Great Moments in Comics History: Secret Society of Super-Villains #5


This is the same thing I say to my wife after she’s finished unloading the dishwasher.


  1. Horribly drawn satellites indeed! That thing looks like one of them old fruit juicers!

  2. I get the sense Hawkman was using air quotes around “private.”

  3. Is Sinestro rockin’ an Afro?

    Cuz that’s the one thing missing from the new DCU

  4. Prick Hawkman watches you struggle with urban Sinestro, then shows up with lame ass excuse. Next…he borrows money and bogarts your beers.

  5. Love me some Captain Comet! He’s one of my favorite DC characters.

    … I wonder where he is in this New 52. None the worse for wear, I hope.

    • Captain Comet is Grant Morrison’s antagonist for Superman in Action Comics #12 & #0. Grant hasn’t called him by that name yet, but he does go by Adam Blake. Looks like Morrison has big plans for CC in whatever he’s doing for DC after Action.

    • Thanks, @Claydawg9418! I’m a couple of months behind on my reading. I’ll keep an eye out for Blake when I get to these issues.

  6. “private battle sense” is one of Hawkman’s more underrated abilities.

  7. It looks like Sinestro is on fire….in space!