Happy Canada Day!

In an effort to steal America's thunder, Canada have Canada Day today.  We kid, because we love you.

Actually, the list of top shelf Canadian comic creators is damn near daunting, and without Canada, comics just ain't comics.  So this one's for you, Joe Shuster, Darwyn Cooke, Jeff Lemire, Tom Fowler, Scott Chantler, Francis Manapul, Dave Sim, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Kaare Andrews, Pia Guerra, Dale Eaglesham, David Finch, Ty Templeton, Cameron Stewart, Karl Kerschl, John Byrne, and dozens of others, including a special shout out to my friends and collaborators, Kalle Malloy, who actually really does love hockey, beer, and being exceptionally polite, and letterer Charles Pritchett, who is obscenely nice.

Jeff Lemire tweeted out this image, and I think it says everything that needs saying.



  1. Long live Captain Canuck! I have my team Canada hockey jersey (Gold medal champions!) and a beer in hand to celebrate our nations bday! Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canuckleheads!

  2. I’m Canadian. I like Alpha flight.

  3. Happy Birthday Canada. Just remember, Wolverine’s ours, but so too is Northstar and his sister!

  4. Oh canada!!!

  5. is the new Captain Canuck new stories or a collection of the old ones?  I did a bit of research on Captain Canuck for a graduate assignment, he sounded more interesting than Captain America, but I don’t really know that much about Captain America of that time period

  6. Canadians also get Shatner. It’s just not fair.

  7. Thank you for giving us Jewel Staite

  8. Yeah, we get Shatner, Wolverine, and real beer.  We rock!

  9. Here’s another Captain Canuck: http://tinyurl.com/246ttv7

    In Quebec we call Canada Day "Moving day" ’cause that is when thousands of leases are over. And even though we brought you Shatner, we are also responsible for Celin Dion….

  10. Happy birthday to Canada, indeed, where comics are A Part of Our Heritage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9GYWbhBoHM

  11. I am proud canadian, like puck, sasquatch, vindicator, snow bird, shaman, aurora, and every other character killed by Bendis.

  12. @cloneboy I’m so happy I’ve never fell victim to the dreaded Montreal moving day!  Always made sure my leases didn’t end then.

  13. I am Canadian, and I say Happy Canada Day to the Ifanboy community, eh!!

  14. What the hell kind of perverse shit is happening in the lower corner?

  15. We also have Jim Carrey, Pamela Anderson, Eugene Levy, The Kids in the Hall, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion,  John Candy…

    Basically, we’re awesome.

  16. We also have the greatest hockey team EVER.


    Go Habs Go!

  17. Happy Canada Day fellow canadians!

  18. Proud to be Canadian and proud to still have a monarch!  Long live the Queen!  Did anyone see her in that red dress today?  She was in total stealth mode against that red backdrop on Parliament Hill! 

  19. Crippler: Ninja Monarch!

    Now there’s a comic book idea!

  20. Happy Canada day, from Winnipeg CANADA.

    Thx for all the shout outs!!!! 

  21. We skate, we drink, we rule.

    used to get Cat.Canuck multipacks from zellars’s in maple ridge…

    from the wetcoast, standing on gaurd.

    right-on to Winterpeg !



    >_> I miss Ottowa. Very very much.

  23. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. We love iFanboy here in Canada.

    Check out this article on Superheroes in the Toronto Star.