Great Moments in Comics History: The Flash #161

Under that straight arrow, mid-western, crewcutted facade lays a deep, deep well of insanity.

(Thanks to Thomas Katers for the submission!)



  1. Ha ha ha, I remember Tom talking about that issue on his podcast.  *Crazy*. 

    Maybe the Flash suit should hook up with Tony Stark’s armor from that Joe Quesada arc where the armor took Tony hostage.

  2. Spectacular. I’m in love with Tom.

  3. its sooo wierd to see this panel after hearing about it on TvF

  4. I still think the funniest part of this is the idea that guns talk to people is treated as a given. Well, sure; we’ve all heard our guns talking. So what?

  5. Sounds like my ex-girlfriend

  6. Now I know where R.L. Stine got his "halloween mask gone crazy" plot for those two Goosebumps books, and why the Flash is always happy.

  7. This is one of my favorite episodes of Tom vs The Flash!

  8. My shirt is telling me to take a shower.

  9. "You will always wear me, no matter how last season you will look!"

  10. That’s actually pretty creepy; if your in the mind of Barry Allen

  11. This is the stuff of nightmares

  12. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Nice submission idea by Tom.  I enjoy the second panel where the hole in the mask where Flash’s mouth and chin go looks like a gaping maw with two sharp teeth.  Nice visual choice to go with that creepy text.

  13. Maybe Marvel took this concept to come up with Venom.

  14. No wonder I was such a troubled kid–  I used to love the Flash.

  15. Katers is just plain awesome.  I think I am developing one o’ them man-crushes.

  16. Hah!  I was just joking about this story on some forums a few days ago!  Thanks for posting these panels!

  17. Flash back in college, after someone handed him a spliff.

  18. what would we do without kanigher’s crazy ideas this is awesome

  19. "Oooo…and yes, you do look fat in me…oooo"

  20. At the rate the Flashes die, she probably says that to everyone.

  21. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    if my shirt could talk, i would feel bad about the DC nation and ifanboy pins in it.  

  22. If my clothes started talking to me, I’d be a naked giant walking around!

  23. Tom Katers is a podcasting god. 

  24. Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino are the geniuses.

    Conor is the sick bastard who searches this stuff out. Malcontent.

  25. is it possible to elect tom katers to some kind of office?

  26. how many super villians have died and come back with such fanfare?

  27. That probably one of the creepiest things EVER!!

  28. tom vs the flash…lol that is so creepy

  29. tom vs the flash…lol that is so creepy