Great Moments in Comics History: Secret Wars #4

Remember, ladies, Rhodey will totally save you… if you’re hot enough.


  1. Ha!

  2. The hell…

  3. This is now my laptop wallpaper!

  4. huh?

  5. The other thing I learned from Secret Wars was that in the 80’s, the sky was pink like 60% of the time.

  6. haha, you managed to confuse chlop!!  Well done!

  7. Whose butt am I looking at on Hulk’s left shoulder?

  8. Give me a link or give me context!

  9. @JeffR: It’s She-Hulk.

  10. @NeoApocalypse – it’s a secret known by few but I guess the time has come to divulge it – Galactus spent most of the time sitting around in his pink undergarments on his couch watching earth and eating chips, but then Knight Rider was cancelled. He was docile for most of the time, but that was too much even for him.

    That is why the sky is pink. 

  11. They just did the footnotes for this issue on Comic Geek Speak yesterday. What are the odds?

  12. @neoApocalypse & Chlop It’s a well documented fact that there was no sun in the 80s except in John Cusack movies. Ever wonder why there was so much Neon in the 80s? And why women needed to wear leg warmers? It was damn cold with no sun! Corey Heart had to wear sunglasses at night because there was no other choice!

    Also, Rhodey is awesome precisely because of this. 

  13. So the entire Blues music genre is based on a longing for blue-skied days?

  14. Would you drop this?  I don’t think so

  15. Dammit I meant this:

  16. Conor: this is my new FAVORITE column.  Please make it a regular.

  17. that and the HULK held up an entire mountain on sheer insults


  18. I think it was a Mountain RANGE……he musta been pissed!

  19. Wow, what did you guys use to scan that image it looks great!

     Maybe I should give digital comics a try.

  20. @FanboyStrikesBackDavid: It came from the Omnibus.

  21. @Conor,

    Thanks, I may need to pick that one up

  22. James Rhodes is awesome. This is only one of the reasons. 🙂


  23. Terrence Howard wold never be able to pull this off. Don Cheadle can!

  24. May I propose a second installment in this series featuring the panel just before Batman punches out Guy Gardener in Giffen and DeMatteis’ Justice League no. 5, where Guy yells "I bite!" I’ve always wanted that panel on a t-shirt.

  25. That said, I completely forgot that that was Rhodes in the armor in Secret Wars.

  26. @Chlop – Shouldn’t it be watching CHiPs and eating Earth?

  27. I, too, love the GREAT MOMENTS in comic history and hope it becomes a fixture of iFanboy pages for years to come. Bravo Conor Kilpatric. BRAVO!

  28. Isn’t this thing like the mini "what were they thinking?".

    @HankGrit – in that case, it takes him a while to set up the food table. Also he eats in his underwear because he thinks no one is watching… big mistake. 

  29. @chlop: All living beings see Galactus differently. Your mind chose a giant man in pink panties. INTERESTING!

  30. @MikeHaseloff – Thanks. You filled my childish mind with glee.

  31. Ah, memories of 80s Marvel comics! This just made my night. secret Wars was just some awesome stupid fun back in the day, wasn’t it?

  32. This is so cool I remember growing up on those Marvel Comics The Secret Wars we’re Anthony Stark was replaced by this Black Dude known as James Rupert Rhodes whom later turn out to be War Machine in the future Iron Man sagas even though this comic surely brings back the memories of the good old 1908’s era thanks for posting it though. 

  33. Weird…but keep it coming!

  34. haha, amazing. please keep this coming!