Great Moments in Comics History: World’s Finest
















So well intentioned… so awkward.


  1. Wow. Batman never takes a holiday from being a dick. This is awesome.

  2. I lik ethat Superman seems to keep Batmans gift up in his butt… I mean where in his cape should he hide that thing?

  3. Man, Supes is such a dick.

  4. I like that Batman doesn’t give Supes a gift, I guess offering to have Clark to Wayne Manor is a good enough present.

  5. Double Diss!!! haha so great. Big Blue sure is a jerk.

  6. this is brilliant!

  7. That was actually surprisingly powerful

  8. MAN! This is the best ‘moment in comics history’ yet!! Not only does Supes give him the movie that killed bruce’s parents, HE ALSO TURNS DOWN THE INVITITATION TO SPEND X-MAS WITH BATMAN!!

  9. Holy crap how many awkward moments can just TWO panels hold?! “Remember tht film you saw the night your parents were murdered right in front of you? Well I happen to have a copy of the DVD right here in my ass!”. “And those orphans will be happy”, “Well off to spend the holidays with FAMILY, not that you have any”.

    Im not sure if Bats or Supes were the bigger dick in this one…

  10. The Man of Steel quietly browsing through used DVDs at a Barnes and Noble is a pretty surreal mental image.

  11. “Hey Clark, remember that time your entire planet blew up and your entire culture and all your loved ones burned in an epic hell fire?….yeah that was cool”

    • “That’s why I bought you Armageddon AND Deep Impact. They were in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Can you believe it? Five dollars!”

  12. And Supes didn’t even invite Bats over for the holidays…just so cold.

    • To be fair it would have been kinda weird to have Bruce Wayne over at your house. That would be like having Bill Gates show up for Christmas. Explaining the relationship would throw up some red flags.

      These are the same people who don’t recognize Clark without his glasses on so then again it might end up working.

  13. Is Batman sniffing the DVD in the bottom of page 1? “MMMMMMM Smells like Super-butt which interestingly enough smells like pumpkin spice”

  14. This really is the best one you’ve ever put on here. I can’t stop coming back to go over it again and again.

  15. That was wayyy too awkward. It gave me serious anxiety haha

  16. Its pretty obvious Supes where’s an actual fanny pack concealed by his cape. Its the only explanation.

  17. Notice how Superman turns down Batman’s offer, which is quite magnanimous considering the gift he gave him (probably on purpose), by saying he’s going to spend the holidays with FRIENDS. In other words, Batman, you aren’t Superman’s friend.

    Man Superman is such a super-jerk. I think he’s in danger of going rogue.

  18. VHS even. Damn, Clark.

  19. What I meant was non “super” friends…um oh yeah, sorry Bruce

    • “I mean Bruce listen gadgets are fuckin cool too man, some might even say super-cool, you got a sweet ass car, put the top down, it’s almost like flying bro…c’mon don’t be so grim, it’s christmas!!

    • Bruce responds
      “yeah, while Jimmie Olsen is chasing you around the fortress of Solitude witha sprig of mistletoe, I’ll be keeping Gotham safe from the Joker, Killer Croc, Penguin, the Riddler and Bane. Enjoy your eggnog, slacker”

  20. I think the worst part about this is Bruce inviting Clark was obviously a segue into inviting more people and throwing a huge party. But nope, Clark had to go ruin that. Thanks for ruining Bruce’s Christmas. Don’t be surprised if you find gray painted Kryptonite in your Christmas stocking this year.

  21. He probably made that DVD with an illegal torrent, too. What an asshole.

  22. Superman the first RedBox. He really pulled that idea out of his ass didn’t he?

  23. This was hilarious! I actually find it interesting that, based on these two pages at least, Superman doesn’t know about Batman’s relationship with Zorro. It’s the kind of thing I thought bats would have told him. I always felt like Clarkw as somebody that Bruce would open up to occasionally.