Great Moments in Comics History: Marvel Treasury Edition Special

The Hollywood Machine rolls another helpless innocent into its well worn gears, only to be chewed up and spit out, a shattered and broken husk.


  1. lol this needs more context, who is JB?

  2. Are you calling Axl Rose a girl?

  3. “Cap, what the hell are you doing on a movie set!? Dr. Doom’s attacking New York!”

    “This… This is my life now…”

  4. Melvin needs to meet Dr. Doom. They can have an ego-off…

  5. It’s always funny to me that in any piece of fiction you can just walk onto a set and immediately become a star.

    Also, Jack Kirby is a legend but is also batshit insane with his stories.

  6. Thus begins Captain America’s accidental adult film career.