Great Moments in Comics History: The Avengers #11

God, Rick. Would it kill you to read the by-laws before you start trying to just second motions willy nilly?



  1. “Rick, Rick, Rick. When will you learn that a thorough understanding of Robert’s Rules is ESSENTIAL if you want these meetings to go smoothly. Now, take my shield and have the black portion replaced with blue. My name isn’t Captain Yemen.”

  2. “master of many sizes”… I had a gf once that called me that…

  3. Bigger douche in official superhero meetings: Steve Rogers or Batman?

  4. Next panel.

    The Sentry recites Article 1, section 5 (Seconding the Motion) from Robert’s Rules.
    Thor (off panel): Whilst thou cease!

  5. I was expecting Cap to say: “SILENCE!”

    ….They should be wearing cloaks during these meetings.

  6. Can we mash this up with the last strip like this with Namor and Doom? Have Bucky then shout “BARNES DOES AS HE LIKES!”

  7. This is a “great moment in comics history”….its hilarious….and the by-laws comment below,lol. I had to google Rick Jones and surprised I didn’t know who he was having a rather long history with the cosmic Marvel U, which is my favorite stuff but I jumped into that on DnA’s cosmic corner run starting they’re Annihilation/Conquest through Nova,Inhumans, War of Kings, Guardians of the Galaxy and culminating with Thanos Imperative, although I did read The Infinity Gauntlet when I was a kid and think that was the 1st event in comics for me and made me realize theres some edge here. I dont remember if I ever had all the Secret Wars comics but loved the figures! Anyway, this Rick Jones was quite the sidekick, apparently making a career of it, I like the wiki pic of him as the A-Bomb. This panel is too funny…….I’m Rick Jones byaatch!!!

  8. Could be the genesis for my hatred of most of the sidekicks and Teen heroes…I’ll bring it up in therapy.

  9. “I second Kmanifesto’s comment”, says my old gf.

  10. Damn! Look at Cap’s expression
    “effin’ noob”

  11. Well it’s clear Cap is in the pocket of the sidekick’s lobby.

  12. I especially like caps oblong shaped shield,hahaha

  13. So much for Captain AMERICA.

  14. “I’M out of order? YOU’RE out of order! This whole meeting is out of order!”