Here’s to you, Joshua Harto!

This past weekend I popped Iron Man in the ol' DVD player for the first time since it was released. I had a grand old time with that movie — it still holds up and is just as much fun as it was when I first saw it in theaters.

About halfway through the film I saw a familiar face, a face that I had seen in the many, many times that I have watched the other 2008 comic book blockbuster, The Dark Knight. I saw the face of actor Joshua Harto!

Could it be that the same actor appeared in both of the biggest summer movies of 2008? Yes! It could! As an Edwards Airforce Base technician in Iron Man, Harto's principal job was to shout out technical jargon and react to radar data. His role in The Dark Knight was much meatier. As the opportunistic accountant Coleman Reese, he discovered that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same and his attempt at blackmail kind of blew up in his face.

While we all went about our humdrum lives, we had no idea that in 2008, one Joshua Harto appeared in both Iron Man and The Dark Knight and was, by default, the biggest actor in the world. Well, now we know better.  Here's to you, good sir!

And as a tribute we present the many faces of Joshua Harto!

Iron Man

The Dark Knight


Congratulations, Joshua Harto! Your films grossed $1,587,055,112.00 in 2008! Good luck in 2009!


  1. Haha thats really funny. Man I would guess that getting roles in these big movies could be hard. What are the odds of getting both of them? Thank Conor for showing me the range of Joshua Harto.

  2. Those stills just make me want to watch The Dark Knight again. Good film.

  3. Joshua Harto IS the new Stan Lee cameo whore.

  4. You know, he’d make a pretty good Hank Pym if we were just going on looks.

  5. I noticed that too! What a summer that guy must have had last year. We need to check in on him this year to make sure he’s handling the letdown.

  6. @Labor: AGREED. It is on HBO and I have been watching it all the time. I think I might have a problem and I have a feeling my girlfriend is going to stage and intervention soon.

  7. Wow. The next time anything bad happens to me, I’ll know it’s because Joshua Harto stole all the luck in the entire universe.

  8. lucky him, I wanna direct the new Batman

  9. Loved that scene in TDK.

  10. That’s great. I never noticed.

  11. Look out for "Unthinkable" and "Delta Blues" in 2010!!!

  12. Good eye Conor!

  13. There will never be a post better than this one. Thank you.

  14. Ha! That picture montage was hilarious. Props to Joshua, even if it’s minor roles he is one lucky son of a gun to get to land those parts.

  15. My favorite picture is the sixth DARK KNIGHT one. Because blackmail tastes delicious.

  16. @conor: Do you mean the one where he’s licking his lips? My favorite too 🙂

  17. A Real Man of Genius if ever I saw one.

  18. Did anybody find Ron Howard’s brother?

  19. The reality is that he probably saw $0.00 of that gross.  Nice to have those films on your resume though.

  20. It should be one of those "Bud Light Real Men of Genius" commercials with the emotional singing popping up in the narration –

    "Here’s to you, Mr. no-name actor who just so happened to appear in two blockbuster movies" (singing) "Mister no-name actoooooorrrrrrrrr."

    "Two of your films have made over $1 billion, and yet no one knows your name." (singing) "Hey, don’t I know that guyyyyyy-a-aiiiiiiiiiii?"

    "People see you on the screen, and think they went to the same high school as you, but you know better. " (singing) "Wasn’t that guy in my study haaaa-alllllllll?"

    Something like that.

  21. @Dan: You win this week 🙂

  22. Ha, awesome. I also agree with the Hank Pym comparison.

  23. I wonder who watched those movies and thought "is that stoner kid?".

  24. The funny thing is, somebody in Hollywood will see this article and take it seriously. Soon Harsto will be appearing in mall roles in every blockbuster movie of the summer as a "good luck charm", the way John Ratzenberger is in every Pixar film. 

  25. Imagine if this guy was getting paid as a percentage of the take on these films.  Then imagine that you were Joshua Harto.  Then look around and notice you aren’t.  Sorry.

  26. Joshua Harto drinks your milkshake.

  27. thats awesome