Great Moments in Comics History – Thanksgiving Edition: Uncanny X-Men #308

X-Men Thanksgiving by John Romita, Jr.

Who told Gambit that wearing a do-rag at the Thanksgiving table was okay?


  1. This was one of my first X-Men comics and remains today one of my favorites. Totally going to pull it from the long box and give it a read when I get home.

    Thanks, Ron!


  2. I didn’t know Conan O’Brien celebrated Thanksgiving with the X-Men.

  3. Looks like Rogue’s hair just kinda got away from JRJ.

  4. So many mullets…*shudder*


    • Having a talk with Cable, i believe. If I remember correctly. One of Lobdel’s better X-Men issues.

    • RahUniQue, that was the next issue.

      This one had Scott and Jean talking about their relationship, showing a scene following X-Men #1 and taking stock of their checkered past in preparation for the wedding in X-MEN. And it had the X-Men tackling Xavier doing a football game. That scene still makes me laugh. His expression was priceless.


    • From the left and without the aid of Google:

      Bobby Drake and his parents, Psylocke, Bishop, Archangel, Forge, Storm, Professor X, Moira McTaggart, Banshee, Jubilee, Beast, (damn, forgetting the name of Beast’s GF at the time), Betsy Braddock/Revanche (god, what an awful storyline), Rogue, Gambit, Bobby’s GF at the time (whose name I am also blanking on).

    • I think Beast’s gf was Trish Tilby.

    • I’m pretty sure that Bobby’s girlfriend was Opal (I don’t recall her last name though).

  6. I love that Psylocke is just staring at Revanche coldly while everyone else is in good spirits.

  7. Next panel. In walks a tear-soaked Sentry holding a dented can of cranberry sauce.

    Sentry: “I’m *sob* so sorry. It…it was all they had left!”

  8. Awesome. …are those rolls or decorative gourds on the right?

  9. Ahh the 90’s.

    So is the only character in comics these days that is rockin’ a mullet Animal Man’s son?

  10. That turkey they are serving is actually the offspring of a younger turkey and a clone of the latter’s former turkey mate, sent to the future to cure it’s turkey virus, only to return and warn it’s biological turkey parents that the future is bleak for turkeys. He was killed and eaten by the X-men for Thanksgiving, but will likely return next year at the Avenger’s mansion for Christmas dinner.

  11. Is that brown mound on the center of table supposed to be a turkey?

  12. Does anyone know who cooked the food? Who’s the chef amongst the X-Men?

  13. I love the awkward love triangle at the head of the table. Xavier with Moira next to him with her hand on his shoulder, while Banshee looms behind her…awkward

  14. Somehow, Bishop has combined a mullet AND a Jerry Curl! It must be future hair tech.

    “Just let your Soul Glo!”

  15. Something truly bad happened to that turkey during the cooking process.

  16. Is that green beans on the table right in front of Bishop? Or just delicious trapezoids?

  17. i wanna see more great moments in comics history. they’re always fun

  18. I love that Beast’s hair is shorter than 9-13 people at the table. (And the four people in question are all women.) I bet Xavier looks back at these old photos and is grateful he was bald.

  19. My favorite part of this picture is that it will take mutant powers to actually reach any of the food. What a bizarre table design!

  20. I’m sure the WWF Thanksgiving table looked about the same that year.

  21. I love that gambit is wearing a do-rag with a suit and tie. I guess he was going for Hulk Hogan professional.

  22. The Holy Terror ad is blocking half the image for the bigger version. Can’t read the bubbles. 🙁

  23. Joh Romita jr rockin his own mullet

  24. I can’t be the only one that hates John Romita Jr.’s artwork. I just… can’t be.

    What the hell is that flat brown mess in the middle? Surely that’s not a turkey??