Great Moments in Comics History: Justice League of America #246

They just… they just fly commercial? Dressed in their full costumes?


  1. Why does Martian Manhunter need to ride in an airplane?  Was he lonely?

  2. And the beverage options?  Coffee or booze in a paper cup.

  3. Good luck getting through the lines now. I hope they aren’t on the no-fly list.

  4. That dude sitting next to Steel, eyeballing him sideways? That’s obviously T. O. Morrow. Imagine the awkward conversation that would illicit. "Me? Look familiar? No, I didn’t invent Red Tornado with the intention of infiltrating the Justice Society! That’s some other guy. Ooooh. Looks like the Yankees won last night."

  5. How is it even possible that steel got through the security checkpoint in time to make the same flight as the rest of the league?

  6. Vibe!

  7. Is Vibe the dude in the yellow shirt?

    I only know him from Tom vs. the JLA, and yet oddly I still have an affection for him :3

  8. That’s hilarious. Bwa ha ha ha!

  9. If Vixen isn’t careful that drink cart is gonna hit her in the elbow, and that’s not fun at all!

  10. How hard is it for Zatanna to say TEG EDARGPU at check-in?

  11. @monkeeeboy – Typing it is easy, but saying it is hard.

  12. J’onn is taking a nap.

  13. That’s ridiculous. The seats are never that big.

  14. @stuclach: He certainly looks sad in that panel.

    Is it just me? Or did Vixen steal a page from Wolverine in the hair department? 

  15. Pre 9/11, before everyone got so sensitive…

  16. Silly comics, everybody knows that gypsies aren’t allowed on planes.

  17. JL Detroit were some dark days for the League, obviously economically as well. They need some eccentric billionaire teammates and pronto.