Great Moments in Comics History: Spidey Super Stories #39


Where to begin… where to begin? Maybe with the fact that Hellcat just compared the Cosmic Cube to milk? Or that Thanos is flying a helicopter? Or that said helicopter is labeled “THANOS”? Or that he says “Drat!”? I don’t even know where to start!

(Thanks to Cory T. for sending this in!)


  1. That may be the most laid back response to losing the Cosmic Cube I’ve ever seen.

  2. And it just happened to land on Samuel L. Jackson’s hands.

  3. Was this like a comic book version of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” where the prize is the Cube?

  4. speechless over how awesome that one panel truly is!!!

  5. bwahahaha!

  6. “Oops I just dropped the Cosmic Cube” hahahaha If that happened now the whole Marvel U would decend into chaos

    Fantastic panel – when was the last time anyone even said “Drat”?

  7. This may well be the greatest Thanos moment in the history of ever.

    And what happens to the Cosmic Cube when it falls? Does it shatter into a million billion pieces? Does it conk an old lady? Does it land in a comically oversized drink where it is confused with an ice cube?! These questions must be answered!

  8. Does Thanos fly the helicopter with his mind? All its got is that arm rest, which I presume is just for a cupholder.

  9. @ChristopherJohn: It was the 60’s, everybody had a Cosmic Cube back then.  You could buy one in any drugstore or 7-11.  It wasn’t till the 90’s when Red Skull became sole distributor that they became ultra-rare.  Then Thanos discovered the Infinity Gauntlet and the Cube market went bust.

  10. I love that he put his name on the helicopter….what in case he loses it or happens to park in a lot full of small, yellow helicopters?

  11. Very discreet Thanos.

  12. I hate it when people “compate” things that are miles apart.

    Of course he put his name on his helicopter that’s his Black and Yellow.


  13. May we never speak of this again.

  14. Yeah this is a real low point in Thanos career.

  15. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    When I become a super villain, I’m totally putting my name on my helicopter too. It’s all about branding, people!

  16. I had this comic! Although I thought it was actually an issue of The Electric Company Presents: Spidey, not Iron Man. Or were those Electric Company issues just reprints? 

    What a great comic

  17. Kinda want this in poster form.

  18. this is awesome, is it just me or does Thanos look like a skrull?? Bendis has been sewing the secret invasion seeds for YEARS!

  19. She’s pretty useless.

  20. My lcs manager has a collection (in electronic form) of panels very similar, and including this one.  He describes it as an affinity for what he terms, ‘Battles that can only be won in comic form.’  He showed me this panel and the infamous panel of Squirrel Girl defeating Dr. Doom. 

    Crackpot stuff, gotta love it.

  21. Nothing wrong with labelling your things.  Its the only way to keep Granny Goodness from taking the chopper for a joyride.

    And why does Hellcat’s costume look like there’s a hand grabbing at the center of her cleavage (or has that always been there?)?

  22. ..My bad. confused Thanos with Darkseid for a second.

  23. Obviously, this was all part of Thano’s brilliant ploy to take over the world through low-cost tourist helicopter rides around Manhattan. 

  24. are we sure this is iron man #55? 

  25. @justincresswell  That’s what Cory T. said.

  26. One of the greatest GMiCH. No, the greatest.

  27. at lunch…i went outside and stenciled Mikefromgotham on the side of the family minivan

  28. This is pretty clearly from Spidey Super Stories, I don’t think this is Iron Man

  29. A little checking says that yeah, this is from Spidey Super Stories #39, as far as I know the only actual appearance of the Thanos Copter.

  30. My second favorite Thanos moment.

  31. Am I the only one who thinks it strange that Hellcat’s costumes involves a menacing hand that appears to be getting ready to rip the top off said costume?

  32. Better “drat” than “d’oh”.

  33. Can’t stop laughing at the helicopter labeled “THANOS”

  34. This is pretty much the best moment Thanos ever had.

  35. @BC1  FYI: Cosmic Cubes were discounted at Woolworth’s and MCcrory’s

  36. Haha, nice.  I missed out on an ebay auction on this issue a few weeks back. 🙁  It went super cheap, I just forgot.