Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #160

Superman #160


Yes, Perry. Rush to get the news out about Metropolis’ new Kryptonian overlord.


  1. lol love that one cop slumped over in his desk, at least someone realizes this was a bad idea

  2. Isn’t this a bit unnecessary? Considering Superman is a one man ARMY and the cops are meaningless in Metropolis?

  3. Oh, the days when mayors wore top hats…

  4. Being a cop in Metropolis must be a job with few rewards.

    • “I’m home honey! I stopped a convenience store robbery today.”

      “Really? Well Superman stopped a tornado and a killer robot trying to destroy the city. With FIRE coming out of his eyes.”

    • At least it’s better than Gotham. No one expects you to do anything against the Parasite or Zod. People actually expect you to “police” guys like Mr. Freeze or the Mad Hatter. Not to mention all the mafia people.

    • Haha! Yeah, but that’s what you signed up for in Gotham. At least you’re making a difference. Plus, most of them are crooked anyway.

      As a cop Metropolis, it must be difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

    • Imagine Marvel’s New York.

      “Honey I’m home, listen I gotta shower before dinner. Me and the guys had to get Doctor Octopus off a streetlamp and now I smell like webs.”

    • Maybe being a Metropolis cop is a pretty easy gig. I picture them all being overweight and out of shape, cruising around on Lexcorp Segways eating donuts. Or napping.

  5. Am I the only one wondering how Superman is going to keep that policeman’s hat on his head while he is flying around faster than a speeding bullet? Is Adhesive hair one of his super powers?

  6. My favortie part is one of the tags being fascism 😛

  7. Is the mayor tucking Superman’s spit-curl under the bill?

    And shouldn’t Jimmy be doing his job and taking a picture?

  8. The cop slumped over just shit his pants from the “illness”.


  9. So, actually PERTAINING to this: I’m going to assume that Millar read this and thought “Huh, what if…?”

  10. I, for one, welcome our new Kryptonian overlord.

  11. has anyone heard about this batman/superman movie? i read something that said they are talking about doing that next, dc meaning, before a man of steel 2 with lex luthor? i think that will be a mistake, work on the rest of the justice league solo movies first, before even thinking about batman/superman