Heroes – S03E01&02 – The Second Coming

Volume Three: Villains

Tonight’s episode – The Second Coming

I think that we can all come together and hold hands and agree that the second season (or volume) of Heroes was a bit of a let down from season one. Okay, it was a big let down. It was a season without focus. It was a season that abandoned many of the elements of the show that made the first season such a success. It was almost as if the producers had thought that they had no chance of being renewed for a second season and when they suddenly became a hit they had no idea what to do next. Maybe they sat around in the writer’s room and looked at each other. One guy hyperventilated into a paper bag. One guy took a hit from a flask and shrugged his shoulders and held up his hands. And then a third guy said “I know! Let’s take everything that worked last season, everything we did really well… and let’s go the opposite way.”

Not even Electronica Mars could save season two.

This year the producers claim that they learned their season two lessons and that season three will be much closer to season one and that lesson one was to not have all the characters separated for most of the season. That would be a good start, folks!

Can the heroes save Heroes from themselves? Let’s hope so! Tonight’s premiere episode is two hours and it looks like Nathan’s shooting at the end of last season wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Which, as much as I like Nathan, is really disappointing.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. I only started watching Heroes in Season 2 and loved it, I went back and watched the first and loved that too. Maybe coming to the show in the 2nd season with no expectations helped as I really enjoyed it (apart from the slightly silly strike-rushed ending).

    Anyway, really looking forward to season 3! 

  2. You know, I’m in the minority as I actually enjoyed Season 2 and I didn’t understand all the bitching and moaning about it. I so can’t wait for this new season!

  3. Meh

  4. Season 2 started sucking with the season 1 finale.  After such a great buildup it was a pretty weak climax. 

  5. Everyone who liked season one should at least watch the first episode tonight. That’s what I think. Forget season two, and just go with it. This is a new season, and it’s much more exciting.

  6. @Garrett I enjoyed it. I thought it had it’s weak points, but I would say overall it was good. I am definately stoked for tonight.

  7. Im watching this tonight i cant wait to see the storyline and see whats going to happen. watching it with my friend Liz tonight!!

  8. Season 2 made all the impact of a Nerf shuttlecock on my consciousness; I have absolutely no idea what was going on. Which, I suddenly realize, is exactly what I was saying about the season 1 finale this time last year. My hippocampus is trying to tell me something.

  9. Season 2 didn’t get to pan out.  Buy the Season 2 set and watch the alternate ending and how Loeb and Kring were going to take the series.

    That being said, I loved season 2 and can’t wait for tonight’s episode.  But first, Big Bang Theory.

  10. Season 2 was definitely  abysmal, but from what I’ve heard from people who’ve seen the new season premiere, its looking to come back strong.  The only things I’m not looking forward to are Nathan’s and Mohinder’s storyline, and anything having to do with Adam, whether its in tonight’s episodes or later in the season.  His character and ancient Japan were one of the main things I had a problem with last year, did he really still hate Hiro after all those years for "stealing" a girl that he new for five minutes and barely held hands with?  Looking forward to seeing Sylar back to form.

  11. The Hype for season three is phenomenal.

     I hope this turns out well. I’ve had enough disappointments this year already.

  12. I am sort of looking forward to this premiere, but am still not letting myself get too excited.  A few other websites said that the first hour (which was previewed at comic con) was almost laughable at some points.  I’m going to go in expecting nothing, that way it will be more likely that I won’t be disappointed!!  Does anyone else still follow the online mini-comics?  I stopped following them after the end of season 2.

  13. I want to read them, but I just never have. I was thinking about pickup up the trade.

  14. What just happened?

  15. So THAT’s who shot Natan!

  16. Whenever Sylar shows up and says something menacing, I’m seized by the urge to laugh uncontrollably.

    Just me?

  17. @ohcaroline Yeah. Especially when he says things like "like a long night after a bad taco."

  18. Maya no longer has an accent. Interesting.


  19. Mohinder: still the prettiest. 

    Even so, he can’t make that exposition any less ridiculous.

  20. My affiliate is messing up.  It isn’t getting a signal.  This can’t be happening!!!

  21. That speed trail thing was awesome.

  22. Okay…it’s back….What did Hiro’s dad say?

  23. I missed the flash girl!

  24. @YoSoyJu  He said "whatever you do don’t look in the safe."  And Hiro looked in the safe.  I think?  I wasn’t reading all the subtitles.

    I hope this means we’re getting more Hiro & Ando adventures in S3. 

  25. I watched it from the start and like seasons one and two about the same. I don’t know why people are so down on Season 2? It wasn’t as epic as season 1 but was still really interesting. I also loved the whole Japan Samurai thing.

     Here is a Comic analogy. I just look at it like this: Season 1 was an 8 Issue arc with great story and action, Season 2 was a fill in 3 issue arc to keep us occupied and set up Season 3, another great 8 issue arc.

  26. I was almost expecting Nathan to start floating in the church like Jesus.

  27. @YoSoyJu To add to what Caroline said, another video was in the safe. Hiro played it and Kaito said "I told you not to open the safe…" and then went on to explain that he needed to protect the formula that was in the safe with his life. And then it’s promptly stolen by the flash girl.

  28. So that’s how Sylar does it.

  29. Is Mohinder finally going to get a power?

  30. . . .OMG that was Bruce Boxleitner?

    I’m slow.

  31. I never know what Mohinder is talking about….

  32. It’s the literary quotation derby.

  33. Awesome premiere episode!  Can’t believe we have another full hour! 

  34. holy shit! wtf!?

  35. Wow, Angela’s definition of the Butterfly Effect is brutal.

  36. Wow. Future Peter is really screwing things up.

  37. Wouldn’t that increase her adrenaline?

  38. so uhh… super strength and spidey climbing.  Looks like calorie consumption is gonna kill him, his body seems to be eating itself.  The hormone imbalance was… apparent.

  39. HELL YEAH!!! Bell is back!

  40. Ok, well, that sucks.  I got part 2 twice.  Back to back.  NICE.  I started watching it and was absolutely lost.  I just kept saying.. man, I obviously forgot a lot about season 2.  Nope.  That wasn’t it at all.  Unbelievable.  I’ve set my pvr to record the midnight show on time shifting.  Hopefully the problem gets fixed. 

  41. wow… the flying effects got way better

  42. For a second I thought it was West (which by the way is the worst name ever.  Sorry if that is your actual name but your parent were probably either hippies or directional enthusiasts.).

  43. if west comes back… i might be done with this show.

  44. finally, claire is gonna become useful!!! (hopefully she learns to go offensive.)

  45. They’re determined to make She-Hulk useful.

  46. i… hate… nikki.  please leave her dead…

  47. oooh… speed changes. hot camera work.

  48. How did she get such a high level job in just a few days?

  49. mephisto?

  50. wait… she’s a cryokine too???

  51. ok…weird…

  52. OK, did she freeze him, or did he freeze himself?

  53. That would explain how she escaped the fire.

  54. or, how she should have rightfully died.

  55. I think since she was the big "get" for Heroes when it began, she gets to stay beyond her welcome.

  56. HAHAH "don’t kill me and i won’t punish you"

  57. ooooh… man-spider???

  58. Is it my tv or was Mohinder green?

  59. i think it was a camera thing.

  60. god I love kristen bell

  61. LOL. "Thank you turtle."

  62. "you know britney spears???"


    Shoulda gone with sprint.

  64. that was funny


  65. did he say "painted?"  oooh so no more isaac but they can still use his power. nice.

  66. Yeah, this show is rife with product placement.

  67. so, does anyone else see clair becoming her dad, since she wants trainging?

  68. TRAUMA… wait.


    A magnetic controller from germany… hmmm… Magneto?

  69. HRG, you magnificent bastard.

  70.  Argh! Forgot that Connor (and the rest of ya) are on the east coast.  Spoilers narrowly avoided by judicious scrolling.

  71. That was effing awesome.

  72. midwest here, we just finished up.

  73. I love how the villans actually kill random civilians… awsome!

  74. Okay, that was very, very enjoyable!  Heroes is back in fine form!

  75. so that was fucking awesome!! i dont even know what happened but i am fucking pumped for this season!!

  76. Someone at Heroes saw 1986’s The Fly.  

  77. Umm… has Nathan gone insane?…..anyone?

  78. or just read some manspider arcs. (maybe there was only one of those, i can’t remember)  haha.

  79. Everything with Sylar I thought was pretty awesome, but I’m not really interested in Mohinder or Nathan’s story at all.  And I know its only a TV show’s budget, but I thought that flying Peter in front of the train looked terrible. Also everyone on this show might as well wear a sandwich board describing their character’s emotional state and their feelings on whatever is going on, not very subtle.  But with all that said I actually think it was a descent foundation for a good season, looking forward to it.

  80. After last season’s trainwreck, these episodes were like lemonade on a hot summer’s day.  Too bad they were only average.

    Oh, definitely The Fly.

  81. If Maya left, this show would increase in quality by a lot.

  82. @GungaDin- Glad I’m not the only one who is annoyed by Maya.  But she did’nt ruin what was a good premiere.

  83. That was pretty solid in my book. My favorite part is when Claire asked Sylar "Are you going to eat it?"

  84. I watched the first few episodes of S1 and just didn’t find any of the characters that interesting, so missed the boat on the whole Heroes phenomenon. I’m going to go back and try it again, though, to see if it watches better on DVD. Maybe some day I’ll catch up with the live episodes.

  85. @Kory She certainly didn’t help it none. When she shows up, the show comes to a grinding halt.

    But when Elle shows up, the world ramps to a new level of good.

  86. @GungaDin- I just tune out when she’s on screen. 

  87. Got together tonight with Josh and Ron to watch.  I’m not sure what to think.  I think I need to rewatch, because while I had a lot of fun watching it, I think that was due more to the subtext we made up as we watched.  There were some cool stuff – Ando the Villain in the future, the new speedster, and the super villain prison break.  But there were a lot of super cheesy moments/dialogue, and apparently Sylar is easily stymied by a really flimsy wooden slat closet door. 

    Also, they should have never introduced time traveling because as cool as it is to see the bleak futures, it’s dumb that people like Hiro or Peter Madrox don’t just keep traveling around in time to fix things.

    All in all, I had fun watching and it was way better than most of last season.

  88. Okay. Second episode? Not as good as the first. I’m ready for the story that has nothing to do with HRG, Elle, and Peter to start going somewhere.

    Moment of the night? After Elle finds her dad, when she tosses the gun to HRG. HELL yes.

  89. um…had some pretty cheesy lines and scenes.  Nathan and Peter in the chapel, well actually the whole chapel scene in general, was ridiculous.  I am really on the edge with the whole "apocolyptic future" idea.  Its like no mater what they do, the end is coming.  Had beef with many other lines/scenes, but all in all it wasn’t too bad.  I liked episode 2 more than 1.  Im hopeful that it could be a pretty good ride.


    And Mohindar’s story has already been told…its called The Fly

  90. The first ep was a bit too much melodrama for me, but maybe it’s just the bad taste left from the AWFUL preshow countdown.  Second ep was better and Daphne is awesome. 

  91. @Conor- Peter Madrox, good times.  And the door thing with Sylar bugged me as well. I thought he would just rip it of it’s hinges with his telekinesis.

  92. @Kory – He really didn’t even need telekinesis…

    Also, if iFanboy was writing HEROES it would focus mainly on Mohinder, the Sex God of India.

  93. Believe it or not, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the cameo by The Greatest American Hero!

  94. @Conor- I had the same feeling about Sylar and the door too but the more I think about it, I think he was just messing with her. There were several times that he could have got to her and didn’t. That’s what made that scene so great. I was shocked by how terrifying it was.

     Unlike a lot of you guys, I always liked the show and thought this was a great premiere. I agree with you Conor on the time traveling thing, it’s hard that every season has to start with Hiro or Peter going to a bleak future and changing it.

     I really liked the lost Hiro and was hoping to see more of that. What happens when the hero’s journey is over and they have nothing more to look forward to. I thought that was really interesting.

    Also pseudo-evil time traveling Peter was great. he reminded me a lot of hal Jordan in Emerald Twilight, he’s learning that there’s concequences if you try to change things….

  95. Believe it or not!  Iiiiiiiiii’m freezing to death……..

  96. @Conor- I’m with you.  Those kind of doors are so flimsy you could break them with your hands, so there is no excuse why Sylar could’nt get to Claire.

    And I think the frozen reporter is coming back. Why else would they do a close-up showing the water going down the drain?

  97. I laughed when she locked herself in there, especially after I said "Hey, didn’t he flip a police van that one time?"

  98. Also, since this is about the fourth time the timeline’s been changed, why is it NOW that everyone’s freaking out that Future Peter changed things?

     And frozen reporter is LIQUID MAAAAAN!!!!  There, I called it.

  99. Nevertheless, the episodes were still enjoyable.

  100. I want to hear more about this made-up subtext. . .

  101. Okay….what was the point of the first seaons ‘Save the Cheerleader, Save the World’ if Claire cant die to begin with? I mean if Sylar says she cant die, and that whole scene of Sylar chasing, then taking Claire’s power was pretty stupid and boring to beging with; why did we need half a season 2-3 years ago saying Claire was important if she cant die?

    Stupid plotting, I dont know about you guys but I’m finding the same problems from last season. Bad plotting, bad acting, and overall a medicore story to fill a whole season with. This does not look promising…

  102. @Champ Just because she can’t die doens’t mean she’s not important.

    @Conor, Maybe Sylar is a big Halloween fan and wanted to re-enact the scene.  Wait, Michael Myers got through the flimsy closet door.  Hmmmm.

    My wife was all over the Greatest American Hero when it happened!  Awesome!

    @Gungadin, the show would maybe be better without Maya but waaaay less good looking.

  103. @CAM, I was hoping for some good old fashioned Michael Myers closet breaking, complete with all thos damn hangers in the way.  Too bad.

  104. Come to think of it, lots of stuff was reminiscent of other movies, The Fly, Halloween, even some Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal in there…

  105. @CAM: I thought only Family Guy was allowed to do parodies every couple of minutes? 🙂

  106. I totally missed the Greatest American Hero, that sucks

    I enjoyed the premire and looking forward to a good season.  I took the part with the door as he was just playing with her but they could have at least used a solid door I guess.

    What happened to the mimic chick, don’t remember what happened to her last season, is she still with the kid?

  107. Adding Omar from the Wire is nice.

  108. Marlow, not Omar.

  109. Watching it now and all I have to say is Ando NOOOOOO!

  110. I was telling the guys while we watched that I would love if Ando went evil.  It would be a great arc for him and make Hiro more interesting.

  111. I’m surprised (should I be?) That so many people dislike this season opener. I think after season 2, Heroes is back in business. There are some nagging points in the plot, but I’ll let them go. I’ve let them go for 2 seasons already.

    Does anyone else think that Mohinder wil turn evil as well? Also, does anyone find it corny that the "ice queen" as the reporter called her, iced him? Oh, god.


    I think  Hiro is interesting just with the speedster being his rival. I also think that Ando wont become evil. It looks like a swerve, because they just showed us a glimpse of the future.

  112. @Champion I think the Save the Cheerleader, Save the World was more in the fact of keeping Sylar from getting her powers.

    As a new season, I enjoyed it a lot more then Season 2. I like how things go to hell very early on instead of dragging out and the "hey we avoided it anyways" that happened both seasons

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does the opener make anyone else think of X-Men and Superman plots. I thought I had read that Lex Luthor had developed a way to give normal people powers or make existing metahumans stronger. Is that true? So then Mohinder is the Lex Luthor who is jealous and wants his turn to be special. Also, the Peter traveling from the future to save it reminded me of the X-Men cartoon. Especially the episodes involving Cable or Bishop. This season just makes me want to see a really bad ass Superman or X-Men movie.

  113. Yea. when i was a kid i was all about The Great American Hero! William Katt!

    I read they are gonna do a Greatest American Hero comic and talks of a movie even.

  114. Who else watched the special before the show?

     There is nothing like shamelessly pointing out all of the Star Trek references in the show just to promote the new Star Trek movie which happens to star Sylar Spock.

     How convienent.  But having said that…I enjoyed the first two episodes.  I agree with some of the criticsims on here but overall think it is off to a better start than the whole of Season 2.

  115. I missed William Katt. Was he the reporter dude?

    I think I liked the first two episodes, although there was an awful lot to take in over a 2 hour period, maybe that’s why I’m not sure. It sucks that "Tracy" is back, I still don’t care about her character at all. In the end, not many people really die on this show, do they? I don’t know if Lindermann is a figment of Nathan’s imagination or if he’s back in an Obi-Wan kind of way.

    The present Peter story-line looks cool, but I don’t understand what happened to his body, or is it somehow with future Peter? Guess I have to wait.

  116. Yep, he was the reporter.

  117. For all we know, Hiro could be the evil one, not Ando.  We only saw a 20 second conversation between them and I gotta say that Ando was looking a bit heroic.  Hiro was the one demanding everything and brandishing a weapon.

  118. I don’t think they’d ever let Hiro go evil.  He’s the fan favorite.  ery doubtful.  It also makes sense within the story that Ando’s resentment and jealousy of Hiro would naifest itself in his seaking out powers and using them against his friend.

  119. Hiro is the one character who will never go evil. 

  120. I’m a little late to this because I was camping when the show actually premiered but I want to say one thing. Mohinder does not have Spider powers. His story arc is ripping off Beast almost note for note. As soon as those scaly things on his back turn into blue fur the transformation will be complete.

  121. Well, I finally got around to watching episode 1 (thanks again Global, you suck .. and ALSO screwed up the Office last night!!!)  and it was actually pretty good.  Mohinder reading Yeats at the end was fantastic.  I’d love to see that theme revisited throughout the year!

  122. I know no one’s gonna see this, but…

    I don’t necessarily think that Hiro’s going to turn evil, but we’ve already seen him be very careless with that formula.  At every turn his father was telling him not to do something, and then he did it anyway.  And Ando was telling Hiro to be more careful.  I don’t think Future-Ando is evil, I just think he’s come to the opinion that Hiro can’t be trusted with the formula, and is seeking to protect it in some fashion that Future-Hiro has failed in.  So I don’t think either of them are evil in the future, but I do think that Future-Hiro has lost his way.