Great Moments in Comics History: Secret Wars #6


All those years ago and Clint predicted how we’d all feel about his time as Ronin.

(Thanks to John Ferrigno for the submission!)


  1. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    And in the background, it’s storytime with the Hulk!  I’m sure he’s regaling the other heroes with stories of how he smashed things.

    But still, poor Clint.

    Nice submission, John!  And good posting, Conor!

  2. It’s that mushroom scene from Entourage when they’re reunited.

  3. How come Iron Man got everyone’s toys? What did he do to deserve that kind of special treatment?

  4. @reg5000

    I believe they were trapped under a mountain being held up by the Hulk, and to get out, Reed Richards used all of the techno stuff they had to make Iron Man’s repulsor beams more powerful, and he blew the mountain apart. How did Reed use net arrows and web shooters to make a repulsor beam more powerful? If I knew that, I’d be Mr. Fantastic! 

  5. Oh come on man.  I love Ronin.

  6. What’s a "Hawkeye"?  Where’s Ronin?  Why doesn’t the Hulk have legs?  Where is Captain America’s gun? and so forth.

  7. and in the back we see Hulk telling one of his fishing stories

    ‘Really guys, it was THIS big!’

  8. School play hierarchy strikes again!

  9. And Hulk’s story is so great, Mr. Fantastic is stretching away in disbelief. 

  10. Hawkeye deconstructionism.  "i’m just a guy with arrows and a funny suit" 

    Let’s all hope Josh doesn’t see this page!


  11. Somehow I think this is Connor’s revenge for Josh heckling him on the "Scarlet Widow" page. I wonder how long he’s kept this panel in his (forgive the pun) quiver, waiting for just the right moment…

    For some reason, the image of Connor, sitting at his computer, collecting his own sort of Batman-esque "Tower of Babel" files on all the iFanboy community cracks me up.


  12. Also, does anyone else think the Hulk is doing a C-3P0 style retelling of the entire Star Wars trilogy in the background?

  13. And look at Hulk’s hair!!!! He looks like a Rapper. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Hulk-io!"


  14. Cap’s Shield is upposed to only have ONE WHITE STRIPE!! NOT THREE!

  15. I just want to know why everyone’s yelling!

  16. @ JohnVFerrigno – you stole my thunder. However, it’d be great if Reed used his powers to do the Ministry of Silly Walks skit.

    Since when is Clint Barton’s skin the same color as his ‘funny costume’?

  17. @Dan

    I actually think the Hawkeye suit looks better that way. Although it would be hot as heck in the Summer!

  18. Personaly I always thought that Mr. Fantastic was mean to have not have gone and fixed any of the other heros stuff after he borowed it.

  19. So Stark has Hawkeye’s bitchin’ arrows and Spidey’s webshooters?!?!  And to top it all off, he took Thor’s cape!  What an asshole

  20. In the background it looks like they are arguing where to eat tonight.

    Reed: I’ve told you Hulk, we can’t afford Outback Steakhouse for all of us!!

  21. How has no one commented on the fact that Mr. Fantastic appears to be DANCING in the background! Also, I imagine that the sad Incredible Hulk theme is playing throughout this panel as Hawkeye sits alone.

  22. @drakedangerz – Not Stark. Jim Rhodes. U can tell by all the horrible 80’s urban culture references he makes. I think at one point he even mentions "Round Ball!". That an he takes off part of the armor at one point.

  23. I think the Hulk and Mr. Fantastic are actually comparing sizes.

    Of the fish they caught!  It was THIS big! 

  24. @Unoob-Aww damn it…my bad.  I should have remembered that. 

  25. Um..huge..big..long! Blackbird?

  26. Awesome! But I think that’s the Hokey Pokey they’re doing in the background!

  27. Maybe they are playing an edition of Simon Says back there? 


    I thought of the Ewok thing too. I want to buy the Secret Wars Omnibus just to look for more examples of non-sensical background pics with super-hero insecurity in the foreground. 

  28. I’m sorry.

    I know this is for laughs but I gotta say…..that is a bad drawing of Spidey and Roni-I mean Hawkeye. It’s like looking at a coloring book for little kids

  29. @TNC

    I believe there was a segment in one of the video shows where Conor showed how the coloring of the 80s destroyed a lot of the detail in the pencil work in this very series.   

  30. @John: It was here.

  31. That would be the one!

  32. But you know I’ve seen more images of Secret Wars (still need to read it) on this site…and I like those images! The coloring is much better then today’s coloring for Marvel. Just that, this wasnt a good page…

  33. It’s obviously a school trip and Thing is taking Hulk’s picture, and Mister Fantastic wants to ruin it.

  34. it looks to me like the Hulk is telling an embarassing story about Reed, who is desperately stretching to shut him up.


    Hulk: Then Stretchy Man Stumble out of Strip Club and….


    Reed: Gahh!! Shut Up! (I’m so shooting you into space for this) 

  35. is the "not far away…" really needed?

  36. @selftitled

    The thing that makes Hulk’s gesture even odder, is that he had Banner’s brain at this point in time. So it was Bruce Banner, shy, nerdy, bookworm Bruce Banner, telling a story that captivated the other heroes.  

  37. That’s an analogy to geek parties – just one female.

  38. This is like the end of ‘The Hangover’. Where the heroes are stuck in the middle of the desert and debating whether to call the wife or not.

  39. That’s the prequel to Rambo 1 which shows how he lost his marbles.

  40. Now he’s dressed as Echo.

  41. That’s Marvel for ya – trying to stay with the times. A superhero rap battle – who’s the genius behind that? Hulk doing his "momma said knock you out" and Mister Fantastic with the Humpty Hump dance he’s doing.

  42. @chlop

    That’s f’n hilarious! 

  43. RIFK

  44. He’s nothing with out his arrows….Hey Hawkeye couldn’t you just use…um …that effin KNIFE?

  45. Hawkeye without arrows is like cobra losing it’s venom.

    What do you get out of that? You get….a belt.

  46. *AHEM*

    Ronin is a world-class archer and marksman. His above average reflexes and hand-eye-coordination make him the most proficient archer ever known. He is also trained to throw knifes, darts, balls, bolas and boomerangs. He is natural athlete. He is also formitable unnarmed combatant, thanks largely for longtime combat training with Captain America. He also has extensive training as an acrobat and aerialist. He is highly capable and charismatic team leader and a shrewd combat strategist, albeit sometimes reckless. Barton is also talented weapon designer, particularly well-versed in variations on basic traditional weaponry such as arrows, blades and hand-thrown projectiles. He has designed and crafted crescent darts, boomerangs, throwing irons, bolas, axes, custom arrows and bows. he is experienced motorcycle rider, Barton was one of the of the most proficient and daring pilots of the Avengers’ supersonic Quinjets and other aircrafts.

  47. @josh: Whoa whoa whoa whoa

    Did you just say Ronin? 😉

  48. @josh: You just gushed in that very well written post about Ronin.

    I guess Hawkeye is just a peice of shit compared to this Ronin guy. I have to read more about this Ronin, and I guess the Hawkeye in this panel is a terrible superhero comapred to the other.

    You know I always thought I heard the name ‘Ronin’ when you use the name ‘Hawkeye’.

  49. To be clear, I copied that from the Marvel bio page, where he is referred to by his current code-name, Ronin.  No endorsement is implied expressly or otherwise.

    On your bike.

  50. @josh: But you could’ve changed the Ronin to Hawkeye to keep your cred intact with that Bio.

    FYI: I call bullshit on this bio excuse you just made 🙂

  51. I copied as it was written.  I thought about changing it, sure.  But that would be dishonest.

  52. @josh: Since when have you gotten ‘tact’ about this Hawkeye/Ronin fiasco?

  53. @JohnV Although Hulk did have Banners brain at the time, he was quickly slipping back into mindless Hulk, so he was actually pretty angry and abrasive most of this series, rather than be timid like Banner might have been. Hulk was a jerk in this series. By the way, I like the art in this classic series. Very clean. Plus, you wouldn’t see Marvel trying to charge $3.99 for this.

  54. @WonderManFan: They would charge $3.99 if it came out now.

  55. @conor

    They would stick in a reprint and charge $4.99 for this now.


    Isn’t it amazing that Hawkeye never ONCE showed all these awesome talents that Ronin has?


    I would buy a Wonder Man and the Beast on-going. Just thought i’d throw that out there. 

  56. @JohnV: I would buy a Wonder Man and Beast series too (although in fairness, I’d buy a Wonder Man and anyone series.) I’d pay triple if Marvel would finally get rid of “kitty cat” Beast and give us back the fun-loving Beast of old… I hate few things more than kitty cat Beast.

  57. @josh the sad part about the Marvel Bio?  Marvels inability to properly pluralize knife.  He’s a master of "..knifes.."?

  58. I agree. I like my Beast blue and furry, but making him a cat was pointless. And i HATE HATE HATE that beast has been on the X-Men instead of the Avengers for the past twenty years. he was an AWESOME Avenger and a crappy X-Man. In the Avengers, he was the fun loving heart of the team. Beast and Wonder SHOULD be the "Booster Gold and Blue Beetle" of the Avengers. In the X-men, beast is just the guy who sits in his lab and explains stuff. I’ve actually read in interviews that several writers come on Avenegrs and when they are establishing "their’ Avengers line-up, they ask for the beast and Editorial always shoots it down. Makes me so sad. I love the Beast, but hate the X-Men. They teased me with that "Avengers Two: Wonder Man and the Beast" mini a few years back. 

  59. Been a long time since I’ve read this!  I totally forgot that The Thing blew The Hulk!

  60. Personally, I’m more amused by the puerile thought of Reed Richards "Jazzing up Iron Man’s armor".

    Maybe he got a little over-excited… ;D