Happy Memorial Day 2011!

It's Memorial Day here in the United States and everyone has the day off to honor fallen soldiers and spend some time at an over-crowded beach.

iFanboy is no different!

Unless some big news breaks we'll pretty much be taking the day off. So come back on Tuesday for all of your usual Monday content (including the updated Comics page) plus all of your Tuesday content! Tomorrow's going to be a busy day so come early and come often.

Until then someone grab the sunscreen, I need help with my back.

Note: There should be no effect on comic book delivery in the United States this week. Because of the new early delivery program, your store should get its books for Wednesday, but call ahead to be sure.


  1. I’m surprised there isn’t a chart to show who is who, where’s Gordon the intern?!!

  2. Yikes.

    @rottenjorge  I believe that is Gordon in the green trunks, though I admit that it is hard to tell as my eyes are continuously drawn to Jimski’s amble bosom. 

  3. Who’s above Josh, to the left of Jim?

  4. AAAGH!

  5. @gobo  Dave Wiese.  http://www.ifanboy.com/about

  6. oh cool, didn’t realize Dave had a picture or bio on the about page

  7. @gobo  I didn’t notice it until today.

  8. I would watch that show.

  9. Wait… is that the Jersey Shore?  Is Paul SNOOKI!?

  10. Romo is really freakin me out.

    Enjoy your day off, everyone.

  11. That pic just made my day, lol

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @gobo  I have a book deal. 

  13. That’s awesome that our comics won’t be effected this week, if true.

    Also, gonna have nightmares now with that picture…..Although Romo and Gordon look strangely attractive. 

  14. I assume that’s Conor’s actual body, correct? 

  15. First thought: What is Conor doing to Paul to get that reaction?

  16. Even with female members on staff as options, you guys still manage to find a way to be a bit disturbing with this picture.  I commend you!

    Totally digging on this Memorial Day off.  Not only am I attending 2 different BBQs, I also get to enjoy my mom’s ribs later this evening… Mmmm…grilled meats.

  17. That was not the picture I was expecting to see having just woken up, I’m torn between delight and horror……

    Have a lovely Memorial Day everyone!  

  18. My eyes! MY EYES!!

  19. After stuclach mentioned the about page, realizing it’s sorely out of date!

  20. Also, we finally see the man with the name ‘Dave’.

  21. “It’s Memorial Day here in the United States and everyone has the day off to honor fallen soldiers and spend some time at an over-crowded beach.”

    PLEASE don’t put those two observations on an equal footing.  The first is the entire meaning of the holiday.  The second is just what it’s degenerated into.  Nothing against having fun, but more emphasis on the solemnity and less on the “whoo hoo!” would really be welcome.

  22. There is no unseeing that image of Romo. May have to pull an Oedipus and gouge my eyes out.

  23. That picture is the best idea for a new reality show.

  24. happy merorial day everyone

  25. I overuse this clip too much (some overuse is acceptable)

  26. three day weekend my ass, i had to work!

  27. Speaking of Jersey Shore, I just started teaching year 9-10 design tech. I was at an assembly recently, When a teacher pass the microphone to a girl to say something about whatever they were talking about she yelled out “um…. D.T.F.!”

  28. best part of monday’s off? the next weekend is only 4 days away! WOOHOO

  29. Very funny…..Paul’s never looked better.

  30. 3? I took off 5 for Phoenix Con this weekend.

  31. Thanks for the troops so that we have freedom.  Matthew

  32. Ha ha, happy Memorial Day.