Happy Thanksgiving 2011 From iFanboy!

EDITOR’S NOTE – iFanboy will be taking the holiday off (for the most part – there might be a random article here and there) and so should you! We’ll see you back here on Sunday with a new episode of the Pick of the Week Podcast. Until then, sit down with a big ol’ plate of food and enjoy the Thanksgiving memories.


Happy Thanksgiving 2011 from the staff here at iFanboy!



Enjoy these comic book related memories from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!


This one is AWESOME:



  1. Have a good one, Yankees! 🙂

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! Im seriously jealous of all the turkey you guys will be eating!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Seems like just yesterday I was watching that Marvel float clip on iFanboy. Enjoy the day!

  4. Have fun and be merry.

  5. Those Marvel floats still kill me.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I don’t know if I’d still read comics if it wasn’t for this site and everyone that makes it possible.

  7. Hmm, that first parade float actually impressed me — I’ve never been a big Macy’s parade fan. It must have been cool to see it live and follow all the movement however you wanted without being restricted by a camera lens. The second one though with it’s cheesy song & dance number reminded me of why I’ve never been a big Macy’s parade fan . . .

  8. Ha! Supes has a cameltoe in the first vid.

  9. Among other things, I am very thankful for this site and the community that surrounds out. I truly believe that the BEST of the comics internet (hell, the internet in general) dwells here.

    Thanks founders and all of the iFanbase. Happy Thanksgiving z

  10. Was that Robocop in the middle of the live action Marvel fight?

  11. Thanks for all the hard work, guys! I hope you all had great Thanksgivings with your friends and families.

    • I second that. All of you iFanboy staffers do an incredible job entertaining and maintaining this community. You make reading comics even more fun for us. Hope you all get some well-deserved r&r, and got to shove some awesome grub down your gullets.