Great Moments in Comics History: Marvel Swimsuit Special 1992


Apparently, there’s a body waxer on staff at Avengers Mansion.


  1. The Cap bottoms are the best!

  2. I love that Iron Man is wearing swimming trunks over his armor.  That makes sense.

  3. If there is a waxer on staff then Tigra keeps him REAL busy. Hard to keepa good Brazilian like in that form….

  4. Stulach- Those aren’t swimtrunks

    Those are Jams.


  5. Is IronMan wearing red boardshorts?

  6. Tigra’s actually wearing more in swinsuit than she normally wears.

  7. Two things:  1)Should I know who yhe ‘Wacos’ are, and 2)The teams are a bunch of strong guys and Cap on yhe left and a bunch of regular guys and Iron Man, this is not parity.

  8. @ericmci  Even better!

  9. Star Spangled speedos WTF!?! Hahahaha!

  10. Now that I’ve seen Cap, Hawkeye and US Agent in nothing but mask and bathers, I’m forced to conceded that those masks look an awful lot like bondage masks. No?

  11. God, I remember the house ads for this.  My neighbor’s copy came to the house in a brown paper bag…

  12. This take me waaaaaaay back.  I once had a She-Hulk “muscle beach” poster by Joe Jukos back in high school. 

  13. Why is Tigra there? Cats hate water.

  14. Is that USAgent behind Mockingbird?

    Also, I love pennants thanks to the Simpsons.

  15. @Bryce31  Not tigers, they swim all the time.

  16. @heroville

    Oh. Well I’ll shut up then.

    Whos the guy between US agent and Black Widow?

  17. @Bryce31  I was wondering that myself.  I am guessing Wonder Man, but without the glasses, I dunno.

  18. I had the ’93 issue. The one with Rogue on the cover.

    Punisher basically wore just a little skull logo over his business.

  19. 1. These swimsuit issues ran for 5 years?!?! Wow.

    2. Is this a Rob Liefeld drawing? There is a lot of missing feet.

  20. I imagine Thor ran into Ron Jon’s and asked for the ‘hammer hammock’ trunks.

  21. Thor’s trunks must have been forged by the Allfather himself, otherwise Mjolnir would be to Thor as the dog is to the Coppertone kid.

  22. @MisterJ  “Wacos” was the nickname for the West Coast Avengers

  23. Tigra’s suit has a hole for her tail. Again, it has a hole in her suit through which her tail pokes. 

  24. Thor, Hercules, and She-Hulk on the same side?

    I imagine the teams were chosen like in that episode of “Saved by the Bell” where Zack made up the teams and then Mr. Belding switched captains so that Zack got the team chosen for Slayter and Slayter got the ringers chosen by Zack. 

    (except in this case replace Zack with Iron Man and Slayter with Capatin America)

  25. hahaha it’s okay to wear a man thong at Avengers mansion, but god forbid that u take off the mask

  26. I’m pretty sure I rubbed one out to this in ’92.

  27. Thor’s dangling Mjolnir is quite impressive.

  28. If you want to know who everyone is, click on the image to embiggen and read the little blurb down the bottom.

  29. @TheNextChampion  Yes.

    @Bryce31  Wonder Man.

    @MisterJ  @BizDaddy  It’s the Avengers vs. the West Coast Avengers.

  30. The Wasp’s swim suit does not look practical in the least

  31. Does anyone remember the X-Men Beach Party trading cards, which has a pervy image of Jubilee rubbing suntan lotion on Prof. X’s head?

  32. Loooks like a swingers party in the ’70’s

  33. if the 52nd number 1 isn’t DC’s version of this I’m done!

  34. I used to have a X-men swimming party poster drawn by Jim Lee. Memories 🙂

  35. Oooohhh… the “great” in the title is ironic! These posts make a LOT more sense now. Whew!

  36. Okay, what’s up with Sersi’s top? The only way it doesn’t reveal everything in there is if it’s magic…

  37. @BuckyCap: I had that too! With Jubilee riding Beast off the diving board! Ridiculous.

    This is also ridiculous. Why is this even a thing?  

  38. “Paul Ryan designing for the Van Dyne cruise wear line.” 

    Very nice. I wonder what the ticket price is for a cruise to the Savage Land. 

  39. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    It seems that DC’s new edict of making everyone wear pants was not in place in 1992’s Marvel offices.

  40. So much love for the goofiness of this.

  41. @MikeFarley  @conor  Thanks for the info!  I would have never guess that ‘WACOs’ is an acronym for West Coast Avengers.  Mostly because it makes no sense.

  42. I think Iron Man’s a never-nude.

  43. @ericmci   hi-5!  “jams”

  44. ha ha. Tony’s like the fat kid at school that keeps his shirt on during the swimming carnival.

  45. You KNOW there’s at least one person looking at this picture and touching themselves right now.