Great Moments in Comics History: The Mighty Thor #341

But… but that’s…! And… that’s…! And they’re both…!

(Joe? Dan? More of this, please.)


  1. Interesting.  I smell a lawsuit.

  2. Epic.


    What really makes it for me is Nick Fury’s shit eating grin in panel 3.

  3. I love stuff like this. This kind of thing was extremely common back in the day.

  4. Taking jabs, I love it.

  5. So glad I’m getting that Omnibus now. 

  6. So did Thor just beat down Superman?

  7. Hey here is a question. Why does Thor need glasses for a secret identity? What happened to Donald Blake here?

  8. @JesTr – This takes place early in Simonson’s run, right after Odin awards Beta Ray Bill with the alter ego enchantment. Now Bill can change between his original form and the grotesque horse-head version we’re familiar with. In doing so, Donald Blake is no more, and Thor asks Fury to set him up with a new civillian identity and New York apartment. So you’re looking at his new alter ego Sigurd Jarlson.

  9. Go walt!

  10. @paulmontgomery- confused. I’m just going to go with what I know from Thor: Mighty Avenger for all my Thor knowledge from now on.

  11. WHHHHAAAAA!!???

    I imagine the man who ran DC at the time (sorry I don’t know who off the top of my head) getting this issue in his office:

    "Hahaha….Oh man what a cocinidence…..Hello Martha? Yes, yes; go fetch my attorneys please."

  12. hahaha, awesome!

  13. It would have been way cooler if that was "mullet" Supes, then they could have talked about hair care products. Oh well.

  14. See what had happened was, the cops were looking for me and I was on the run. I put on some glasses and when the cops caught up to me they said, oh wrong guy. Never fails to amaze me. Also this is the greatest idea since pizza? Nick Fury is the leader of the most covert agency in the world and this was all he could come up with? Really?

  15. Bwuuuuuuuuuuuh?

  16. Walt SImonson’s Thor is STILL the most fun comic to ever hit the stands. And the upcoming mega simonson omnibus will get you in great shape if you lug it around for an hour a day!

  17. does this mean that Nick fury had poor eyesight in his left eye, and wore glasses with one prescription stronger than the other, until… well you know.

  18. Later in that issue Thor fights a Dragon in NYC on a construction site.  IT RULES!

  19. Simonson’s Thor is one of the all-time great runs in comics, full stop.


    Buy the omniboo. 

  20. @Paul: Ha! Cool thanks Paul.

  21. There’s a Simonson Thor Omnibus? When did/does it come out?