Great Moments in Comics History: The Avengers #18

Okay, I lied. This is the Saddest Moment in Comics History.


  1. It’s fairly easy to turn down Cap’s dinner invite when empty plates are being served.

  2. Awww forever alone cap is sad 🙁

  3. I can hear the clock loudly ticking.

  4. Maybe he’d be less depressed if he’d change out of his costume into some jeans and a nice sweater or something.

  5. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Avengers’ dining room is also their living room? who designed this mansion?

  6. There’s nothing more sad than lighting a candelabra before sitting down at a table for one 🙁

  7. Was Dashboard Confessional or AFI playing in the background?

  8. I didn’t consider this sort of conflict occurring because I never really read Cap before. It wasn’t until I saw the movie that this point is stressed and I’m sure they’re going to examine it further in the sequel. Poor Cap!

  9. Lonely night for cap, guess it’ll be a pot-noodle & a wank then…..!

  10. Great panel and great comments. It is fun to go back and look at these things- i guess fans were less critical of their storyboard literature in the 60’s. Saddest moment ever.

    • For some of us, it was not so much a case of being “less critical” but more a case of being “a great deal younger”! But that panel…..I mean, jeez, he doesn’t even have a dog. Poor Cap.

  11. I would bet that if you refer to yourself as a “ramrod” you will find yourself dining alone very, very often.

  12. At least his day picked up later.

    • “Alles klar, Der Kommisar?

      Don’t turn around (oh-oh)
      Der Kommissar’s in town! (oh-oh)
      You’re in his eye, and you’ll know why,
      the more you live, the more you die”

    • bleh, wrote the lyrics wrong.. ‘the faster you will die’. Not the more you die. that just makes no sense, now does it?

  13. Next panel.
    The Sentry walks in holding a box that reads “500 piece puzzle”. Cap seated in a same position as previous panel.

    Cap: Sorry, Bob. I’m a little busy right now.
    Cap (thought balloon): I guess it could be worse.

  14. that candleabra is HUUUUGE!

  15. Maybe if he stopped using the word “ramrod” other dudes would want to hang out with him.

  16. Cap should get on Facebook. Then he could have a private life.

  17. Thus begins the Avengers’ musical episode with Cap singing All By Myself

    • This is probably Joss Whedon’s plan for Avengers 2.

    • There once was going to be a Captain America musical in 1985, true believers. From the NY Times:

      Captain America’ boasts a hero-sized $4 million budget. IT’S going to be a big one, if everything works out as befits a musical named ”Captain America.” Big, in this case, means a budget of $4 million – a lot of money, even for a superhero fighting for the American dream, the flag and the woman he loves. The superhero will not, in fact, be particularly super when the curtain goes up. The book by Mel Mandel and Norman Sachs (who are also responsible for music and lyrics) has Captain A. going through a mid-life crisis. Fortunately, the action speeds up – his girlfriend, a candidate for President, is captured by terrorists and held hostage at the Lincoln Memorial. That’s enough of the plot – when you invest millions, as are Shari Upbin, James Galton and Marvel Comics and some as yet untapped sources, you’re entitled to a few secrets.

  18. How did Stan Lee know what my life was going to be like?

  19. I’d probably get kind of down, too, if I had to eat next to a lamp made out of Black Manta’s helmet.

  20. Having a candle light emo moment wont help.

  21. A virgin in the films. A lonely ramrod in the comics. Why do you hate yourself so much, America?

  22. Apparently being a “ramrod” is a lot duller than I thought it would be. Huh.

  23. My Aunt Elenor, who lived in Rego Park, Queens, had an apartment that looked exactly like that!

  24. sad face. 🙁 I’ll have dinner with you Steve.

  25. lonely…… i’m mr. lonely…. i have nobody……to call my ownnnnnnnnwwwwooonnnnnnn.

  26. Forever a Cap..