Guardians of the Globe get cryptozoological with… Yeti

You know, I had completely forgotten about then until now, but this team just seems to be a riff on DC's Global Guardians, which was the international community's answer to the Justice League of America in the 1980s.



  1. What is this guy’s super power? “wait right here, I’ll go clog the drains”!

  2. If Proof & MODOK mated

  3. Oh cool, I get it. Guardians of the Globe aren’t the Avengers, they’re Alpha Flight. It all makes sense now.

  4. This guy could be really huge or a knee-high, ball of energy mini-sasquatch.

  5. It was a dark and stormy night at the offices of Image comics when Kirkman answered a knock at the door.  There, stuffed in a basket, was the Wendigo with a note that read: "Hope you have better luck than we did.  -M"

  6. @wayne2001bc: It would be fantastic if it was the latter.

  7. I am trepidatious.

  8. Good god! What an ugly mug. It would be awesome if his human form was ugly too.

  9. @DarthDuck – Yatzi!!!

  10. the yeti’s superpower is to scare villians with his nonproportional head

  11. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


    Love it!  

  12. Never send a herbivore to do a carnivores job…

  13. I’ve never seen more exceptional teeth on a cryptid before, though. Those are some fine-lookin’ choppers.

  14. "this team just seems to be a riff on DC’s Global Guardians"

    Riff or rip?

  15. @Kick-Ass: Riff.

  16. The fuck? I hope that his secret is that he’s Obama

  17. Is his secret that he dies his fur? Also, if you place a set of drums in front of him, he looks sort of like Animal from the Muppets.

  18. Short of pulling a Nick Simmons, I guess there are no rips in comics?

  19. I think he is hiding his tears inside and has just pooped in his under pants. Oh wait, no pants. Maybe just behind the trees. Has some still clinging in the back of his… i had a  dog like that u know…

  20. aww I liked it when he put the star on the tree in the original Rudolph movie. I see he has dental coverage working for Santa.

  21. Look out… It’s the Ultra-Humani…. No wait, Look out it’s… WENDIG– Nope. Oh, It’s evil Beast from New X-Men 151.

    Interesting team we’re going to end up with. 

  22. He’s not wearing any pants. What it is with these animal-type super people and not wearing pants? Do they just keep their tackle rolled up inside like a horse and extend as needed? I’ll buy this book (if it is a book) just to Kirkman explain that one.

  23. Wolverine! Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!Wolverine!

  24. The Yeti’s secret is apparently that he struts to Stayin’ Alive everywhere he goes.

  25. Why do I feel like throwing red paint?

  26. He needs to go to the dentist. Those gums look so inflamed.

  27. Where are all the original new members of the GotG?

  28. Man, he looks tough! Could be cool since seems like it won’t be a RAHGRRR monster. Maybe a Bigfeet will show up as well.

    I’m a little worried about that ankle. Looks like there could be some snappage quite soon. And nice furry loincloth thing going on there hiding "his" junk….or lack thereof, perhaps….?

  29. This is getting interesting.