Great Moments in Comics History: Hawkeye #3

Hawkeye #3

It looks like Mockingbird’s on the couch tonight.


  1. Wow….Clint really is obsessed with one thing.  We don’t know exactly hot that thing will play out, but I’m guessing he will breathing hard and sweaty by the end.

  2. The rare Mark Gruenwald-drawn miniseries from Marvel.

  3. Hawkeye: Secret Origin. He just plain loves arrows, and that’s all there is to it.

  4. Look at the expression on Mockingbird’s face.  She’s going to bed (or the couch) alone tonight and she knows it.

  5. Do you think he gets a discount?

  6. @s1lentslayer  Well I imagine most of the time he buys in bulk so I’d assume so.

    Also it’d be cool to own the sporting goods store that Hawkeye gets his arrows from. Nice endorsement.

  7. I always do all my projectile purchases at SPORTING GOODS

  8. Yeah I’d say there’s potential for big money from endorsements

  9. This is a man holding razor-sharp arrows, he has the ability to pierce someone’s brain with said arrows from 100 yards, has a hot-assed blonde for a wife, and his only exclamation is "Gosh"?!?!

  10. If only arrows could love you back.  Unrequited love is a hell of a thing.

  11. Wow. He said "gosh".

  12. It’s always good to see a man who loves his work.

  13. He’s got one arrow left and it is different than the new ones. What could it be? What did he hold in reserve? I am thinking boxing glove arrow. He is statutorially required to carry it by the Bow Hero Guild, but he avoids using it all costs. It does not get the ladies.

  14. Hello, new iphone wallpaper.

  15. so he just buys stock arrows and tricks them out himself.. interesting..

  16. um, guys, I’m not so sure Bobbi’s sleeping on the couch tonight: she married the man, she just might be into "trick" arrows too.

  17. Do you think he is a Sam’s Club guy or heads to Cabela’s for those arrows??

  18. If you think about it in a slightly dirty way, the arrows could indeed love you back.

  19. This is my favorite Great Moment ever.