Great Moments in Comics History: X-Factor Annual #5

X-Factor Annual (Vol. 1) #5 (1990)


As only the Uncanny X-Men are allowed to play baseball together, the members of X-Factor are forced to play jai alai like suckers.


  1. Things look borderline Escher in the background. Doesn’t Jai Alai usually require walls?

  2. I’m not sure they are playing Jai Alai. Looks like they are just playing pass the ice balls. A very popluar Scandinavian past time and a intresting name of an adult movie.

  3. Someone call Pete Campbell! Things might be looking up for that Jai Alai account!

  4. They suck at this.

    Saving the world? They’ve got that down.

    Jai alai? Not so much.

  5. This week, in X-Factor: THRILL, as our heroes do badly at a sport they’ve never played before! (Also they fight Magneto or something)

  6. That panel has more unnecessary piping than a New 52 costume.

  7. Seriously, if you didn’t tell me they were playing jai-alai I would be wondering what the fuck is going on here.

  8. Help the Englishman out, wtf’s Jai-alai?