Happy Holidays 2009 from iFanboy! (Plus the holiday schedule)

Happy Holidays from iFanboy!
Thanks to Tad Stones for the holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays to everyone in the iFanbase from the iFanboy staff!

In the spirit of the holidays we're going to give our hard working staff some time off. That means we're going to be a little light on content on iFanboy.com until the start of the new year. 

You can still come here on Wednesday for the last episode of the year of our video show, iFanboy. However, there won't be a Pick of the Week next week because, except for Blackest Night #6 shipping to some stores, there won't be any new comic books at stores next week. As we said on last week's Pick of the Week Podcast, this coming week will be the All Media Year End Wrap Up in place of the Pick of the Week Podcast. It's something we've done at the end of every year and we enjoy it immensely. We will return to the Pick of the Week Podcast format the following week.

That should be it for holiday schedule changes. The staff here at iFanboy might try to get some other random stuff posted, but for the most part it's holiday time.



  1. Happy Holidays all, and thanks for another year of great material.  Josh, just wait till next year this time with the boy.  It will be so totally different, as I’m learning about this year.

  2. All the best to the three of you, the staffers and the rest of the ifanbase.  Another year of awesomeness – the POTW podcast is truly a shelter from the madness of my working life, and I appreciate every minute of it, chaps.  Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Enjoy your break.  Have fun and be safe (relatively).

    I love the fact that the Ron snowman is wearing his rings.  Beautiful.  Good work Mr. Stones.

  4. I declare profound admiration to Tad Stones.

    Merry Christmas Ifanboy. Thanks for everything.

  5. merry christmas IFanboy!

  6. Tad Stones, that is a cool pic my man.  Good job, alot of cool detail.  Marry Christmas to all you magnificent freaks of cultural order.  And remember, no matter where you go there you are.

  7. And I thought Blackest Night #6 was going to be a shoe-in for POTW next week…


    Happy Kwanzaa, dudes!

  8. Merry Christmas iFanboy! You are all awesome! Thank you for giving us this wonderful community and hours upon of excellent comics-related articles and podcasts! 😀

    Enjoy your break and until single issues go back to being $2.25 a pop, "Make mine iFanboy!" 😀 

  9. I thought Josh was left out with the symbols…..but then I noticed the tiny little green ring on the stick. Great work Tad!


    Happy Holidays to everyone on here! 

  10. Great work Tad! I love the pic. And Happy Holidays to everyone!

  11. That is one stupendous holiday card!

  12. Merry Christmas ya’ll!

  13. Zod bless us…everyone!

  14. Will you mention Blackest Night #6 when you return in January?


  15. The Tad Stones iFanboy snowmen are brilliant.  

    God bless us, everyone.

  16. Wait wait wait……

    Does the Ron snowman has all of the rings on his hand? Ha! 

  17. Merry Xmas, iFanboy. Thanks for another year of awesome content and truly wonderful entertainment.

    And happy holidays to the iFanbase. It’s a wonderful little slice of the web and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  18. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everybody! 😀

  19. Happy holidays everyone!

    Kudos to Tad Stones as well for the great art! 


  20. Happy Holidays iFanboy!!!!

  21. Happy holidays to you all!

  22. Happy Birthday Jesus!

  23. Happy nondenominational winter holiday to you all! 

  24. Happy "day like any other" day for those of you like me who don’t do anything special today.

  25. Merry Christmas to everyone! And, even if it’s not Christmas for you—Happy Day Off!  Or, at the very least.. Happy Friday!!


  26. This has been one of the best Christmases I’ve had in years; I hope all of you can say the same!

  27. This day feels so much like a Sunday that I’ve actually been waiting for the POTW podcast in a few minutes

  28. Happy New Year to everyone. And thanks for the present, makes me feel bad for not getting you a card.

  29. happy new year


  30. happy new year

  31. Happy New Year!