Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #146

Superman (Vol. 1) #146 (1961)


Having stumbled upon Jonathan and Martha Kent manically stabbing, shooting, and burning blankets one too many times, the neighbors don’t swing by for coffee very often these days.


  1. I assume the worst just how they tested babyclarks invulnerability…

  2. Wow, that’s extremely dangerous on Pa Kent’s part. Firing a shotgun at that close range with loved ones nearby? The pellet ricochet could’ve easy been fatal.

  3. So… uh… how did they cut and sew the materials to make Superman’s super suit?

  4. Nice art.

  5. “Mom Kent” just sounds wrong.

  6. I remember seeing this as a kid (in a reprint, I’m not that damn old!), but now it just seems so dumb. Fabric isn’t alive! How could it gain invulnerability from a yellow sun?

    Maybe all Kryptonian cloth is nigh invulnerable, and they had some kind of special laser scissors and needles on Krypton that could work with it to make their clothes. Or maybe this is just a dumb idea!

  7. I believe Johns made reference to how they were able to make a costume out of this stuff in a humorous way.

    It’s Ma Kent dagnabit! She can do anything!

  8. I like how “Invulnerable” is in quotes, as if the Kent’s refuse to recognize it as a real word.