Happy Independence Day 2010!

Happy July 4th, Americans!



Happy Sunday, everyone else!

Today we celebrate kicking the English to the curb by blowing things up and eating too much. It's the American way. Today and tomorrow are holidays so how does this effect you? Well there will be a Pick of the Week Podcast to look forward to today and most of our regular content will be appearing tomorrow as normal.

However, comic book don't ship to stores in the US until Thursday this week, so the new comics page probably won't be updated until Tuesday and, with the major companies closed, there won't be a lot of news to share on Monday. But check back here on Monday, you never know what'll happen.


  1. Tragically, the film Independence Day isn’t on TV here in the UK (maybe as some sort of protest?) but luckily I have the DVD. Who says only Christmas has to have seasonal movies?

  2. Also, Happy Independence Day, Colonials! To borrow a phrase from Grant Morrison "I’m from a country where the English won", so kudos, I guess.

  3. "No better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than by blowing up a small party of it"  -Homer

    Happy 4th Everybody. 

  4. Hate we have to observe this holiday tomorrow? Why? We’re observing it now by stuffing our faces and drinking beer. At least the podcast is here to keep us entertained.

    Happy 4th everyone!

  5. Will the three of you be grillin’ meats and talkin’ comics on camera again this year?

  6. @BC1 – I was wondering the same thing.  Those are some of my favorite episodes.

  7. @BC1: I loved that one.

  8. the colonizer vs the colonized

  9. Hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, fireworks, parades – what more can you ask for to celebrate our overthrowing the shackles of British rule! 

    Have a great Fourth of July, everyone!

  10. I also hope for comic discussion coupled with the grilling of meat.

  11. Re: grilling meat & talking comics – they answer this one in the Pick of the Week podcast.

    Also, Happy 4th, Yanks!

  12. God bless America and everyone in it!  I’m off to purchase hot dogs and the appropriate fixins.  Have a good one, my fellow Americans.

  13. Happy fourth to everyone! My family is grilling and telling stories….

  14. I slapped an Englishmen today

  15. @LiquidSnake I couldn’t find an Englishmen, so I kicked a Canadian. 

  16. Yay!