Great Moments in Comics History: World’s Finest Comics #4

Yes, that is Robin taming a snake with his mouth organ.


  1. Batman sleeps in his costume?

  2. And Robin Serenades him whilst in bed.. Cowl head must be awful compared to bedhead

  3. oh… i get it. Penis

  4. Everything about this panel is wrong.  I’m calling Child Protective Services.

  5. Can’t let the Ambiguously Gay Duo have all the fun…

  6. Mouth Organ AND awkward Pause!

  7. they sleep in the uniforms as well, they must stink!

  8. iFanboy should have a captions contest

  9. As Batman lays in bed, Robin sits beside him and soothes Batman’s snake .

  10. Why the Hell is Batman sleeping with a snake in the first place!?!?!?!!?!?!

  11. “Quick [Robin]! Go for the neck! That’s where it’s most sensitive!”

  12. I owe Dr. Wertham an apology.

  13. where’s Chris Hanson when you need him? 

    i second the notion for a captions contest. 

  14. This looks like a wild night at Charlie Sheen’s house

  15. @ato220  –Michael Jackson’s house….too soon?

  16. wow, batman sleeps in his costume. I know the first comment said it already but I had to say it too. lol

  17. Craig Ferguson would love this!

  18. @supertrackmonkey  agree! that would be fun.

  19. @wallythegreenmonster  Batman, why don’t you take a seat…

  20. why is batman wearing his costume in bed?

  21. This is the type of stuff Grant Morrison should cover!

  22. Am the only one who wants to know where Batman’s right hand is?

  23. That’s right, just like that… old chum.

  24. This is one of my favorite parts of Ifanboy!

  25. damn, sleeping with cape AND cowl? WTF? now that’s just creepy bats

  26. This panel is almost as creepy as the pregnant Batman drawing.

  27. Since everyone’s saying it… ahem…”Batman sleeps in his costume!?”