Happy Fourth of July!

Let’s make sure your 4th is less like this:

And more like this:

Don’t blow off any fingers out there, ya morons.


  1. MY GOD that liefeld Cap is HORRID!

  2. Such a heartwarming sentiment, thanks for caring Josh.

  3. @smeeeeee – is it better to have a giant bulge?

    It looks like what’s-her-face is trying to give cap his gun – like he’s some kid on a school day’s morning. She’s blocking Namor from reaching him first, while Iron Man is thinking of what tactic to use while tripping and karate chopping the other people.

    Also cap seems to be wearing really short pants above his long ones, and he’s holding them using a belt. Doesn’t make any sense. 

  4. When were they going to announce that Cap had a bum boob job?  Seriously, couldn’t the plastic surgeons tell that they made one just a tad bit bigger than the other?

  5. I think Cap has a massive tumor in his chest, and talk about your square jaw on that man.

  6. awww that was funny. 🙂

  7. surely chlop is not suggesting the liefeld is the better image? Liefeld just has no clue about perspective.

  8. I’ve often thought, when looking at this image, that what chlop is saying is correct.  It looks like that Cap design has shorts, but they were always just coloured the same as the pants.  I wonder if the original costume design called for shorts?  It wouldn’t have been unusual amongst the other designs. 

    Oh and I’m not American, but I’m still celebrating the 4th –  American employer.  So, yay for long weekends! 

  9. It’s really true that steroids cause impotence.

    Huge breast, completely flat under the belt…

  10. Aw, I didn’t need to see that. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  11. Happy Independence Day to all!

  12. You could fit a grill on his chest.

  13. His chest bugs me but the fact that he either has a tiny arm or half of one frightens me.

  14. That Liefeld Cap is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

    My friends wife bought him that Cap 100 issue for him for their first anniversary.  I picked it up for her at Heroes Con.

  15.  My friend made a comic, "The Adventures of Rob Liefeld’s Captain America":


  16. much love ifanboy =)

  17. Welcome to Erf.

  18. ha.  my brother saw his friend blow free fingers off 8 years ago today.  my brother’s friend is not the smartest guy

  19. Mommy? Why does have Captain America have boobs?

    I’m honestly surprised that Marvel would let art like that get by. Did somebody seriously look at that and go, "Wow, now this is Captain America, bulky chest and all!"? Plus the extra symbol on his forehead is just redundant. 

  20. Liefeld’s Cap could fit a full five course dinner on his chest.

  21. I’ll let you in on a little secret.

    the first image is how the rest of the world saw america when goerge w. bush was in charge. The second image is what we thought of you when Kennedy was kicking around. Now that you have a new guy, we’re leaning more towards the second image again

    (written and spoken by edward on behalf of the entire globe excluding Afghanisatn, North Korea and Hugo Chavaz. Authorised by no-one)

     happy 4th of july, iFanbase

  22. He needs a mighty big chest to fit a heart that large.

    Thanks for the Canada Day shout out. Happy Independence Day. 

  23. Everyday at my house is Canada Day. 

  24. re: Captain A – Always one of my favorite examples of Liefeld’s work, but a year or so ago I was told that maybe it wasn’t bad made-up anatomy so much as badly selected and intergrated photoreference?

    Now I sort of want to see Greg Land use the same image in Uncanny X-Men somewhere.

  25. @Ottobot–Photoreference? Who did he get to model, Dolly Parton? LOL


    @Chlop- Dude, that’s one of the most classic Marvel covers of all time done by none other then Jack "The King" Kirby. It’s the comic equivalent to overly criticizing Michelangelo’s Last Supper

  26. Maybe Cap’s chest isn’t huge.  Maybe Cap’s head is actually the size of an orange.

  27. The two images are a great example of perspective. Kirby was awesome at perspective, and Cap 100 proves it. You can easily see who ocupies what space in the 3 dimentional layout for that scene. Where as in the RL pic, you can’t even tell if Cap is standing slightly askew to his profile and Liefeld just flat out forgot to draw his left arm and shoulder, or if he really thinks Cap’s chest is THAT big in a straight up profile. Ether way, it’s just BAD!

  28. Captain Boob-Tumor! Eurgh!

  29. cap’s really glad he got rid of those implants

  30. Nice! I thought Cap Reborn had some great Cap drawings in it.

  31. Hail Captain Chesticles!

  32. I bet you Liefeld’s Cap makes Shatterstar horny. OHHHHHHH SNAP!

  33. even the shield has muscles

  34. @Animalvader1 – they’re facing away from the view, and they’re all in the same side. Passing the salt is a chore. Leonardo was the Liefeld of his time – all grandioze and no realism.

  35. You heard it folks, no boobs on the 4th.

  36. busty cap is hot.  someone kill rob

  37. THis just in! Jenna Jameson to get leading role in the upcoming Captain America movie!

  38. OMG I just realized! Rob has Cap actually trying to swallow his upper lip! What the Hell did we (The comic community) ever see in this guy? I mean Todd, and Jim Lee, I can see. But wtf were we thinking?

  39. ROFL

    There just can’t be a 4th of july withouth Liefeld’s magnificent chest!

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