Hack/Slash Returns With ‘Me Without You’

Coming on January 5, creator Tim Seeley returns with his second Hack/Slash arc through Image Comics.  Following up My First Maniac, Seeley will tell the origin story of Vlad, Cassie's very large sidekick.

I'd always heard of the series, but didn't give it a try before the book made its way to Image, and I was really impressed. There's more to it than just a slasher movie made into a comic book, and there's clearly a gigantic story being told over all  More than that, it's a labor of love, and the pages communicate that.  Seeley's 100% behind this book, and it deserves your attention.

Apparently, the first mini-series from Image sold pretty well, because Hack/Slash: Me Without You, a one-shot written by Tim Seeley, illustrated by Daniel Leister will be on the shelves in January.  This is the kind of book you'll want to tell your retailer about now, because there's no guarantee they'll order it otherwise.


  1. I’ve loved the stories I’ve picked up here and there.  In the past, he did some great tributes to other comics.  One included an Archie-like crossover.  It was funny and twisted at the same time.  I hope that continues here.

  2. I read a lot of back issues of this, because they’re .99 in the Comixology iPad app, good stuff.

  3. Just got the first omnibus of this series and its great. can’t wait for more.

  4. I’ve been with this series since its original launch and love every issue. It’s truly worth checking out.

  5. And they say josh doesn’t like fun. That cover is very sexually suggestive, in all the worst ways. I have never read this series, is it worth delving into?

  6. Why is it that the manic, serial killers always get the girls?

  7. Nice!

  8. I think Seeley is able to walk the line of serious story telling, along with "Cheesecake" (I hate that word, but…) goofyness really well. 

  9. Cool, I liked the Cassie origin, it will be good to see one for Vlad too.  I’ve been reading Hack/Slash since the ongoing DDP series and have always enjoyed it.  I’m not typically a horror fan but I love the spin this series puts on the genre.  Like Nate said, Seeley mixes perfect doses of character and story with the cheesecake and genre tropes.

    That said, please get back to where the last series left off soon.  I want more Pooch, dammit!

  10. I give this series my highest possible recommendation.  If you’re a fan of fun and 80’s slasher films, then you need to give this a try.  

    Pooch is of course awesome.  And if you want to see more of him, check out the Murder Messiah Annual that came out a few weeks ago.  It essentially prints the last two unpublished issues of the DDP run.   

  11. Oh, thanks Christopher!  I didn’t realize that’s what the Annual was, looking forward to it now.  I have that preordered from DCBS so I’m a bit behind.  Will be able to read it in a week or so.