Great Moments in Comics History: The Witching Hour #17

This is like a lost episode of Rod Serling’s The Night Gallery as directed by David Cronenberg. I have no idea how the guy managed a Windsor knot in the latter half of the story. The fingers of fear even go away for a while and he decides to go rock climbing (in his suit, without gear) with predictable results. Go out and grab the Showcase edition of this series. It’s spectacular.


  1. If David Cronenberg did it, he would have been doing sexual things with that hand… to himself or his female love interest…this movie needs to happen right now!

  2. Was that a reprint? Looks rather Fifties, predating the classic JLA Felix. Faust cover and its homages.

    (Checks Grand Comics Database …)

    Ah yeah, ‘from Sensation Comics (DC, 1942 series) #109 (May-June 1952)’

    Great choice, anyway, Paul.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It is indeed a reprint. Witching Hour is where I got it though. 

  4. @juassicalien, I was thinking the exact samething.

    I love the out loud expostion instead of internal thoughts. If my figners where the men i killed i think my last dying seconds would have a lot of swearing and crying, maybe some pants peeing too, you know, cause i’m scared.

  5. that’s what they used to call me back at boarding school

  6. I like that the index finger guy appears to be shaking a maraca at him. Threatening him with a hot latin beat.

  7. did he murder people with weird haircuts or what?

  8. It’s the comic version of “Idle Hands”. Except with 100% less Offspring and Seth Green and 100% more awkward exposition and insanity.

  9. AKA-  The Shocker

  10. I wanna know where those guys got the tiny knife and gun!