Great Pages: SILVER SURFER #1

From Silver Surfer (Vol. 4) #1 (1988)

From Silver Surfer (Vol. 4) #1 (1988)

Over lunch together at the 1987 San Diego Comic Con, French comics artist Moebius and American comics icon Stan Lee decided to collaborate on a story together. Moebius’ grand art style lent itself to something huge and cosmic. A street level Spider-Man or Captain America tale simply wouldn’t do. The pair agreed on telling a Silver Surfer and Galactus tale, two characters that Stan Lee created alongside Jack Kirby back in 1966.

In a two issue miniseries titled Silver Surfer, Moebius and Lee presented a story that didn’t quite fit into the regular Marvel Universe. In it, Galactus arrives on Earth and sends the population into a frenzy. This story showcases Stan Lee’s themes of false prophets and people finding their own way in the universe. But truly, the star of the show here is Moebius’ amazing artwork. His drawings of Galactus show the being’s age and power. The amount of detail added to Galactus’ face is astounding and could be poured over by art fans for hours. His standing in a beam of light in the middle of a seemingly miniature city is compelling.

This miniseries won an Eisner Award for Best Finite Series in 1989 and this one page makes it pretty clear why. These are two comics masters working together to deliver a story worth remembering.


  1. What a great story this was.Besides the art, what really caught my attention was the epic dialogue. I felt like I was reading quotes from the Bible at times!

  2. Phenomenal team-up & still looks immense today!

  3. I remember being blown away by this as a ten year old kid. I recently bought the reissue Marvel just put out. Need o rea that ASAP. I have a feeling it something that will seem even more terrific to me twenty four years later.

  4. i read this book a few weeks ago, and thought it was fantastic!

  5. I love the granite like texture of Galactus’ skin that Moebius used throughout . . .

    I just read this for the first time recently, and was quite impressed by both the art and the story.

  6. I bought Parable recently as well as I always wanted to read this, Moebius work on Incal is amazing and his Galactus goes down as top 3 for me.

  7. I like the jaded guy with the cigarette on the right. He’s seen worse.