Heroes – S03E05 – Angels and Monsters

Volume Three: Villains

Tonight’s episode – Angels and Monsters

The big reveal tonight is the identity of Peter, Nathan & Sylar’s father. My money based on the preview is on it being Robert Forster. I haven’t looked into it or read anything about this episode, but that’s my best guess. I hope it is. Forster is awesome.

Remember last week when I said that episode three was the lowest rated episode of Heroes ever? Well, good news — it is no longer the lowest rated episode of Heroes ever. Episode four is. Can episode five jettison even more viewers?! If things continue at this pace (and they won’t, it’s got to level off at some point) Heroes will be pulling in basic cable numbers by the end of the season, and then next year we won’t be spending our Monday nights together.

It’s too bad the numbers are down so much, this season has been really good, even if Heroes still lacks a unifying plot or direction for all the storylines. Also, as much as they said they weren’t going to keep everyone separate this year (and thus repeating the big mistake of season two), so far the characters have been, for the most part, in their own separate storylines.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. Red 5 checking in. I thnk Dad is a balder actor.

  2. Why losing so many viewers Heroes?  Whyyyyyyy? 

    Is good this season!  People are jerks.

    Although last weeks episode was probably my least favourite…

  3. Does anyone know if Sylar has all of his pre-virus stolen powers like freezing and melting, or did he only retain telekinisis.  I would think he would if the virus only repressed powers, but I’ve read he doesn’t.

  4. Not a fan of all the voiceovers.

  5. Losing viewers, because no more cheerleader outfits.  People are simple.

  6. Bubbles!

  7. Who thinks the drug dealer will appear next in a cocoon?

  8. I actually liked the voiceover coming from Nathan.

  9. Claire’s bio-mother better start actually using her power, otherwise its just a lighter.

  10. That was the funniest nterrogation ever. "Wait!" "I have a plan!"

  11. *interrogation

  12. I’m loving the fact that Mohinder has gotten 500 times more interesting year season.

  13. I love that black hole power that s..t is awsome

  14. I knew Sylar was going to be the one to save her.

  15. Claire got Poltergeisted.

  16. How about Linderman and the Speedster?

    Whew for a second there I actually thought Claire would go, and the plot would take a horrible turn for the worse, with her in another dimension or something.  What a mess that would have been.

  17. adam monroe rules!

  18. You’ll never find a more…

  19. Ando’s "tough guy walk"… priceless.

  20. I’m glad we are back to Hiro…the rest of this episode has kind of felt like a drag, but maybe it’s just me.

  21. missed the first half hour.  How’re things holding up?

  22. wht a lovely room of death.

  23. Just in time for halloween Maya in the Web house!

    And I missed it, nathan what?

  24. "Mohinder the Monster"… it does have a nice ring to it.  Good episode so far, but I wish they would stay with one group of people for a little longer at a time.  This episode has been bouncing all over the place.

  25. @ Wilson6923: Nice When nature calls reference.

  26. I’m just excited that Adam is back. Not sure why I liked him so much.  Just do.

  27. thanx bro. I wish they would stick to one or two stories a week insead of this all over the place shit


  28. … maybe these episodes just "read better in trade." 

  29. super hearing comes into play

  30. wow… interesting little suicide.

  31. we are badasses now!!!

  32. hilarious!

  33. won’t he just teleport him somwhere else??? oh shit… maybe not.

  34. Nice time & space wave.

  35. totally wondermanfan its like watching a grant morrison book without the awsomness


  36. Man, HRG is awesome.  Not particularly *effective* but he does try.

    That Ando thing has got to be some kind of fakeout.

  37. Maybe he’ll go back in time and move him.

  38. I was hoping Nathan and Peter would be from a purebred power bloodline, oh well.

    @psyguy411, I don’t know, I like to think Sylar didn’t get all his powers back, I thought his power was figuring how things work.  Sadly he immediately had telekinesis when he was fixed.

    Whoop it’s back on.

  39. really liked HRG and Sylar’s acting in that car scene.

  40. haha "are you okay, if you aren’t you are so grounded!"

  41. Purple man?  Nooooo!

  42. can i ask what the hell is up with purpleman knockoff?

  43. Hmm guess not, more of a puppetmaster.

  44. HELL YES!!!!!!! NIKKIi’s DEAD!!!

  45. @wilson6923, yea, they need to be a little more cohesive.

  46. "You won’t even be able to move."  That’s real clever.

  47. Back to formula!

  48. really confused about who this overwieght dude is.  Did i miss something? oh so linderman is fake…? ugh.  really confused now.

  49. Overweight dude is Parkman’s father.  He’s bad news. But yes, Linderman is fake.


  50. Oh, Lord, that guy is Purple Man.  Great!  I was just thinking, "None of the female characters on this show have had to suffer implied rape due to mind control.  I hope they fix that soon."


  51. @Anson17, Nikki’s dead?  I think you mistook Claire’s mom (Meredith, the biological one) for her.

  52. So this episode was just the lead in for next week’s. This kind of makes me agree with WonderManFan’s commeny about it "reading better in trade."

  53. isn’t that exact scene in Alias? i could be mistaken.

  54. Well, THAT was a reveal that only took 3 seasons to get to.  At least it gives a hope of structure for future episodes this season.  I mean, my god, it’s a show called Heroes in a season called Villains and this many episodes in we’re still not sure who fits into each categories.  Drama comes from conflict, not confusion! 

  55. Sorry about my last comment. I left reload every on and it went off the same time I hit submit, so I think it freaked out.

  56. what……the…….fuck…..i dont even understand

  57. @nbkhumanity: Sylar lost all his powers from season 1 except for TK because of an inject The Company gave him.

    @Anson17: the fat dude was Parkman’s dad, who is also a telepath like his son but has a decades more experience.

  58. I was out having drinks with Ron so we came in late and missed all the fun.  I thought this episode had a lot of fun moments but also a lot of weird/kinda laughable ones.  I can see why the show’s in trouble, there is a distinctive "flailing about" vibe to it.

  59. @ brandino.  He looks so different from last season.  weird.


    @ ohcaroline.  No. I meant tracy.  to me they were the same boring character. Hopefully she stays dead this time.

  60. See, I think he’s not quite purpleman, it looks like his powers are limited to a very specific control system to me.  Always exactly controlling the victim, you know?

  61. @Anson   Which scene is from Alias?

    Also, general observation, Adrian Pasdar and Jon Hamm should play brothers in something.

  62. Tracey’s not dead… neither is Nathan – that was Mother Petrelli seeing the future while she was sitting at her desk.  Not to mention that Tracey and Nathan were both in next week’s preview.

  63. @CAM -Yeah, you got it – he’s the Puppert Master.  He controls people with his movements in the same way you would a marionette.

  64. oooh… i thought he had astral projection or something and that he actually did that then locked her in her office or mind or… something.  He said "you won’t even be able to move" I thought he was doing some current mindscrewing.  Too bad… i was hoping Tracy was gone.

  65. @Anson17 – If that were the case, two of the main characters (and arguably, the two most important characters on the show) would have been killed off-screen, which wouldn’t happen.

  66. I wonder if that was really Mr. Petrelli we saw in Mrs. Petrelli’s vision. It seems more likely that it was Parkman’s dad.

    How was Hiro putting Adam back in his coffin? Reversing time locally or teleportation? We’ve never seem him teleport anyone else without being in physical contact, I don’t think.

     I’m actually digging the Triplets concept. And then can kill off Tracey and still have one last sibling. Hurray!


  67. I hope they can kick it into high gear now that the players are in place.

  68. @Brandino – I assumed he was stopping time and putting Adam back in the coffin and then restarting time.

  69. don’t people become unstuck in time when hiro touches them

  70. no thats Evie’s power.

  71. I hope Maya is dead, but alas, I fear she will be back to annoy me.

  72. I think this season is a building roller coaster. I really liked this episode for whatever reason. But Maya needs to find better hiding places after she dies because Mohinder eats her and then Mohinder needs to choke on her death gene powers and then die, cuz that storyline is possibly the worst going through the show right now.

    There was a lot to like in this episode, and it’s ratcheting up. The scene with Ando and Hiro in the bar at the end was fantastic. I’m excited to see where it goes, although some of these lines are just God awful.

  73. This is quite possibly the best show currently on the air for a getting totally shitfaced type of drinking game.



  74. I’m finally done with this show.  Too much meandering, random crap to hold my interest anymore.

  75. @Odds: Definitely agree with you; too much randomness with the show.

    GungaDin also is right that this is a roller coaster of a season. There are some good stuff but then suddenly the show will get either too campy or too sucky for it’s own good. That Mohinder/Maya storyline is some of the worst pacing and acting I’ve ever seen in a TV show. They are wasting in such a good character with Sylar by making him be a gray area instead of being pure evil. The Peter stuff is so boring, and the future elements of the show really has brought this series down.

    I love the villains on this show; like the vortex guy, or the Banshee wannabe, and even this new villain with the Puppet powers looks good. Too bad all these villains are getting killed pretty easily so the threat of Mr. Petrelli will probably end by the time it’s mid-season. Shame this was a good show the first season, but right now it’s a huge puddle of mud in the NBC line-up.

    It’ll probably get cancelled after this season, especially with the low ratings week after week. 

  76. I’m really about 2-3 episodes away from quiting. 

     My gripes with the show comes 1st from peter.  Season 1 was awesome, Peter struggled because he was the most powerful.  Now he gets the shaft, I really don’t understand @ the end of season 1 why a bunch of heroes that have powers would all just leave at the end.. you’d think they’d start some sort of team.. 

    Now nobody seems to know what they are doing.. Peter never actually gets to be the hero.. they have dummied down Sylar.. the ultimate badass. Hiro & Ando are no longer Batman & Robin they are the Chinese version of the three stooges.  

  77. I thought that was part of Hiro’s power, being able to teleport other people as well.  Isn’t that how Peter popped Parkman in the desert, using the ability he got from Hiro.

  78. @MrPopular Err, Hiro and Ando are supposed to be japanese (even tho the actor who plays Ando is Korean)!!

    I’m not really liking where they are taking Peter, hopefully he can sort himself out before he does any real damage.  I can definately see why they said there would be blurring of the lines between who’s a villain and who’s a hero.

  79. @Cheezdog.. oops. 

  80. isn’t this storyline over mid-season then a new onw starts up? I thought they wanted to do it more like a comic in that they don’t have to spread a story over 22 eps and can have smaller arches. Too bad it seems like the spreading over 22 eps worked better than this smaller archs in a season idea so far.

  81. @ipitythefool Well that’s an interesting thing. The problem with season two is it was almost entirely set-up. The story never really went anywhere and there was just tons and tons of exposition with little movement until the end. Don’t blame season two for being shorter. Imagine if they’d planned for 22 episodes with that season which went nowhere.

    This season is much more focused. The first eleven or twelve (I dunno the exact numbers) will be this Villains story. The back end will be the naxt batch. It’s a great way to structure the series. It keeps them from padding the story and having unnecessary filler.

  82. I tried to watch this series but failed miserably. I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I just never got into it. I don’t like the characters. I don’t really like the stories. The most important aspect to "getting addicted" to a show is if it has a hot girl that any hot blooded guy can crush on. Although the cheerleader was hot it was still kinda creepy in my "date-dreams". I’m a little too old to crush on a high schooler… and the dual personality chick is just too brutal.

    I never really got into the show.

  83. Ok… I just had to log in, because of the "Lawrence cornfields." 

    As a resident of KS, I can tell you that the city of Lawrence, as well as the surrounding areas are not farmlands.  Leave it to these terrible writers to belong to the long list of ignorant writers who think Kansas = farms and fields, and nothing more.  You’d think one of these days, someone would do a little research.