Great Moments in Comics History: Uncanny X-Men Annual #4


Not only is Logan the kind of guy who will give you a picture of himself as a gift, but he’s got the table manners of a viking.

(Thanks to Ali Kalomeris for the submission!)


  1. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Mmmmmm.  Pure white turkey legs.  Yum!

  2. With his healing ability is he impervious to salminila?

  3. I can’t imagine Wolverine even posing for that pic back in the day. And i can just imagine Nightcrawler hating the pic, but being too terrified of Logan to take it down. It’s like being forced to wear the horrid sweater your grandmother got you, but a thousand times worse. 

  4. You know after a tough day at work I really have a hankering for a white turkey leg.

  5. I like to imagine him posing for the photo, getting dressed up, and making an adventurous face for the camera.  You can work up a hell of an appetite doing that it seems.

  6. Wolverine and Colossus went half-ies.  Wolverine let his likeness to Peter and he painted the picture.  Cheap teammates…

    Also, who had the balls to get him that polka-dot shirt, striped tie combo?

  7. I believe Wolverine is feasting on leg of Wendigo. As well, is it me or does this panel tell you that none of the team, including the psychics, have any clue what Nightcrawler likes? It’s like everyone forgot his birthday. 😉 

  8. Is that big hat for Professor? Please let it be so.

  9. This is what should have been in all the X-men movies, every single one, that scene can’t get old.

  10. There is no polite way to eat a turkey leg. Only a manly way.

  11. Poor Nightcrawler.  They made him wear a costume to his own birthday party.  

  12. Ok, I’ll start it off…

    -Not shown;  3 fingered catchers mitt and pink velour tail sock for those cold winter nights


  13. I’ve given gifts of myself as presents before. Handsome guys like me and Logan can get away with it.

  14. Hmmmmm–  It’s not a portrait of Wolverine.  It’s a dart board.

  15. Those are some really shitty gifts there. You can sort of tell that Nightcrawler is kinda pissed off here.

  16. You guys just don’t have the backstory that is so important when reading the X-Men. Wolverine is just getting Nightcrawler back for last year, when Kurt got him that green corduroys/canary yellow cowboy shirt combo.

  17. Can Nightcrawler re-gift?

  18. What’s with the floor? Are they in a barn?

  19. That’s not turkey, Logan is gnawing on some homestyle wendigo there.

  20. Abd being half asleep I see that gag was already used. Insomnia, always fun.

  21. I am sure the weights are also appreciated considering he has access to a gym and the danger room.

  22. Looks like he also got a white coyboy hat, so it isn’t like the day was a total loss.

  23. HahHa . . .in Logan’s defense, he and Kurt are best buds!  I bet ‘Crawler was thriled to have the picture.  I can’t say I recall him ever wearing that hat, though.

  24. what’s the big deal. it’s a signed headshot. Josh has hundreds of his own

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think signed headshots make great gifts. 

  26. Last time somebody called me "fella" I was fending off advances from a 60 year-old man in an Applebees bathroom.

  27. Wolverine’s a lot older than 60.

  28. I like the fact that someone got him weights.  Probably Cyclops.. that dick. 

    "Happy birthday Kurt! … Yeah, so, I’ve noticed you seemed a little weak in danger room practise last week, so… have fun!"

  29. @Crippler  Ha ha ha ha.  It’s like that aunt who gives you weight-loss or self-help books.  Only she doesn’t make you run drills in the Danger Room.

  30. (Now I’m going to be a nerd and say I don’t think Cyke was with the team at that time, but it’s still funny).

  31. I think you’re right.  This was 1980 so this was the post-Phoenix death and pre-Lee Forester time.

  32. I notice binoculars as well. Nothing say like ‘best peeping tom area’ like the X-Mansion. You got many of pickens to choose from to spy in that house.

  33. He could always have it altered to resemble Napoleon…

  34. Logan probably just framed one of those "Wolverine Art Appreciation" variant covers…I think that one was for "Pride and Prejudice" #1.

  35. I hope that is a velvet painting instead of a picture.  Nothing’s classier.

  36. The worst part of the picture is that it isnt really of Logan at all. It’s really professor X LARPing as Logan.

  37. I love it how Logan’s hair matches perfectly with the points of his costume.

  38. At least Logan wrapped his. The other guys just threw crap in a cardboard box. Not even a birthday card.

  39. @WOLFDOG: you’re supposed to push webistcs!