Green Lantern Gets Animated Series

Despite the fact that Bruce Timm's Green Lantern: First Flight sold poorly enough to cancel plans for a sequel, Green Lantern has landed himself an animated series on Cartoon Network. The series will, reportedly, be based on the version of Green Lantern that will be seen in the upcoming film starring Ryan Reynolds. Nothing else about the show is known at this point.

You can take off your multi-colored Lantern rings and get up off the couch, though. The Hollywood Reporter says that the Green Lantern cartoon isn't set to hit until 2012 or 2013.


Green Lantern Animated


Warner Bros. is really banking a lot on the live action Green Lantern movie, aren't they?


  1. Great news for a Green Lantern fan like me.

  2. In my wildest dreams, this would be a DCAU project.

  3. YES YES YES a million times YES!

  4. @Viewt: I’d hold on tight to those dreams.

  5. This is good news. I wasn’t a huge fan of First Flight so I’m glad the eventual cartoon will be going in a different direction. Any cartoon based on a superhero film instead of the source material gives me pause. But I’m still excited. And I’ll be even more excited when I inevitably forget about it and see it announced again closer to release.

  6. It does sound like the whole new DC movie line up rests on the shoulders of Green Lantern. Hopefully it does well.

  7. Well we got 3-4 years to see if it’s better then First Flight. Although that won’t be too tough to top.

  8. @TNC: Or 2-3.

  9. Damnit, Conor; you just got the Electric Lights Orchestra song stuck in my head with your comment to Viewt!

  10. Great news! And horrible news too, being that it is long away.

  11. Poor Warner Brothers. I like GL, but this has crazy potential to be really bad, much like the feature film. Any chance Dini and Darwin are coming back to animation?

  12. Awesome stuff.  Hopefully, this will come to fruitition.

  13. SWEET!

  14. I don’t see Green lantern doing nearly as well as they think it will. 

  15. Awesome, I hope its done well and I and wonder who they will get to do the voice acting?

  16. There have been rumours about this for a while in the toy community.  Apparently, Mattel showed off some early demos to retailers at the same summit that the Young Justice slide leaked from.  It’s heavily rumoured this will be all CGI, star Hal but heavily lean on the Corps.  Bruce Timm is also rumoured to be involved(but in what role, rumours vary…some say he wrote the show bible & did the lead designs, others say he’s just an executive producer).  There’s a lot of excitement, as Bruce Timm’s involvement means that it will probably be connected to the DCAU in someway.

  17. @Luthor: Why would it mean it would be connected to the DCAU just beause Timm is involved? His animated movies aren’t connected. And itf it’s based on the live action world then it’s already in its own space.

  18. @conor, means and probably were too strong of words…but there are hopes within the toy community that it will be similar to the Static Shock cartoon.  Based in the same world but not really effected by the same continuity.

  19. DC has a pretty good track record with animated series. I think it’ll be good especially if they give it a real budget and full support. 

    Warner’s is betting the house on GL to become the next Batman type franchise. The merchandising plans for this movie is pretty crazy. 

  20. Geoff Johns just tweeted about this series and said 2011.  Hmmm… I think I’d go with what he says.

  21. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    I think the problem with DC movies is that there are too many people involved in production who aren’t coming from or have the insight to the comic industry. They need to have more of the people involved in the animated films step up into into the major motion picture realm.

  22. I will neither take off my Lantern rings nor get off the couch, sir.

  23. I wonder if they’ll skew a younger direction, like the way Marvel did with the recent Iron Man series. If the GL movie is a hit I could see them going that way to try and capitalize on the movie.

  24. @flakbait–i dunno..DC alread has a few like Teen Titans and Batman:Brave and Bold. Maybe they go more serious like The Justice League series’ that were pretty popular. 

  25. Do you think it’s gonna show Star City and his wife Black Canary?



  26. I was excited about this then i realized it will be in 2012-2013 , so I really don’t care…

  27. @NOK are you afraid you might actually grow up by then and won’t be watching anymore cartoons 😛 becuase you won’t.

  28. incase any one is interested some person got a snap shot of DC’s plan for Green Lantern at some investor meeting. They are hoping for the TV show to come out for November 2011.

  29. Based on the movie? Groan…

  30. i’m guessing that the ‘based on the movie’ thing will just be for starters and if it’s successful it’ll go it’s own way? it’s probably a different story in the US, but over here in the UK green lantern isn’t a ‘known’ character. people are generally aware and familiar with batman and superman, no matter what their relationships with comics are, but i don’t think i know anyone who isn’t a comic book reader who knows anything about the green lantern? the series is probably being created as a precursor to the film in order to raise the profile of the character and to cause a stir amongst kids; i.e. a marketing tool. still, looking forward to this and the film. the green lantern stuff is probably my favourite part of the DCU and with the flash and a new superman flick seemingly underway, i really hope it’s a success!   

  31. I think the "based on the movie" thing will be in the same vein as the Timm-Dini Batman series. It was supposedly based on the Tim Burton movies, but eventually found its own footing.

  32. Batman: TAS was based on Adams/O’Niel Batman.

  33. @muddi900: It draws from a lot of sources (and does its own thing too), but its selling point was originally the Burton connection. It eventually grew out of that though, and that’s what I predict will happen to this GL show.

    As always, I reserve the right to be wrong.

  34. I would say TAS owes a lot to the Burton film – the music and the general look in particular.