Great Moments in Comics History – Justice Society of America #9

Remember when justice tasted like maple syrup?


  1. One of my favorite moments from that series. I hope the new Justice Society brings us back to this kind of quality.

    • what new justice society? *sigh*

    • @wangman DC has announced a new Justice Society book by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, set on Earth 2.

    • Of all the JSA stories I remember the most, it’s this one. I could really use a pancake right now.

    • See, that right there is why the JSA is so great. It’s a team, but it’s a family. There are characters on par with the Justice League as far as abilities, but they are personable, not these distant gods; they’re happy to mix with the Average Joe.

      This is a very rich page, very busy, but, as said, especially heartwarming. I love how Courtney and the Probie firefighter were paired up to serve people – very clever putting two rookies together, right next to Alan and the chief. There have got to be some Easter Eggs in this page, it’s too big and detailed not to have some.

      And wile I’m glad we’re gonna get a book, and I’m glad it’s in Robinson’s hands… I hope they can preserve the generational aspects. Having veterans mentoring newbies and legacy heroes taking up the mantles of the older generation made it extra special.

  2. one of my favorite sequences as well….good stuff

  3. Dale Eaglesham is fantastic, then and now.

  4. The Jessie Quick and Hour Man interaction is pretty amazing.

  5. I’ve never read any JSA. I hear a lot of people, at iFanboy, and many other sites heaping praise on it and I’ve been curious. I was simply going to satiate that curiosity with the the upcoming series by Robinson and Scott (Awesome pair). BUT, that spread has pushed me over the tipping point…time to start buying trades.

  6. Love me some JSA, love me some pamcakes. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  7. With the new redesign, whenever I click on an image, it loads it up into a new, floating window, but it does not enlarge it. Is this just me or is it the site? If it is the site, please bring back the full sized/blown up scans!


  8. man, superheroes love their food gatherings. damn it, now i want pancakes.

  9. I remember reading this going back into comics thinking: “I didn’t know DC was committed to going back to the Golden Age…” Little did I realize it was just an homage and it’s also heart warming overall too.

  10. I love Damage’s bit with the kids.