Great Moments in Comics History: Iron Man #247

Tony Stark has little patience for the March of Dimes fundraisers.


  1. I’m going to start say that. ‘Id rather stick my tongue in a fully operational meat grinder.’

  2. I like how it looks like his helmet is frowning as he says this.

  3. He could have just said "in a meat grinder" and that would have been insulting enough, but no, Iron Man goes out of his way to let you know that it would have to be a fully operational meat grinder.

  4. Now those are the words of a TRUE super hero!

    Bless him and his altruism

  5. Let’s be thankful he said tounge.

  6. I am sure he has stuck his tongue in worse places.

  7. The best part is the "Fully Operational"  just in case you thought maybe he meant an out of serivce meat grinder.

  8. I always like how the mask will reflect on Stark’s personality, even though by comic logic it is impossible.

    I want Matt Fraction to do a whole issue on why the mask can move like an actual face. 

  9. @TNC-It is the same tech that Peter Parker developed so that his eye lenses change size and shape. 😉

  10. I love it when Iron Man’s helmet emotes.  The only thing better is when Spider-man squints the white one-way lenses on his mask.

  11. Is that a euphemism?

  12. Such a playboy.

  13. Sounds like intimate relations with Madame Masque…

  14. I remember this issue! (Well, more accurately, I remember the meat-grinder line). I bought it while on a two-week family vacation and read it nearly to tatters over that time, but lost track of it as we were packing up to leave.  He’s talking to the Joe Fixit Hulk, isn’t he, Paul?

  15. There are some days when staying on the wagon are tough.

    Also, what’s up with tony’s gesture there. Is he trying to shoot webs out of his armor? 

  16. Tell me there’s no supervillain called Meat Grinder…

  17. Tony Stark, fullonrapist

  18. @mmyoung – Gray Hulk does appear in the issue and on the cover, but he’s actually talking to the Supreme Hydra and A.I.M’s Scientist Supreme. 

  19. I’ll be pissed if RDJ doesn’t sport a curly mullet in Avengers movie. It’s canon and Hollywood should not be allowed to sad o mize the works of talented comic writers of ye olde day. Curly hair or boycott. You’ve been warned Whedon! Mess w continuity, u mess w ur worst enemy! I shall be heard. Mind you I’ve only been reading 5 years. Still. : P

  20. That is oddly specific.