Here comes The Governor! David Morrissey Cast in ‘The Walking Dead’

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that kindly looking British actor David Morrissey has been cast as The Governor, the vile murdering, raping, dismembering bad guy in The Walking Dead.

You might know David Morrissey, as I do, from the British mini-series State of Play. This casitng news puts to rest many fans’ speculation (hopes) that Daryl’s brother Merle would turn out to be The Governor.

The Governor won’t be showing up until the third season, but this casting news means that Michonne can’t be far behind. The big question now becomes: just how far will the TV show go in portraying The Governor’s atrocities? The show has been dark so far… but not that dark.


  1. Well if the show is going to introduce the Governer that quickly then hopefully the farm is out of the picture. I don’t watch the show anymore but I’ll flip flop slightly and say I’d like to see how this plays out on the show. Considering how bad and disappointing the series has been so far I don’t expect much.

    Also, who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him and his imdb page didn’t help at all.

    • He was in a doctor who Christmas special in 2008 as a guy who thought he was the next regeneration of the doctor

    • He played Jackson Lake in the Doctor Who story “The Next Doctor”. The guy who thought he was the Doctor for most of the episode? However, that’s the only thing I’ve seen him in.

      I’ve been enjoying the AMC series so far, though it has certainly been different than the comic, and can’t wait for the inclusion of the Governor. Hopefully Michonne will be turning up soon…

    • Ah, you beat me to it oldmanlogan88

    • He was in a great show from here in the UK called Blackpool I recommend it a bit off topic from the walking dead but it was a great show starring David Morrissey cheak it out if you can find it

    • I recognize him from Dr. Who, as stated above. He was great, I assume he’s a great character actor because that’s quite the role reversal.

    • He’s been in loads on this side of the pond. He’s an excellent actor. Check out Red Riding if you want to see how he handles the darker stuff.

      And just in case he’s reading – Hello and Hello to Jason Isaacs.

    • @everyone: Thanks for letting me know guys! I remember him from that Who special, and he was pretty good. Although as @ato220 says, it is quite a role reversal for him so I have NO idea whether this is a good move or not.

      I mean going from ‘Whimsical’ to ‘Raping and killing people’ is quite a change.

  2. Hmmm… Without the eye-patch and no “makeup” effects I say nay, but I’ll have to wait and see.

    I still say they passed on Tom Savini, who, I think, would have been THE perfect Governor!

  3. I’m so glad this show about the American south is employing even more British actors. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I like Morrissey. But I couldn’t stand the governor story in the comics. Haven’t watched the last two eps of the show to air. May be done with it.

  4. I glad that show will be moving into this arc next season. The best drama in th book is always the human drama, not the zombie fears. Woodbury here we come.

  5. “cool……cool-cool-cool.”-Abed


    No seriously. No one on this show is likable anyways so kill them all. Start with Lori.

  7. I’m sorry, this is not going to be a popular opinion, but I just don’t like this show. Given how much they have distanced themselves from the source material I think they should just continue down that path rather than trying to stick these characters in. Also, I thought the Gov storyline was fantastic, and I just can’t see the show living up to the expectations built by that arc. Just my 2ยข.

    • I’m with you. Midway through the last episode, I decided to give it up. I just don’t like or care for any of the characters. I’ll just stick with the comic.

    • Yeah but when they started the show they already said it would be different from the comic, so the stick with the source material comments are pointless.

      If they said its going to be like the comic, did a 180 and it was different I can understand all the rage and anger, but its simple dont like it dont watch it.

      Danny Trejo would have been a better choice for the Gov but who knows maybe this dude can pull it off. You dont know until they try.

  8. The show is mostly horrible, interspersed with a few rare decent moments.

  9. At the end of season one I would have put money on the thought that Merle was going to come back into the show as the governor in season 3. Good thing I didn’t do that.

  10. Strange how a series of negative (or hyped up) comments can set the tone for a thread.

    The only time this show has been laugh out loud terrible was the Vatos episode in season 1; however, commentators were hyped up on the show and Robert Kirkman writing it led to gushing praise for easily the silliest shit ever seen in the Walking Dead world.

    The show is decently written and well-acted.

    I don’t get the hate.

    • @Scorpion: Well again, I left the show so I can’t say for the episodes that came back from the break, but I left because I felt the acting and writing were terrible.

      It is preference so I don’t wanna persuade you into hating the show. But all the characters to me are one-note and laughably stupid. Maybe they were like that in the comic but this show doesn’t seem to put more strength into the characters. Plus the pacing of the show is horribly slow and while that is also the same for the comics, in television you really shouldn’t be so damn slow to your audience. (The only thing I can think to counteract that was Lost and soap operas…)

      You know if people love the show then that’s great. It’s clearly getting the ratings so it’s not like it is on the verge of being cancelled anytime soon. But it’s just not the show “I’ was looking forward too. Really it’s been like that since the very first episode. If Darabont did all of the writing and directing then maybe I would still be with the series.

    • This is iFanboy . . . about every 3rd comment is about someone hating something.

      But I totally agree with you, Scorpion — for a television series, this show is top notch.
      I believe the dislike most people seem to complain about is that there aren’t enough zombies – which is not really the true focus of the story. I like the pace . . . if every show was just a zombie killing fest — there would be no story.
      This mid-season finale was one of the best satisfying episodes I’ve have ever seen on TV.

    • @Argh: ……So did that comment above not register or what?

      There’s more to the show then lack of zombies. If I wanted more zombies then I wouldn’t have gotten into the comic in the first place. It’s what makes the comic great because the lack of zombies and more human/realistic drama to the situation.

    • @The Next: Actually, I was commenting on Scorpion’s message, not yours . . . I tend to respond after reading a person’s comment and not read the rest of the responses. Will use the @ more often . . .

      I totally understand your dislike for the slow pace – but I like the slow build . . .
      I find Walking Dead, (like Breaking Bad), keeps a pretty good consistent quality to it’s story telling — like all the writers are on the same page for the series; That’s something rarely seen with today’s “reality” heavy TV programming.

  11. I don’t care what anyone says, i love this show. I don’t know what you guys are looking for, but this series has been incredibly fun tv.

    kinda bummed that the entirety of comics media ruined the surprise with this, but thats the world we live in.

    i dunno if this is the actor that i imagined…i see the character a bit more grizzled. I’m sure when they dress him up and he’s in character it will be fine.

  12. No doubt he’ll do a great job. But like Conor said, the real question is how far is the show willing to take this. Personally I’d like to see them push the envelope as far as it can go. I don’t just say that for shock value alone. But the book *is* shocking (bordering on appaling) in parts. If they go all out, they may lose some viewers, but I honestly believe the only thing that’ll keep this show around is willingness to “go there”. Within reason of course. People need something to talk about.

    Now let’s bring on Michonne. And I’m still secretly hoping for Tyreese.

    • I don’t think we’ll see Tyresse. I think Shane has taken his spot. There both capable of challenging Ricks leadership, I think adding Tyresse now would over complicate the issue.

    • Yeah … but … Tyreese isn’t a total dick.

      Seriously though, Tyreese serves a bigger purpose than just challenging Rick’s leadership. Everybody needs a friend.

    • Well Zeppo, that assumes that Shane is going to stick around. He’s on borrowed time in my opinion.

  13. Want to be mad for the spoiler, but had already heard. This lends credence to my theory from the start of the season: finding the prison is going to be the season finale.

  14. Can we get some f-ing Michonne on this show already?!

  15. Hello to David Morrissey.