Heads Up: Dark Horse Previews – October 2011

Being a comic fan can be tough. With so many publishers printing more and more books, canceling titles and starting new ones, it can be daunting when you head to the comic book shop on a Wednesday to know exactly what's coming out.

The current system of presenting and ordering comics three months ahead of their release as set forth by the sole comics distributor, Diamond Comics, doesn't make it any easier either. We're not a fan of that system, we think it's slowly strangling comics to death, but we realize it's a harsh reality of how the industry works and we definitely don't want you to miss out on any of the cool comics being published.

And so, as opposed to regurgitating the list of comics solicited in Previews each month, we present to you some of the highlights of things you probably won't want to miss out on.

SPOILER WARNING – in order to get people to order comics, the publishers have a funny habit of revealing what's happening in the books. If you don't want anything at all to be spoiled, then you'll probably want to skip this post and take your chances with your pre-orders and/or your shopping.



Presenting… MORE amazing talent


Dark Horse Presents #5

Eric Powell, Steve Niles, Andi Watson, Carla Speed McNeil, Steve Parkhouse, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Geof Darrow

80 pages – $7.99 – October 19

Eric Powell on a story about a suicidal robot out in space? Continuing stories from Niles, Chaykin, McNeil and others? A new Skeleton Key short from Andi Watson? 80 full pages of some of the best creators out there make this series definitely worth the value.



It's just fun to say Kull


Kull: The Cat and the Skull #1 (of 4)

David Lapham, Gabriel Guzman, Dan Jackson, Jo Chen, Stephanie Hans

32 pages – $3.50 – October 12

From what I can make of this description, there's a super hot lady named Delcardes, but Kull really just wants advice from her cat. Really. It's all about the cat, and that will stop the wizards and serpents. Go with it.



That Goon is back on track!


The Goon #36

Eric Powell, Dave Stewart

32 pages – $3.50 – November 2

There isn't another comic like the Goon, and now there isn't another comic like the Goon guest starring Roxi DLite, the 2010 Queen of Burlesque. There are lots of beastly monsters as well.



I Fear the End


Fear Agent #32: Out of Step part 5 (of 5)

Rick Remender, Mike Hawkthorne, Tony Moore, John Lucas

32 pages – $3.50 – November 2

Well nuts. We've championed a lot of creator owned series here in the past, and many of those guys went on to great things, and there are very few series I'm more happy about having found than Fear Agent. The creators are big shots now, and like all good things, it's time to say goodbye to Heath. Let's see if Rick can make us cry.



Kind of want it.


Mass Effect Normandy SR-2 Cerberus Ship Replica

$34.99 – November 16

I want it to be clear. This is a nerdy ass thing. It's not geeky cool. It's nerdy as hell. You should be ridiculed for wanting and or having it. If you choose to own that aspect, then go for it. Save the damned universe you social pariah!



These Dairy Products are not good.


Mike and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad HC

Evan Dorkin

240 page – $19.99 – December 21

This is probably my favorite humor series of all time. It is unrelentingly funny, and requires very little effort to earn your laugh. They are Milk and Cheese, and right off, it's funny. Thrill to their rampant destruction for your enjoyment.



Games! Mike Oeming! Steam!


Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories

Valve, Michael Avon Oeming

304 pages – $29.99 – November 16

I don't know a lot about the gaming world, but I do know that Valve is kind of a big deal, and their stories are above the cut for most video games. This is one big package of comic books based in those properties like Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, and Portal, and if you read it, it's unlikely anyone will call you a n00b for camping. I might be wrong.



Axe, Wooden Leg, Eye Patch, Sword, Harpoon…


Baltimore, Volume 1: The Plague Ships TP

Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Ben Stenbeck, Dave Stewart

144 pages – $18.99 – December 21

It was one of the best stories of last year, and soon you'll be able to get the more affordable softcover. I can't beat the drum strongly enough for this somber tale of a grizzled vampire hunter, but it's full of wonderful imagery and lots of monster killing. Don't get on Baltimore's bad side, because the man doesn't like to lose.

Those are our picks for Dark Horse's October offerings, but for a full list of their other books, look here.


  1. I have a long list of people who are getting Lord Baltimore’s book for Christmas.

  2. Is there anything new in the Milk and Cheese hardcover I don’t already have in the trade? I HOPE SO! I crave more Milk and Cheese.

  3. 2 months in a row with no Hellboy comic in sight.

    Again does not bode well with the ending of ‘The Fury’ next month. 

  4. Thay Valve book is gunna be dope.

  5. @TNC I’m pretty sure Mike said it’s coming back next year with him on art duties again.

  6. OMFG!!!! MILK & CHEESE HARDCOVER!!! My Milk and Cheese tpb has been beat to holy hell from re-reading it over and over and over again. That was one of the very first tpbs i ever bought, if not THE first. If this collects all the issues, i am going to freak the Hell out reading this thing!

  7. I am all over that Milk and Cheese hardcover.

  8. I thought the first issue of DHP was really weak but a Powell story is tempting.

    I read the free issue of Kull on Dark Horse Digital and liked it quite a bit. It feels like an older, smarter Conan. 

  9. @TNC The Hellboy: House of the Living Dead original graphic novel was sollicited for Sepetember, but now it’s pushed back to November. At least there’s the Abe Sapian and BPRD minis to tide us over during those months

  10. @Fett02 Does this mean Hellboy is just OGN’s now?

  11. @TheNextChampion  I really don’t know. I’m assuming not because like OnaSunday said, Mignola has been saying he is going to be returning to art on the series after Fegredo was done with Fury.