL POWERFUL nathan

  173. Ep was good till they got to arthur then i hated it.




  174. ok well, enough screwing around for me.  I gotta get back to memorizing my monologue.  Catch you all next week for the "finale!" Wish me luck on my audition tomorrow.  Have a nice week.

  175. If I can say, for all the shit I have been giving to this series: This was a pretty great episode. Other then the stuff with Claire, it was actually the most fun I had with a Heroes episode in years.

    But still….I just cant say I will stick for the 4th volume. One episode is not gonna balance the god awful two seasons. Especially now that you killed off quite possibly the one of the best villains in tv in a long time. I still dont know why they had to kill Arthur. You couldve used him for at least another season. Make it like a cat and mouse game with him and Sylar. I would tun in to see that

  176. @Anson17 good luck dude, I have a scene to rehearse as well. Can’t wait for Bryan Fuller’s return as well.

  177. the catatlyst is gone. They only have enough to make the initiative guys

  178. sucked

     question is did Arthur really dead for good?

  179. @Tony: I really hope not, he was great….maybe he could swap bodies somehow…He has to be one of those guys that always has a contigency plan

  180. One of the better episodes this season, I thought the last few minutes was done really well.  I hope Arthur is really dead, he was kind of flat for me, his power should have been saying the line, "In your opinion."

  181. So…what happened to the Catalyst after Arthur died? It just…went away?


  182. Great episode.  I don’t care about about great characters being killed off if it makes for good drama.  I care about the season I’m watching not potential seasons that may or may not be good.  The time travel stuff wasn’t confusing to me at all.  Conor was right, nobody knew Claire was the catalyst.  It was Claire’s guess and it seemed to make sense to everyone.  Present Arthur travelled back in time and took it.

     The one thing I’m tired of in the series is Hiro trying to do the "heroic" thing which leads to a screw up.  He takes the formula out of the safe and it’s stolen by the Speedster.  Now the catalyst. 

  183. Loved tonight’s episode.

    As for Sylar killing normals: Besides his mother, albeit that was an accident, he killed a Company doctor (during his first escape), and a guy he picked up last season in Mexico.


    I’m certain there are other examples…

  184. Here’s something to wrap your brains around, if present Arthur stole the catalyst from present Hiro 16 years ago, wouldn’t that mean that the catalyst would be technically missing for 16 years? Wouldn’t that also mean that the people that got their powers two eclispes ago wouldn’t have them now since there was no catalyst available at the time of the eclipse?

  185. @Theoran: My brain!!!!!

    Yeah in this instantance, it’s best not to think about it. I mean if we didnt get the scene with Arthur getting the catalyst, then Hiro having it would definitely be a big problem for the show. We would’ve had a whole ‘What the hell is this with the Eclipse?’ problems that we had the last 2 episodes.

    Here’s something that’s bothered me too. After Arthur got shot, he glowed before fully dying. If that was the catalyst being released, wouldnt that make the new serum practically worthless now? Or is it just that sole batch that will make people with superpowers. It’s an interesting dilemma, too bad the series couldnt keep this quality for the entire season. If all of the previous 12 episodes had this much fun going for it, I would’ve stayed for another volume.

  186. A bit late, yes, but had to comment on the awesomeness of this episode!

    Also, life without Elle? Blissful. That chick had, like, seventeen personalities in there, vying to pretend to be a character. Was she a psycho masochist? A good girl in an eeeevil line of work? An anarchist? She couldn’t decide, and there seemed to be no motivation whatsoever for anything she did. Her death was like a sigh of relief.

    … hmm, that last part was a bit much, huh?

  187. Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news: But it looks like due to low ratings and the overall crappiness that is NBC…..Heroes might (key word there) be on he chopping block very soon.

    On newsarama they have an article where Universal Cheif Executive Jeff Zucker says, ‘can we continue to program 22 hours of primetime? our competitors doesnt’…’Can we afford to program for seven nights a week? ‘One of our competitors dont’

    Three shows are being looked at right now due to very poor ratings. My Own Worst Enemy (which is already been cancelled), Knight Rider, and Heroes.

    The rest of the article explains NBC’s finanacial trouble but it is sorta hinted out through out the peice. Heroes may well be cancelled if the ratings dont go up, or if NBC can get their money woes in check….I doubt either will be drastically changed.

  188. Ugh, looks like more crappy reality shows are in NBC’s future. Are the days of scripted shows close to an end. For me, the initial onslaught of reality TV shows 6-7 years ago drove me away from TV and made me look for other avenues of entertainment. Time to dust off the ol’ bookshelf again. Especially since they canceled Pushing Daisies. :'(

  189. Great episode although I’m really confused as to what happend in the showdown at the end. Since when do the Heroes have power levels? If Sylars abilities work, shouldn’t Arthurs as well. He can repel the bullet with his telekinesis, since he is "too powerful". Also the whole taking away of powers followed by giving back of powers is really confusing. Arthur took Adams power of healing. Meaning Arthur has the power to heal. Meaning Arthur should be ship shape next episode because he had his powers returned to him.

    Why does everyone think Arthurs dead?

    If they shot Claire at the end of the episode and she was lying on the floor you wouldn’t assume that she was dead would you? Obviously the Haitian wasn’t negating powers so…


  190. Just watched in NBC.com and I honestly hope Arthur’s dead as Dillenger. The character may be ok, but Robert Forster? Jeez, I can’t stand him. He has the forboding presence of your friend’s cranky dad. Half his dialogue during the minute (as in ‘small’ not time-wise) amount of action scenes he has is recorded in post and played over his shoulder. He’s terrible to watch and I cheered when he ate bullet.

    In general w/ this episode… I’m seeing why the ratings are slipping. That said, though, the Hiro & mommy scene was really great.

  191. @Ruo21: You know I never thought of that. If he does still have Adam’s powers, he shouldve healed right back up.

    Then again, maybe (like a zombie) once you take the brain out; all powers are gone. Sylar took apart Claire’s head, but he never totally destroied it….So it sorta makes sense.

  192. It seems like this would be the case, but I’m typically wrong with my ideas regarding heroes.

  193. I know this post is well late but just watched this episode today, wasn’t Peter told "one shot to the back of the head and it is done."  But Arthur was shot in the front, so will he just heal? 

  194. @kevmann16 – I don’t think they were speaking in literal terms, it was an expression denoting assassination.

  195. I think Arthur’s death and this season in general was to set up Nathan as the Lex Luthor of the show.  We’ve seen how Nathan’s been revealed as not a "real" meta and now he’s seen how people with powers are dangerous to people without them.  He seems to be developing that "non-metas deserve to not be ruled by metas" mentality Lex has.  At the same time, he sees how giving the right people powers can be beneficial.  And the formula plot seems to be pretty much the Everyman Project so there’s that.  And for Nathan to go Lex, Arthur was going to have to die.