Happiness is an All-New PEANUTS Ongoing from Boom! Studios

Peanuts #0 from Kaboom!

Earlier this year Boom! Studios launched the Kaboom! youth imprint, which opened with an appropriate bang. An all new Peanuts OGN, not just sanctioned by the Schulz estate, but co-authored by Sparky’s son Craig. The Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown comic coincided with an animated feature of the same name, written by Craig Schulz and Pearls Before Swine cartoonist Stephan Pastis. Borrowing themes and situations from story lines in the late Charles Schulz’s newspaper strips, the final product is a loving tribute which feels equally at home with the many Peanuts animated projects produced both during and after Schulz’s original run.

Now, Kaboom has announced an ongoing monthly Peanuts comic series to launch in January. As with their other property, Roger Langridge’s wonderful Snarked, the publisher will also release a #0 issue for $1.00 in advance of the 2012 premiere. That teaser issue arrives in November, featuring an all-new story and a sneak peek at issue #1. Though the promo image bears the Charles M. Schulz name, the actual creative team has not yet been announced. With their excellent handling of the previous OGN as well as the earlier Muppets titles, we’re very confident that this series will be treated with the loving care it deserves.

Look for Peanuts #0 in November for just a buck. The monthly series starts chasing kites in January with issue #1.





  1. Great move on Boom’s part. Defintley picking this up.

  2. Awesome! I just Calvin and Hobbes could come back in something like this. Alas….

    • Yeah…where the heck is our Calvin and Hobbes return!?

    • As long as the rights are in Bill Watterson’s hands there won’t be any merchandising of the Calvin and the Hobbes. I’m crushed again every time I realize there aren’t any more of those strips being made but, hey, more power to him.

  3. Yes and more Yes!

  4. I have little interest in Peanuts comics not by Charles Schulz. Animated specials- fine. Comics- no.

  5. I dont know…